where is this guy from?

Obama won’t honor national prayer day today.I’m no bible pusher but you insult britain then bow to muslim king?Then he announced $17bill incuts to “budget”&did’nt tell you that’s not even 1% of his ridiculous $3.6trill budget.Thats like a thousand steps backwards then 1/2step forward.You still went 9991/2 steps the wrong way!!!When will these zombies who follow him into the whole he’s digging wake up?Maybe you’ll do a better background check from now on.Oh wait,I guess they could’'ve read the two books he wrote on himself.My bad. :banghead

I’m sitting on my hands and keeping the comments about my “boss” to myself…

I can understand your position,I used to be that way until I realized the taxes I pay are their salaries.Too many have been silent for too long.Just hate to see our freedoms stolen while we sit back and watch,including freedom of speech.Thanks for reading and responding it shows your concern either way,as we all should be.Take care. :cool

(As a CNN Liberal would respond…) Your just upset that your Party, the GOP is in shambles! Where you were the last 8 years complaining about spending? Your just intimitated by the confidence of King Obama! I mean… President Obama. We are all so lucky to have a man as great as him to lead us. Even though to dont accept Obamas love, he will always care about you! Hes fighting hard for the little man, dont you know that? 95% of Americans are going to get tax breaks because of his grace. Hail Obama!

The last eight years is a misnomer… it’s actually the previous six years… the Dem’s have been in control of Congress (who controls the management, oversight and writing of the checks/money spent in the government and Bush was a lame duck at this point not able to get any of his initiatives through) since 2006, and the deficits have increased dramatically more under Dem rule since 2006 than under Rep rule from 2000-2006… Although I fault both parties…

Remember it was 2/3 Dem’s vs. 1/3 Rep that passed TARP, and it was ALL DEM’s on the “Stimulus” fiasco (the one they never even read before passing it), as well as the “ominbus” that Bush was going to veto because of the increases they wanted that Obama eventually signed anyway. It was also the Dem’s that just approved another 3.5 TRILLION dollar budget…

So while I fault both parties for spending… let’s just not forget the history of it…


I guess it’s TV’s next, cell phones, computers, apparently the skies the limit!..

Good one,2 funny.Thanks for choosing cnn instead of msnbc,now that would be a hard act to follow.But I guess with GE paying your check from "stimulous"from king obama,I guess “acting” instead of reporting would work.You’d think if they were gonna buy a network it’d be fox with the babes they got instead of that butch rachell maddow, the leg tingling chris matthews.I do thank you for the comedy sir,it’s good to ease the pain.

Why is nobody mentioning the war? Bush took us into this war over a personal vendetta and it is costing a billion dollars a day (according to some estimates) not to mention the cost in human lives and wounded?

Other than keep this country safe (which I am not downgrading; to me that is more important than anything) what did Bush/Cheney do that anyone can support?

As for the Tarp funds what were we supposed to do? Let the entire financial industry crash to the ground? It might be bad now, but it could have been so much worse. Where do you think these banks are getting the first quarter profits they are reporting?? From all of the refinances! Some of these banks are already starting to plan on repaying the money. I know this is a forum and its whole purpose is to throw out ideas and opinions, but it sure seems like there is a lot of negativity right now.

I am in the mortgage business. Trust me I have had MANY sleepless nights over the past 6-12 months and I am also sure that I will have plenty more to come as we try to dig ourselves out of this hole. But one thing I can say for sure is that no matter how bad things may seem right now; they are a whole heck of a lot better than they would be if the govt. would have let the financial system crash.

As part of history, Bush accomplished many things while in office, and most would get bored reading the list. But, while not a defender of his fiscal policies beyond the tax cuts, any list posted would get ripped apart based on partisanship. If you look at is dispassionately, he is due a lot of ridicule, AND a lot of praise…

With regards to TARP, BILLIONS of the money was literally WASTED, and BILLIONS went NOT to the people it was supposed to help (US citizens), but to FOREIGN governments and their citizens (i.e. - Dubai, China, etc.). BILLIONS more went to the Auto industry.

It was supposed to be used to clear out the “toxic assets” and free up the credit market… Once that bait and switch was accomplished, they are REFUSING to tell us where the money for this is going… :shocked

Geithner is now talking about ANOTHER 2 TRILLION for the financial industry. :banghead :banghead This is on top of the TRILLIONS that have already been committed to and does not include nationalized healthcare (remember, the $660 BILLION was only a “downpayment”). They are not going to be able to borrow all they need, as China is starting to back away, so they will HAVE to print it out of thing air. There’s only two ways to get this money back, taxation or inflation, both of which HURT the US economy.

You now hear murmurings of us “hitting the bottom”, and if true (time will tell), it followed the same pattern as other recessions. It certainly can’t be because of the “stimulus” or “omnibus” bills, which are just beginning their role-outs…

I am starting to think that the argument that we are truly being undone from within has some merit…

Well said positiveoutlook,
Is’nt it funny when all else fails blame bush,blame repubs.This is why this uprising is happening because people are soooooo sick of the blame game!!!As usual I don’t remember posting to be pro bush or repub.That’s the usual assumption they take.Just tired of the lies and stealing of our children,grandchildren’s future,wise up CHRISTOPHER,and get informed on the truth.Big govt only makes things alot worse,always has,always will.Also how long do you think this interjection of money can support our economy? :bs

The average citizen can’t be court-martialed for their comments like I can… Don’t think for a second that I like any of this.

