Free Marketing Download Area

The purpose would be for sharing marketing materials such as letters, postcards, flyers, forms or other materials that would be helpful to the REI Club Members in their investing careers.

The results will be sent to the REI Club’s site owner for review and consideration, if enough of the members feel this would be a helpful resource.

Thanks for your input!


Looks like you are getting some folks who think this is a good idea.

John $Cash$ Locke

Yeah John a few.
We need a lot more though. Plus we need to have people that are actually willing to help contribute to it.
We’ll see…

I think it is a great idea as long as people don’t use it to solicit business. Free marketing things, and also new or fresh ideas being passed around, such as ads, postcards, letters, flyers, business cards, and other things would be great. Sometimes people just want to try something different. It is a great idea. It would also keep posts out of the forums thats aren’t related to discussions. I’m all for it.

Regards, Tony.

Thanks for the vote Tony.

That’s a great idea. I would be willing to contribute

A download area would eliminate people from asking others to email them the materials. That would of course eliminate illegitimate people from getting access to their email addresses and spamming them with junk. It also eliminates the 300 responses to a thread saying “Hey, can you email me that” and nothing else. I vote yes.

I’m In

That is a great idea!!!

Thank you all for your votes! We need people to share what they have also. So if you have anything to contribute maybe you could list what it is and what kind of response you have had with it. (If any)

So far I have some postcards, letters for various types of deals (preforeclosure, out of town owners, vacants, expired listing, tired landlords) and a letter for business contacts that may help lead to deals being brought to you.

Don’t ask me for copies on here though. You’ll get them if this idea is approved. :wink:

Thanks again everyone!

Got my Vote!

I think sharing ideas is an awesome way to each other out.

No doubt this idea is solid! I’m an active member on one of the message boards that has already implemented this idea. This has brought together many hard-to-find ideas and innovation:

Yes, I’m in.

Ok Im in . Hey Rich_in_CT could you email me the results of this survey ? :banghead:

I will contribute (and take, as well).

Looks like apithy reigns…only 1 in 10 who views this even bother to vote.

The number of views doesn’t take into account some who view more than once…such as when we see a new post in the thread.

If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door, or, in more up to date terms, if you build it they will come. A good idea in the right place will attract people to it. Word of mouth, so to speak, on different forums will bring others here if the product is worth the while. Who doesn’t like a new idea that brings in the dinero?

Count me in too!

T-sha ::slight_smile:

Agreed. I’d like to see a marketing download area on this site, but it would need to be policed.