Free Marketing Download Area

When this post was first originated Angelina and I discussed how to title the post to get posters attention and came up with the Free Marketing Download Area title. As you can see it has had over 1200 hits, which would say that it was effective in drawing attention to the post.

Not casting blame on Angelina because her heart was in the right place, she contacted the powers that be without discussing all the merits or a plan of action to convince them this was a good idea. Maybe I am out line in this statement and she can certainly correct me if I am wrong about what happened.

Actually anyone selling product on this site is another plus in our favor as they could upload some of their “teaser” materials to get the posters to take a look at their procucts. So right here I have taken a negative and turned it into a plus.

Does anyone really think that everything is Free without having to put some effort of their own in a project and those that just want it handed to them are the ones who complain the most.

vidaloca you mention unmovtivated seller as an example, I use the Subject To method of investing, all my job on the phone is to set the appointment, then get face to face with the seller and let him sell me his house on my terms.

So here is a line I have heard many times over the phone “This isn’t one of those damn deals where the loan stays in my name is it?” Now is this an unmotivated seller or how would you handle this objection?

If you care to respond how you would handle it then I will tell you how to and what the real outcome is.

John $Cash$ Locke

This poll has been up for almost a month and has only recieved 82 votes. The 1280+ hits are from members reading the new posts and seeing the results of the poll, not that is a good attention grabber.

As for contacting the powers that be without discussing all of the merits or having a plan of action to convince them. I did.

I told them a lot of members on this site have stated they would like to see a free download area for marketing materials to help them in their careers. I also stated that it would be a good idea for this site because it would have a resource no other site has (which might bring in more members) and it would prevent posts turning into a “can I have a copy” type thing.

It’s a good idea for this site and the members, plain and simple.
What else do you need?

I am not a salesperson. They way I will be doing business is not convincing people to do something they are not sure about. I will tell them the facts. What I can do, why it will benefit them and let them make the choice. I do not want to come off as a salesperson. I want to be thought of a person that has solutions if they want them, not a smooth talker.

Like I said before, the powers that be replied with a statement that it was in deed a good idea BUT they had one before. It did not recieve enough hits/visits on the page to make it worthwhile to have up. (It was up for 3 yrs or so before it was taken down)

I do not know if it was not advertised well enough or what the reason for the low amount of hits were but they provided a link to see what they had on it. It was mostly forms for various things like landlording, purchase contracts/options, hud 1’s etc. It was not a marketing ideas download area.

Another reason it was taken down is because it had a conflict with the contract they signed with Socrates (Don’t know if that is spelled right)

So that tells us right there we might have a chance to get this download area put up. What they had and what we are asking for are two totally different things.

AND the next thing is, hardly anyone contributed to it. The owners had to go around asking people for materials. Very few gave anything. I think we may have a similar problem with this idea.
I have posted on here a couple times about people needing to donate their materials and only a few have responded saying they had stuff they would be willing to share.

It doesn’t matter how well we present this idea if nobody will share their materials.

So here is a line I have heard many times over the phone “This isn’t one of those damn deals where the loan stays in my name is it?” Now is this an unmotivated seller or how would you handle this objection?

$Cash$ -

I will very honestly respond that I have never done a Sub-2 deal because I am a birddogger.

However, I am anxiously awaiting your response as to what you would tell this guy - as you indicated - because as I move up the “food chain,” I’m sure I’ll hear this same line in the future.


Then I give you a job well done for trying, no matter the outcome, you are to be commended.

Then it really was not a bad idea, just that not many folks were willing to share their ideas and probably the effort expended to so would be a long and hard task for someone , or as the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water…certainly applies in this case.

If you remember a while back I said I had a post card in a free download area, well I checked this evening and here are the results post card downloads: 13,895, however when I looked around at the other free materials offered it was pretty slim pickings.

John $Cash$ Locke

Thanks John.

Hopefully this is not a big waste of everyone’s time.

Thats another reason I asked right up front. I didn’t want to ask people if they wanted something if it never had a chance to happen in the first place.

So what’s it going to be everyone?

What do you have to share?

Maybe if we can get a list together of all the materials everyone will share we’ll have a better chance to make it happen.

Well, I offered to build a site for free and my post was deleted so I have no incentive to pitch anymore…I’ve made my best pitch. I may still put a site up just so AZ can say that she’s seen a marketing upload/download site. :slight_smile: Frankly, I don’t believe they’ll put the area up for obvious reasons. Understandable but let’s not fool ourselves and thinks its for lack of effort by us.


Your post was deleted because unless I miss my guess and correct me if I am wrong you do sell something on the site you have listed in your signature. What I was trying to do was get away from email harvesting or someone selling there product.

So you were not being subjective in your motive for wanting this to happen. It should be up to the owners of this site as to what happens with their members, would you allow someone to put up a site if it took away from yours?

Angelina asked for everyone who was interested to say they would contribute, let’s pursue that avenue and then see what happens.

If nothing comes of it then even if you put up a site, you would only be talking to yourself as no one would contribute there either.

John $Cash$ Locke


That particular site is your standard lead generation site for owners in foreclosure specifically in CA and is not for investors at all. I only offer free information and a way to contact me.

I’d appreciate it if you’d stop using not so veiled statements calling my subjectivity into question or rely on something more than a guess. Thanks.


Then you are a great guy for just helping folks out and expecting nothing in return.

John $Cash$ Locke

We need marketing materials contributed. Do you have any you can share?

Thanks for that other stuff though.