Not sure what u mean by “this” But I respect your position.Thanks for your service to the country.

Christopher W. sounds like the voice of reason to me.

I just had a 3-hour drive and the only radio stations coming in were HATE RADIO. Talk about the blame game! Those vitriolic voices mocking “The Anointed One”–I would be embarrassed to call myself a Conservative or a Republican if I thought those hate-mongers spoke for me.

I used to think of Republicans as conservative, even thoughtful, mostly older business-owner types. But gentlemen and ladies. Not now. Now I think rabid, religious extremists, name-callers. People who have no interest in debating the merits of laws or in compromises. People who demonize those who don’t think like them. Not a compassionate bunch. Don’t wanna be like them at all.

We could maybe all learn something if there were a Larry King-type radio host. There would be guests who debated the issues, and maybe even cracked a joke or two. Jeesh. That was a long 3 hours.

Personally, I despised President Bush as possibly the worst president in our history. But I felt he had to throw down that TARP money and he did. Is it better to have a president who sits on his hands and does nothing? Or someone who tries to churn through the uncharted waters?

I was trying to think of other things that former Pres. Bush endorsed:
!. War in Iraq
2. War in Afghanistan
3. Waterboarding as a new American Sport
4. Our very own Gulag–Guatanamo
5. Phantom Weapons of Mass Destruction
6. Prolific signing of Texas execution orders
7. Banning embryonic stem-cell research

I can’t really think of anything else…I had hoped, that at the very least, as a former border-state governor, that he would have championed immigration reform. But he was busy with the above instead.

I plead for civility and honoring the title of president, the top elected official of all the people. Can’t you all just say President Obama? How will we ever get anything done if Conservatives act like pitbulls?


Conservatives pit bulls?You really don’t want to get started on how the liberals have attacked anyone who did’nt absolutly fold to them.I agree some conservatives are extreme but are you honestly saying there is’nt any of extreme’s on liberal end?Also radio stations are in it for the money,they tried liberal radio,it flopped.Now they are booming with what hits home with most of americans.I’m not saying they are all calm & reserved,but apparently alot of people relate to the points they are making.I was’nt a pro bush either,but did this country get attacked after 9/11?ALso there were 62mill that did’nt vote for “president obama” so to say all america chose him is far fetched.Good points you bring up,I agree w/ some.ALso once again I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN.


There are many times you’ve posted and just referred to Bush or Reagan or Clinton, without the title President before it. Now that the guy you supported is in the WH, you now want everyone else to fall in line and always refer to him as President. Tell, you what, if you admit that you were wrong to do so for the previous Presidents, and from now on give all the previous Presidents the same courtesy, I will be happy to afford you the same courtesy as you request.

It comes as no surprise that you supported Bush signing TARP when it was Obama and the Dem’s who not only pushed for it, but were the main supporters of it and have been in control of Congress’ checkbook since 2006. I am NOT convinced that TARP, “stimulus” and “ominbus” and the subsequent 3.5 TRILLION dollar budget were the right thing to do, and I don’t believe there is any way to measure it just like the 150,000 “new jobs” that Obama referred to in his last address, that they could not provide any proof of. It was just a number put out there, and the press didn’t even question it…

How you can possibly say that ANY of those were the right thing to do WHEN THEY DIDN’T EVEN READ IT before passing it, which is what they are PAID TO DO. The people who were saying we needed TARP (Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner), said it was for the “toxic assets”, and then pulled the wool over everyone’s eye’s with the bait and switch… WITH NO CONSEQUENCES OR ACCOUNTABILITY…

Why would you trust what they say now? :banghead :banghead

With regards to “hate” radio, you’ve obviously never listened to Radio America (another failed liberal attempt at talk radio), or MSNBC or Bill Mahr, or the View, or, or, or… talk about vitriolic…

I have voted Rep, Dem and Ind, but I have never witnessed the con-job that was the Obama election… he was recklessly supported AND defended by the press, and not held up to any serious scrutiny on a vast array of issues (which is their job)… and now that Obama’s actually doing what “hate” radio was criticized for SAYING he would do, the press continues with their defense and obfuscation and general lack of professionalism…

