What title do you put on your business cards?

I’m currently trying to make business cards and everything looks good and ready to go and I’m debating on what to put for the title. Some people put Real Estate Investor, or President but to me I dont like the people knowing I’m the president of the company. Any ideas or suggestions?

I like Real Estate Consultant. I’ve also used Rent to Own Specialist.

I wouldn’t use Real Estate Investor, the word “investor” leaves a bad taste for a lot of sellers. I also don’t like President or Founder, to me it’s a bit pretentious, unless you’ve got a huge operation with tons of employees.

On this board I’ve seen Real estate sales and acquisitions.

Why do you need a title?

Contact info
Company name
What you do

Beyond that all of it is frivolous and unneeded in my opinion. Who, how to get in touch, what you do.

Agreed that the title should be more functional and not indicative of your title legally.

Just make it something that really says what you do…

Professional Home Buyer
Real Estate Specialist
Residential Acquisition Specialist
Chief Cook, Bottle Washer, etc.

I don’t have a title on mine. Although, my husband recently suggested “Obsessive Detail Oriented Person That Signs the Checks”.

I told him it was too long. :biggrin

I use two different business cards, marketing business cards which do not contain a title, just a marketing message. The other is a professional business card and my title is Manager since I am the manager in my LLC entity.

Take advantage of both sides of the card…

Front side can contain the usual information, but use the back side to put your “call to action” statement/offer.

Offer to educate (free report), rebates/discounts (something free when you refer to this card in our intitial discussions…) or recruit a salesforce (ask for referrals and offer a finder’s fee in exchange) are some of the tactics that work well.


Scott Miller

I just simply put…

Principle Investor

If you keep em simple you can get free cards at vistaprint.com

Uh oh, or is it principal? Damn it’s late and I’m tired … LOL



“Purchasing Agent,” “Principal Invester,” and the like are all BS titles that no one cares about and are a waste of in.

Frank Jones
Jones Investments, LLC

I agree with Rich. Brief explanation and your information. My first business cards said “President”. It meant alot to me because I had never been president of anything! It meant sh## to anybody else that picked up the card. Your title should go right next to your company logo, in a frame in your office… that’s where it’s value is.


I saw it on another investors cards & thought it was very creative.

terms like President or CEO or what have you - are really internal titles - every corp or LLC must have something of this nature - for their own books.

as far as putting them on a biz card - it’s really a mute point.

you want people to know your name, contact info and whatever else you want to put on the card that lets the receiver know what your business is.

that’s it.

racking your brain over this is a waste of time - know what you want to convey to the receiver of your card - that’s much more important.

if you’ve got a lot of experience and are running a business and are competent at what you’re doing - then maybe a title like President would be good.

in our company - website company - we’re:
VP of Sales
VP of Marketing
VP of Technology

that’s it. we use these titles in our emails and on our business cards - but that’s our business - it helps users understand who’s who and what we’re all about - i know my business very well.

even though it’s a start up company (website), the titles help us to arrange the business and treat it very formally, while also having a ton of fun doing it all!

overall - titles are internal paperwork stuff.

Credit Savior

You should also consider getting some made to hand out to people you aquire homes from, something that says what you do.

We Buy Houses Cash!
Close in 10 days!

…or something like that.

the thing with using something like “Acquisition Specialist” - you might get laughed at a little.

like if i’m at a rei meeting and someone hands me a card that has that on it - i might think - this person is new to investing.

while someone who give me a card that says - I Buy Houses Any Condition Close in 10 days…

would just seem to me as being to the point and probably experienced.

a lot of people are using these simple sayings because…THEY WORK!

all the unique funky stuff you can come up with probably won’t help you.

if you build a multi-million dollar wholesaling company and then your card says…VP of Acquisitions - that’s different.

but if you’re walking around PG’ing loans and trying to get your first deal done - just Keep It Simple.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I saw a Flip That House program on TV last week and it featured a family of four: two brothers and two brothers’ wives (I think it was).

Every time one of the wives opened her mouth a caption came up like: Jane Doe - Sales Director…the other one said Jane Doe - Marketing Director. Those two couldn’t direct schoolkids across the street!

Everyone had a fancy title and it means diddly-squat to a client. Concentrate more on meeting and surpassing your clients’ needs.

One of the first things I learned when I started marketing many years ago, is that it is not all about YOU. It is about finding out what your clients needs are and meeting those needs, and then some.

Put your name on the card and forget the rest.

Just my 1.769 cent’s worth.