Why I don't have any response from my DIRECT MAILING?

  1. I have NOD’s e-mailed to me daily from the Title Company. :biggrin

  2. I used the free farm software from the Title Company to mail out my mailers. That made me
    zero in on my specific targets. :smile

  3. I used the same letter from that guy who said he’s got 16% response i found somewhere in
    the internet. :rolleyes

  4. I also incorporated the sample letter from Peter Conti and David Finkel Book. Making BIG
    Money Investing in Foreclosure. :bobble

  5. I also have Tom Butler’s Short Sale Magic sample letter incorporated in my own. :deal

  6. I mailed 10-12 NOD leads daily from my Title Co. That’s about 250 prospects a month. :beer

  7. As taught in the book, I mailed 2nd, 3rd, 4th letters to my leads sequenced every week. Each letter making reference to the previous letter. :bs

  8. I made my letter look like a guy who understand their situation and offer them a solution :bobble

  9. I did not use a company name instead just my name to be friendly and approachable :bdaysmile

  10. I also used bright envelopes to be able to stand out among the other junk mails. :dance

  11. I have mailed at least 2000 letters including the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. :banghead2

  12. Lately I learned from the Internet that I am one among 40-50 mails these guys received
    daily if that’s true. :bash

My dilemna and headache is I got ZERO response. Next week the stamps will go up 41 cents and that’s adding more pain. Have I done something wrong? How can you make your prospects call you from these mails? :banghead

I just would like this marketing to work since the leads are here daily and the good thing is the list and software is free!

Your response from your own experience is highly appreciated. :help

Welcome to direct mail results !
I too have experianced the same measly results. I find it is very common , but the guy who persists will win. Since, I have added newspaper adds offering to pay people for a “favorable introduction” to people in foreclosure. You know…bird dogs. This has been very good and all the best leads have come from them.
Haven’t seen your letter but it may be suspect. Might be the letter. The first letter I used was inflamatory and people called but were offended.(still called though) Try a different letter or have it analyzed.
Just my experience, Darin

Hi God Wnz

Don’t you think direct mailing is hitting your target right there at the heart? I can understand ads but I thought people have more things to do now other than looking at your ads. I thought they need help and you are there to lend a helping hand. What more can they ask for. From my leads they are behind by 15-20K and I’m sure there is no more way out.

So, how many of us are doing the same thing. How come Tom Butler on his CD said he will buy house now, next week and next month. Sounds too easy and an inexperenced person can do it. My question is; Is this all a lie? Or did it really work for you out there?

Here’s the 1st Letter:




I noticed in the public records of XXXXXX County, that a foreclosure action has been filed against your property and you may not be aware of this. If this is the case, I urge you to contact your lender, to clear this issue promptly. Your property is at risk.

Perhaps we can help; My company specialize in helping people who are in your situation. We work with the mortgage companies to get them to take less than what is really owed. If successful we might be able to get you some cash for your equity.

We are not Realtors looking to list your house and then try to find a buyer. We are not attorneys trying to get your money by having us file bankruptcy. My company helps people, by buying their houses, and solving their problems by getting them out from all the debt of the mortgage. We can help you preserve your credit and avoid foreclosure altogether.

We would like to take the opportunity to help you. You will never have to pay a us dime. We only make our money if we can solve your problems.

If we may be of service in this matter, it would be our pleasure to do so. Please feel free to contact us at
XXX-XXX-XX00. We will handle all the paperwork and pay all the cost.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! You deserve a fresh start! We can keep the foreclosure off your credit records.

The sooner you call the sooner we can resolve your problems. Pick up the phone and CALL US TODAY at XXX-XXX-XX00.

Sincerely yours,

Your Name

Before you SELL ! Know your Rights and ALL of you OPTIONS … Next page outlines some of your CHOICES!

“…The next page part outlines the choices the other writer indicated. It was just copied and fitted in the entire 2nd page such as Loan Forbearance, bankruptcy, hire a Realtor, etc…”

Here’s the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Letter:




I have sent you a letter last week about your house being scheduled for auction in a couple of months. I hope you already have taken a strong action to save your property. If you are still thinking about it, we can offer you a SOLUTION!

We are private investors and we can provide you a quick way out. We can help you negotiate with your lender on a Loan Forbearance. Lender wants to help the borrowers stay up on their mortgage rather than foreclose on these houses. It’s a payment plan where your arrearage will be spread over a period of time. Sometimes lenders will allow what you owe to be built in back to your loan balance with a simple promise that you have be on time with your payments. It will not cost you anything.

If efforts to save your home is not permissible at this time, we can help you save your EQUITY. Keep some money in your pocket instead of losing it to the bank. We can buy your home and offer you cash within a week. The amount you owe to the bank will be paid. Don’t lose your house on a Trustee’s Sale.