BTW, hope you are feeling better… :biggrin


Apparently you forgot that Libs openly live, eat, breathe, pray, bathe, the double standard. The Socialists live by moral relativism. As a rule and almost by definition, they have no concrete morals. They NEVER could refer to President Bush in even a halfway respectable manner. As a matter of fact I recall hearing “He’s not MY president” come out of more than a couple Lib mouths. Libs SAY they believe in the freedom of speech, but then the minute you disagree openly with them, they try to shut you up and/or try to destroy you. Everything they say and do comes right from Karl Marx with a touch of Hitler’s tactics. Liberals don’t like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Boortz, Savage or any of the others simply because they are the LOUD voices of opposition. I didn’t hear anybody from the media say a damn thing when that mental midget Janeane Garafalo opened her mouth. And the bull$&it she was spewing was just flatout garbage. No substance. No attempt at even a reasoned comment. Just pure hate speech. But that is fair to them. Again, double standard. Limbaugh may be a little in your face (I personally love it) but as someone else noted, he is touching on a chord that resonates with people. Hannity may sound like a broken record at times, but he does it on purpose per his own confession. By repeating a given issue it keeps it at the front of the mind. It may get annoying at times, but people remember what is annoying. Obama, and no I will NEVER refer to him as President Obama (except just then), is probably to date THE BIGGEST MISTAKE this country has ever made, with the exception of giving FDR a second term, much less a third and fourth. It doesn’t make me feel any better knowing I didn’t vote for the hack. He “preaches” transparency but I have yet to see any significant transparency.

As far as conservatives being pitbulls. You bet your behind I am. I will rabidly defend the freedoms and liberties PROTECTED NOT GRANTED by the United States Constitution. I believe and totally destroying the liberal movement in this country, just as the liberals want to wipe out conservatism. As far as I am concerned that “civil civil” war started in earnest around 1994. Socialists are a threat to the American way of life. When they believe that a criminal’s rights are more important than the victims, there is a problem. When they believe that a person that goes out and brutally murders 20 strangers shouldn’t be given the chair, but a harmless, innocent baby should be terminated before (s)he even gets their first breath, there is a problem. When they want to be able to say whatever they want and permanently silence any opposing voice, there is a BIG problem. When a man can run for president and be affiliated with a terrorist, a rascist preacher, an organization constantly under scrutiny for ballot tampering and voter fraud, is an admitted Marxist, (should I go on?) and the mainstream media that people expect to be unbiased, gives the same fool, not only a free pass, but actually do everything within their power to get him elected by IGNORING facts, ther is problem. There is a war going on in this country. And ironically in some ways it is similar to the war on terror. The Muslim extremists were at war with the US for years and we didn’t even know it or take it seriously until 9/11. Well the liberals have been at war with conservatives for years and we didn’t even know it or take it seriously until now.

I meant there are all kinds of things going on right now that I have problems with. I think there are MANY unanswered questions from valid points raised during his campaign. The media has sold their soul to protect him. There is a radical unchecked system in place now. That should scare everyone. Anything good that happens from now on (or can be spun to say it’s good) is utterly and completely due to the current administration. Any problems were all inherited from the previous administration (no matter if there’s a connection or not).

Exactly why I started this post,it is so comforting to hear you say that.Thank you sir,I wondered the same thing during the campaign.The media has made him"to big to fail".On top of that is the racial issue.If you question anything your a racist ,its playing with fire to me.Just wish people would’ve taken the highest honor in the land more seriously.I want a great black president,really it would help us as a country progress so much.But I think this was used as a tool instead of being genuine to the respect of black people.I,like all of you just want the best for our country,that’s why I do serious research on who I vote for,too bad alot of americans just follow the heard.

NO doubt on the racial thing… its absurd. I am no way racist. Even though I live in Northern Indiana (area which 95% of everybody is white), one of my best friends are black. This is pretty funny right here…

When I was holding up signs, walking up and down the street,for the mccain vs. obama election, I was holding up a “Socialism!!! NO THANKS” Sign along with my “Ron Paul=Real Choice and Freedom” sign. I always wear a big cross golden necklace… I was doing this for about a 4-5hours, and aside from getting flipped off a couple of times (expected that)… what also happened astonished me…

In a 4-5 hour span… There was an uncountable number of instances where people come up to me and say stuff like

“You call yourself a Christian, I can see by your necklace, yet your a racist.”
“People like you are why hate exists in this world”
“Obama still cares about you, even though you dont honor him” (likes hes a God)
“Your just mad because he looks different.”
“Socialism? LMFAO, dont act like you care about that, what you really care about is that hes black. All his issues are spot on.”(then I continue to challenge this person on the "all his issues are spot on) and I get verbally attacked by 6-7 people yelling at me, calling me a racist and such, totally ignoring everything I say)

I heard so many things that day, I would have never believed there could be so many idiots… The race factor on Obama getting elected is deff. something that worked in his favor IMO, regardless of what the polls say.

I really hate Liberals that wont listen to people…

I feel like im ranting, and im in a hurry… so sry if this post isnt grammer correct and such. Just thot ide share.

Why is it racist to differ from someone?I guess we’re racist against whites too,since he is 1/2 white.All that tells me is they have no idea what they are representing,so really I’m racially offended because it must be all about him being black and nothing else to some,atleast 1/2 black anyway.Its soo stupid!!I thought that we’d be over racism by him getting elected,but it’s gotten alot worse.I don’t care if a president glows in the dark,if he’s good for our country,why would race or gender be an issue.Allen keyes is 100% black and Iagree with him,micheal steele,etc.If some would look past this we’d be alot better off.