Az I dont off hand have anything othe to offer but Im still looking.I did recieve a little bottle about 4" long and about 1 1/2" high (on its side) with a not in it to save us from foreclosure.We bought the house we are living in when it was in foreclosure.and the last people screwed 2 banks out of a mortgage.So the on ebank tried to collect after we bought it but we had goten a warranty deed with title insurance stating that the title was free and clear.It took about 3 years but the WE BUY HOUSES CASH people finally stopped.It was the best free education as to how the WE BUY HOUSES CASH people actually work as we played with them and talked to a zillion of them letting them think we were loosing our home when we werent .So maybe my donation to the crowd might be put an ad in the paper stating you need HELP as you are loosing your house and get these people in your living room and see how they click and then you can develope your marketing strategies . ;D

So, how many pieces would there be to start? There are over 6000 investors who visit here daily. Less than 100 have even bothered to vote after a month. How many would actually contribute something that was an original work?

I think you’re missing the point. It’s not about how many would like to have a free copy of someone else’s work. Those votes for it being a great idea do not count as much (and there’s very few of those even ). Just look at how popular our freebies page is. The votes that really matter are those that are willing to contribute their own works.

To the naysayers who think the lack of interest is motivated by profit - if this site were truly all about profit, why would anyone in their right mind allow default signatures with links to other sites? And sales are actually lower the last few months as we removed numerous authors and over 50 products as a result of community feedback that there were too just many choices. This site was created to be a helpful resource to investors and profit was not the primary motive. I could be wrong, but it’s my belief that one of the reasons for the popularity of this site is that many decisions affecting the site are not driven by the dollar. We allow advertisers to promote products and services that directly compete with some of our own, and I promise you the advertising funds from that certainly don’t offset taking the opposite approach.

The marketing download area idea is not a conflict of interest, other than this idea has been tested in the past and the idea that there is interest conflicts with the reality.

We’re not averse to the idea, but there’s no point in putting up another web page if there’s not at least 10 different marketing items with which to begin.

Now everyone you just heard if from the powers to be at REI Club (TRandle), so let’s cut to the chase and see who is willing to contribute.

Maybe this thread was a round about way of getting there, but it got there.

Let’s not stop at 10 to be convincing, there must be enough folks out there to show at least 20 to start.

Count me in for 1 contribution.

John $Cash$ Locke

I have a flyer and a couple of postcards that I came up with.
So count me in for 3

I am going to ask another Investor/teacher if he would share his letter that he lets other use also. I think it is a really good/informative letter for homeowners.

I’ll let you know what they say or have them post if they will share it.

The old old censor is at it again. My posts are being repeatedly deleted. I responded to a man’s question about how to legally do creative financing in Texas and you deleted my post and posted your own in violation of the rules. In fact, you asked him to contact you (another rule violation). I guess old John doesn’t want an open exchange of ideas. Nasty!


I am sure if you have some marketing materials to contribute then all the posters would welcome that to get the Free Marketing Download area established, however if you have some personal agenda that violates the rules those will be deleted.

John $Cash$ Locke

The reason I quoted your post is because they have a habit of being changed when someone answers and it does not suit you.

I see your post the one you accused me of deleting is up there, less the advertising and contact information.;action=display;threadid=10026;start=25

I asked no one to contact me, only asked for the name of the attorney, which he could have posted and I would have been glad to talk with his attorney regarding creative investing.

John $Cash$ Locke

I had to post it three times. Nice to see you let the last one stay and there was no advertising or contact information in any of the posts. Sad.


First Post

Second Post

What did I just say about Gary changing his posts?

Yes, it was sad that you were not allowed to post contact information or advertise, however those are the rules.

John $Cash$ Locke

I will contribute. I have designed my own business cards which are in photoshop (.psd) format. I’m not sure if this is much use to most on here…maybe for other designers? At any rate, I’m in for a contribution


PM from Ryan,

Thank you for offering your contribution also.

Hey John,

I was wondering if you could take a moment to answer your own question that you posted in the “free marketing download” area. It seems someone else is interested as well, but I’m willing to bet you replied via PM due to an off topic issue. At any rate, here is what I’m referring to: "So here is a line I have heard many times over the phone “This isn’t one of those damn deals where the loan stays in my name is it?” Now is this an unmotivated seller or how would you handle this objection?"

I myself would not have a good response, perhaps you would like to share once you get a free moment? It would be most appreciated.

thanks in advance,

What these type of responses stem from is a script someone uses to try and find the motivation of a seller over the phone and ask questions that are what most people consider confidential information, then when they get none of your business, they think the seller is not motivated. So be careful or you can screen sellers to the point that you screen yourself right out of business.


What is your loan balance?
What is your interest rate?
What would you be willing to sell your house for?
Would you be willing to leave the loan in your name?

So when I hear, “This isn’t one of those damn deals where the loan stays in my name is it?” I am pretty much assured what happened.

My reply " Mr. Seller I have many ways I purchase properties and I will need to see your house to see what is best for you" “Is this a good time to come over or later this evening?”

Then all I need is an address, because all those questions others may have to ask I know within 10-15 minutes after I hang up. My job on the phone is to set the appointment with the seller and get face to face with them.

I use a scripted presentation, which is designed to have the seller sell me their house on my terms and if they don’t sell me, I bid them a pleasant day. You will definately find out their motivation as you progess with a presentation and do not forget you are the buyer with the money in your pocket.

I have never considered it a waste of my time in getting face to face with a seller, as maybe they do not need what I have to offer, however they may know someone who does and this has paid off many times with referral business, because of my professionalism when talking with a seller.

Oh and the ones that say “This isn’t one of those damn deals where the loan stays in my name is it?”, I make sure they sell me their house and have never missed purchasing a persons house who said this to me the Subject To way.

John $Cash$ Locke

PS: My contribution will be the post card that gets me those calls.