Even if you feel that you don’t have equity and you just want out, we can ask the lender to take less than what you owe. Save your credit by not having a big letter ‘F’ as foreclosure on it. Late payments will be a lot better and you can generally recover your credit within 6-9 months of good standing. Foreclosure can stay up to 7 years on your history. It will decrease your ability to buy or rent another place for your family.

But I urge you to act quickly! Time is of the essence. We can not do anything if you don’t take the first step.

If you are thinking of listing your house in the MLS with a Realtor, the market is now flooded with homes for sale. It will take a few months to sell in today’s open market. There is not enough time to beat the scheduled auction of your home.

Call us at (XXX) XXX-XX00. There is no pressure and no hassle and we will pay all the cost and expenses.

Sincerely yours,

Your Name

You can critique this letter, like it, or hate it but I need you guys to help me out succeed in this arena. Thanks in advance.

There are many reasons for it. How many are you mailing to and how many times are you mailing to each of them?

Keep in mind that every investor in town is mailing to the same people. Heck, in San Antonio we have 700 foreclosures a month, but we also have 700 investors in our association and they all get told to mail the NOS.

How and where did you find this information on the internet?

hi christopher,

Like i said if that’s true. I’ve been ‘googling’ on the internet about foreclosure and short sale and I come across one write up. I don’t know if that’s true. Maybe it is as big city as Los Angeles. Looks like everyone of us does the same thing.


As told by the guru’s the 1st mail came out the day or two I got the list. Then followed up by weekly 2nd, 3rd, 4th in batches. The later sequence comes out 2-3 weeks apart since we have 3 months to sale date. The free software does a good job of embedding the date,name, address and even including the dear “First Name”. I stopped on the 4th mind you. It’s costing me much. I can go more if I have but I don’t know. As I said I mailed 10-12 new properties daily.

San Antonio is nothing. Southern CALI where I got my NOD’s have 375-450 NOD’s daily. Just kidding :beer

Hello Harding,
When the Title co sends the list of NOD’s check who else is in the string on the recipients list . That is how many people are sending NOD’s letters. Could be more or less too, depending on follow thru. The NOD’s get tired of opening bills they are not going to pay and most of our letters also. Therefore the adds I run Help me get in contact with some one who knows the person in foreclosure, then I get MYSELF hand delivered to the person in financial need.
So far my strong point has been when in front of a NOD holder to close them, even while stacks of possible better offers lay about the house in the form of unopened investor offers from the mail box.
So yes I mail AND try to find their neighbors or friend to call me…to get the foot in the door.
So far the friend/ bird dog has produced more results. Thanks for your time, Darin


You got a point there. If I’m about to lose my roof I bet I lose interest in opening junk mails as well. On the other hand, I’m still doubting it if a person really toss that mail. Like me I’m sick and tired of this people sending loan letters but I open them anyhow have a quick peek before I toss them. My only question why would they not call at least, if they need help?

If I have to run an ad, my golly! there’s tons of I buy houses and foreclosure ads out there. Pennysaver, Craigslist, local paper, etc. they are all loaded with ads and promises of you helping them if you are losing your house. I wonder if a person who is losing a house really call those ads. If they call what are the chances of them calling you.

I was working with one bird dog before and this guy just picks out listings from the MLS. I’m also a Realtor and I already have seen those listings and they are way overpriced.

I don’t know if this is the time to throw in the towel and go back to your day job. I’m losing my hair thinking about it. :biggrin

Evening Harding,
Yes it is amazing what people do when they lose all hope. You on the other hand still have some hope…that is why you open that junk mail.
I make my living from the people who call from my adds. I pay more than any other investor for leads in my area and I put that in the add. It also appears as most the other investors are Gomer Pyles advisors. Call the ones in your area…or just give up now. You will see a difference in the competition.
When working with bird dogs tell them not to bring MLS listings as you see them already, unless they know of a listed property that can be had for a deal. Have bought a few for half of listed price and I am on the MLS regularly.
There are TONS of other realtors out there but that didn’t stop you from becoming one ! Don’t let other investors stop you from being one too !
By the way my day job is investing using real estate as the vehicle.
:brow Get a wig, Darin

Good Evening Harding,
The letter actually looks pretty good. They come across real well. I would like to spend some more time ready and talking w/ you . Time to sign off,
Thanks for your time and feed back, Talk tomorrow. :beer :sleep Darin

Two things.

First, if someone is receiving a lot of mail, then you need to break through the clutter just to get your envelope opened. Direct-mail marketers spend a lot of time just testing different envelopes to see what format gets the best result. If you’re using a plain white #10 envelope, you’re already doomed. Try larger envelopes and colored envelopes. And what are you using for a return address? A business name? Your own? And lastly, never, EVER use metered mail here…use stamps.

Second, I think your letter sounds a lot like what it is: a form letter. My guess is that this letter sounds very similar to the other 50 letters that people are receiving. It’s almost as if everyone is getting their letters from the same place.

