Free Marketing Download Area


I need help to promote this site.


Any suggestions??

For an example of the policing deeinaustin mentioned see above post.

LOL, good one! I think if the owner ever decides to put one up it would be handled like these forums are. Ad’s don’t last long on here thankfully.

I had to make my email private on here because of these people too. I have not signed up for any newsletters or anything to be sent to my email and just recently I have had a ton of crap sent to me. It’s so stupid why do they think bombarding someone with the same products over and over is going to make them buy anything?

Awesome idea!

Are my eyes paying tricks on me? Is there a post missing?


This thread is all about helping posters without having their emails harvested when requesting marketing materials or having someone build a list to sell or market their own materials to them, as the post I just removed was doing.

Now I noticed you posted about your card on more than this just this web site, this tells me what you were doing.

So, if you keep smart mouthing what a Moderator does then you may find all your posts missing. Do you understand or are you one of those show me type posters?

John $Cash$ Locke
REI Club Moderator

Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
Yep it’s missing, I thought you took it off

So is this going to happen or not?

It’s not your post we we’re refering to.

LOL, I read your post before you deleted it. Your idea is a good one but there are certain individuals on here that delete posts that are unfavorable for them as well as others.

As far as the idea happening, I doubt it.

There was an area like this before on here but it was taken down because there was not too much intrest in it, nobody contributed to it etc.

I have been told it’s not on the anytime soon to do list.
Maybe that will change if enough people will contribute and voice their opinion, maybe not…

I didn’t delete it. Thanks for the update though, it makes sense not to have that service since it competes with the product catalog.

If they’re not going to do it and they don’t want anyone else doing it, why keep this thread here? Seems odd. I think the mistake they made is that I don’t really care, I just like helping people.

Thats the thing though. I don’t see how it competes with their products. It would be for letters postcards etc. Not forms or contracts.

As far as the thread still being here, who knows. It will probably end up being deleted soon anyway. :slight_smile:

Keep helping people and you will do good. (In more than 1 way) :slight_smile:


I see no reason for this post to be deleted, it was an idea spawned to help posters here with marketing materials they could download to help them in their careers.

Now we can get the negative “beef” posts or we can get some posts with ideas to help sell it to management here at the REI Club on what a great idea it is.

So you posters who have a “beef” give me some postitive ideas or anyone who has some ideas about how to sell this to management.

The next step is to present this, so let’s hear it on how it should be presented.

John $Cash$ Locke

Hi John,

I have no ideas on how to present this. When I asked “the powers that be” about it they told me what I said above.

Maybe everyone can post why it would help them and what they could contribute?

(I guess thats an idea?) ;D

Maybe if the download section is advertised on this site more it would get more hits than before…


It is no different than talking to a seller, if you do not make the proper presentation it is easy to get a no as a reply. So before we throw in the towel, let’s take a positive approach on why this is important to the members here.

I will start it off and then look for some input from others.

Mr. Management,

“Let me begin by telling you why a Free Download area is important to the members at the REI Club…”

As we go along we can also cover any questions before they become objections.

John $Cash$ Locke

I think this is a great idea. I could put in a few things. I read all the time and pick up ideas from all over. I know most people here read alot also, so if even half the posters would give a tip here and there on things they read and things they’ve done, it would help all. Everyone can’t read everything so if people would give, the info could be infinite. I also think with this kind of benefit it will draw more and more people in.

Very true. Thats the idea, to get everyone to share what they use or have heard. I have not seen any other sites with this type of download area so I thought it could be a good thing to bring more visitors too!

John, you gave a good start to presenting this idea.
Unfortunately I am terrible at speaking/writing professionally. ::slight_smile:

Maybe the members could post why it will help them and why they think it would be a good resource for this site. (Sorry if I said that already-can’t remember)

Then we could put everything together for a presentation type thing.
(If you could do the writing part that would be great!) ;D

Can’t the moderators, whom I’m sure have ALL read this post, just decide to put up the download area since the majority here want it? Does this really have to be “presented” to anyone?

Just get together, mods, and do it. Believe me, it will save a lot of double posting and repeat messages when everyone is asking for the same item.



To answer your question, yes it does need to be presented to the owner of this site for his approval and implemtation.

Since at this time it is not a priority as the owner of this site has stated, I thought maybe a little lesson in salespersonship was in order. If the posters who want this download area to come about then it would seem that everyone working together to convince the owner would be a great lesson in how to apply our ability in making it happen.

Let’s say this had already happened and the download area was up, so everyone starts downloading marketing materials and starts sending out these products.

Now there are responses from a seller, how many of the posters could actually handle objections from these sellers when they happen and they will? If you cannot handle the objections from the owner of this site, then how would you handle sellers objections?

My point being if everyone worked together to come up with a presentation that would justify to the owner to put this area up, then everyone would learn far more than just having a place to go to download marketing materials. They would learn what to do when the seller calls.

Let’s pull together for everyones benefit, if you want this to happen then let’s make it happen.

John $Cash$ Locke

You learn how to handle the sellers objections by trial and error, just like learning how to ride a bike. I’ve read plenty of real estate investing materials; in books, on websites, etc., and when you get a phone call - some of it you remember and apply and sometimes you think, “Gosh, I should have said THAT!” when you get off the phone. It is all a learning experience.

Since you stated that a download area is not a priority for the owner, then I have to wonder if those previous posters who mentioned there might be a conflict between having that and all the materials people are selling for hundreds of $$ are right. If it’s not a priority, then why bother pitching it if it’s already understood that he/she really has no interest in the idea? You can’t make an unmotivated seller sell, right??? Doesn’t the same concept apply here?

I’ve been watching this thread for a while before commenting and now I just feel like it’s a stall tactic. Make a decision to do it or not before people waste their time and get their hopes up. These types of forums are supposed to be helpful - and don’t get me wrong, they definitely are - but when push comes to shove, everyone wants to tightly control their money making secrets. Don’t you know you get more when you give more??

Live by the golden rule!