I would not mention anything about public records. That can make people feel uncomfortable. I actually use more like a flyer than a letter, with big copy and a lot of benefit-related bullet points. No one wants to take the time to read a letter.

Your letter should focus on what’s important:

  1. Your property is in foreclosure
  2. Selling your property could be a solution
  3. Benefits are salvaging credit, putting cash in your pocket, etc.
  4. I buy properties, fast, for cash
  5. Call me, email me, visit my Web site

Your letter should have other ways to reach you than a phone number. Some people will be to ashamed to call, but they will fill out a form.

Also, ALL letters should have a P.S. with your contact information, as many people scan letters without reading, but they DO read the P.S.

Direct mailing I think has by tradition poor results but not"no result"
You should not put too much trust in it and try other views.

that’s my opinion.

Sounds to me like its the mailing list you are getting. How many others are receiveing the same mailing list? As far as letters go. You’ll never know which ones the best puller, until you test. Have you considered using postcards? When you send an advertising piece never try to close the sale from the first letter. Just get them to take action. Like get a free special report.

A bright yellow post card with a read headline and black ink in the content should pull. Just an idea.

Seems like you have to be a marketing expert just to generate leads. And thats what I did. I use to sell mortagages, but marketing is more fun. I’m releasing a free book with all my tricks soon.

I thought this problem was just me.

In my city, the foreclosure process is in weeks and not months. I don’t think there are a lot of people sending letters like I have been and even the local REIA meetings reflect this, very few people use direct mailing.

I don’t want to cold call or door knock. I think I’m going to go with bandit signs, I’ve heard they have a lot better response.

OK here’s what I’m learning so far from Paul:

  1. Never use white envelope. Never use metered mail. (That’s what I did)

  2. Try other size envelopes. (This I will try, like the 8 x 11 size maybe)

  3. Do not mention public records. (Good Idea, otherwise the letter looks generic)

  4. Try bullet points. (Another good idea. In fact who would really read these letters. I need to redo my template letter, lot of work???)

  5. P.S. (Adding this would really matter. Also I will try to direct them to my website)

I know DIRECT MAILING is one of the many avenues we have to do but I just want to make it work. Why not? People said not to give up.

This may sound totally ridiculous, but what about a postcard? They don’t have to open it to read it, and by nature I would guess that most people would at least look at both sides of the card. Is it to unprofessional or would people be pissed that their impending foreclosure was written all over a postcard for anyone to read?

You can send a postcard that says “I Buy Houses Fast,” but you’d need to think long and hard before sending a postcard that tells the world the recipient is in foreclosure. You will without doubt get phone calls from people who are flat-out pissed off at you, and in this day and age where people get killed over a nice jacket or a parking spot…

Moreover, what if not everyone in the family knows what’s going on.

Spouse who doesn’t know: “Honey, I know things are bad, but what’s this postcard mean that we’re in foreclosure?”

Or, “Daddy, what’s ‘foreclosure?’”

You want to be the cause of that conversation?

I totally agree with Paul about postcards. Not only the open announcement is there but you will be the first to go into the empty trash can since I know right away who you are. At least that is what I usually do. Then, I check out the one that is enclosed in an envelope especially if it’s personal looking item. After finding out who it’s from, let’s say a mortgage company then dive you go to your resting place with the postcards.

The point is we don’t need services from these other people (for now since we are still ok). That’s why we toss these junks. We have our own people to help us for all aspects that we need including our sins.

My question is these people facing foreclosures don’t have people to turn to for help. In fact they are avoiding their own friends from being able to discover their predicament. The least they can do is call my letter (as if I’m the only one). At least they don’t know me.

Here’s my other question. Other the ones mentioned in this thread, what else can anyone suggest to make these people tick and call my or your letter?

I’m sure with your help you can assist other investors like me who are following this topic.

Hey, the foreclosure world is big. There is plenty of homes for all… Kindly share your experience for those have already succeeded in the DIRECT MAIL MARKETING>>>>

Maybe your list sucks. Check out how accurate the list is.

In my country, Canada, there is only 1 person that does direct mail (me) and my response is pretty damn good.

With that much competition in the United States, I’d just grow some balls and go door knocking.

10x more effective and you beat all your competitors.

No matter how much anyone might hate to do it, door knocking has always seemed to have the best response rate. Once you learn how to come across gently and not get the door slammed in your face or threatened with a gun you will have far greater success by knocking on the door. It helps to make it more personal by them actually seeing that there is a person behind all those letters. Plus you separate yourself from your competition. As much as you might not think so, you are a salesperson. You have to sell the homeowner on trusting you enough for them to give you all of their personal information, which can very often be a tough sell.

I listened to Bill Twyford’s “Shut Up and Stick to the Script” course awhile back and it has given me tons of confidence to talk to door knock the homeowners. I highly recommend it. Good Luck.