Weakest President in History?

Well, now the Socialist in Chief has promised not to nuke countries if they attack us with biological or chemical weapons! What is wrong with this guy?


Well… Obama is smarter than all of us, so im sure he has something figured out. Right…?

Well first we should nuke Iran and North Korea before he signs this treaty.

There is nothing wrong with him,he and his staff are just incompetent. they have no knowledge of this sort of thing no background or experience in foreign affairs. Also the economy, jobs, health care, the national debt, etc.etc.

He will say and do exactly what he is told to do and say.
Perhaps long drawn out wars are more profitable than a nuke.

I have to agree with mike on this one…Ridiculous but todays version he seemed to have backpedaled on a couple of important issues…But I do not like what Im reading either way…

You guys are all nuts. We have the atomic arsenal to kill mankind several times over.

It has long been part of the plan of every administration, Democratic and Republican, to reduce the world’s total of nuclear weapons since they may WIPE OUT MANKIND. Each administration has been looking at the big picture.

Obama has promised not to nuke any nation attacking us with biological or chemical weapons. This is because any such attack is going to come from a rogue nation or terrorist group.

He doesn’t want us, or the rest of the world, pulled into a nuclear holocaust because of a bunch of crazies.

Biological and chemical attacks have already happened–Saddam Hussein wiped out whole Kurdish villages with helicopter gas attacks. Japanese religious fanatics attacked the Tokyo subways with sarin, killing and injuring people. This was to further their warped political views.

Believe me, if it can happen in an orderly, regulated society like Japan, it can happen here. Just reading these posts now and then, I see that we have more than enough home-grown extremists right here. People who think that an atomic bomb response would be justified.

That is crazy. Thank God we have National leaders who subscribe to diplomacy and clear-headed moderation.


[[[…Saddam Hussein wiped out whole Kurdish villages with helicopter gas attacks…]]]]

Oh, wait. Wasn’t it you who claimed there were no weapons of mass destruction? Saddam did it to Iran, too, and it wasn’t done with potato guns.

Oh, wait. Wasn't it you who claimed there were no weapons of mass destruction? Saddam did it to Iran, too, and it wasn't done with potato guns.

Yes, it was, but that’s typical doublespeak for the socialists. The ONLY thing that has kept the relative peace since WWII is the nuclear deterrent. Obama is intent on destroying that and destabilizing the world. He’s an idiot if he thinks that announcing that we won’t use nukes for chemical or biological attacks will improve world peace. Let me rephrase - HE’S AN IDIOT!

He didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction…I guess he used them all on the Kurds. When we took his country from him we didn’t find any. He was telling the truth.

It was like if we think our wife is having an affair with Bill Smith. We go over to Bill’s house and ask to look at his phone to see if your wife’s number is in it. He says no you can’t see his phone. So you knock him out and look at the phone anyway and you find that her number is not in there. She was not cheating but there is no way to get your marriage back after that and you have been exposed as a jerk.


That LIAR Bush sent THOUSANDS of American kids to their GRAVES for a threat that did NOT exist. And that TURD Rumsfeld denied Military leaders the manpower they KNEW they needed to CONTROL that Country post invasion…That lack of manpower directly lead to the DEATHS and disfigurement of thousands of Americans as arms stashes went unguarded and those scum bags set up road side bombs.

Then to put the cherry on top…They set up a BULLSH*T trial for that raghead and HANG HIM…Which was the REAL reason we ever went there in the first place…Pay back for “Daddy’s” near assassination.

And the maniacs HERE are crying about OBAMA???

Give me a freakin’ break…


Yea on BOTH counts…and He’s alive and well in TEXAS!!!

I think it has been proven many times that there were no WMD’s. That argument is dead. Jake is right. We have lost thousands of american lives because Bush was pissed off.

I have asked it many times and nobody ever gives a good answer. Why are you freaking blowhards so pissed off about healthcare and bail-outs but you just turn a blind eye to the billion dollars we are wasting in Iraq every day? Not to mention the lives that are lost.

Anyone? Anyone?

Chirp Chirp.

No one here but the crickets.

Everyone must be at their gun rallies or shopping at Sams Club to stock up on supplies for the end of the world that is coming…

I agree we need to get out of Iraq. Should have long time ago and really should never have been there at all in the first place. Nonetheless I still hate the bailouts and socialized health care. This house of cards will come tumbling down. We have simply spent ourselves into oblivion. Even if you were to eliminate the DOD that is 650-670 Billion a year. We would still be running a trillion dollar deficit because of entitlement programs such as SS, medicare, medicaid, and other senseless social welfare programs. Not to mention the IRS, Dept of Ed and other bloated government entities. Everyone else needs to budget their money. Individuals, private businesses, local and state governments but the federal government gets a pass? Nonsense. Cut spending & entitlements. It will never happen and that is why we are on a path to consequences that will NOT be a pleasant ending.

You and Jake need to take off your cheerleading outfits.

How many times do I need to say it? I was NOT a bush fan, at all. And we follow that up with Obama because he can speak a little better. Come on… still zero substance or common sense to ANY of his policies. He is and idiot in disguise. No more than an actor delivering lines that other people feed him.

I don’t see me or Jake jumping around cheering for anyone. In fact please feel free to point out any post in which I have “cheered” for the President. What I see us doing is pointing out the fact that people sure do waste a lot of time complaining about some things but completely ignore others. Lets complain about “socialist” policies but not about the U.S. being the police force of the planet.

Another simple fact is that without the bail-outs we would be right back in the middle of another Great Depression. It is real easy to sit back now and say “we could have done this instead” or “that was not needed”. However at the time when everything was crumbling around us this administration and the very intelligent people that were appointed to run the country by this administration as well as the previous one stepped up to the plate and made some decisions. Were they the right one? Maybe? Maybe not? But I do know this…the economy is showing small signs of life. The Fed has stopped buying MBS and we are still closing loans. Fed-ex’s business is up (my wife works for the company) which means business are shipping.

So for all the whackos out there screaming bloody murder please give the rest of us sane persons a break from the ridiculous rants that seem to come everytime the President shows his face or makes a statement. Find something constructive to do with your time. Volunteer in your community. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister. Just do something to make this world a better place instead of wasting our time with ridiculous rants and hijacked threads. If you are going to throw up the old " Just don’t read what I post" adage then I will say this. Stop posting ridiculous crap in threads that were not started by you. I avoid ANYTHING started by certain people on this forum, but it is kind of hard to avoid when it is posted in a thread of a completely different nature and then hijacked by a ranter.

The bank bailouts were nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that just put off the inevitable. GM & Chrysler did NOT need saved and by refusing to pump taxpayer money into these entities would not have thrown us into a Great Depression.

The underlying issues within the economy are simply not good no matter how rosy you want to paint the picture. Is there pockets of success???.. sure. But the fundamentals are not good or sustainable.

America needs an accountant in office.

Mayor Bloomberg is in my opinion the only qualified individual to run the country.

Erased NYC’s 6 billion $ debt and turned it into a 3 BILLION $ surplus.

They just voted an amendment to allow him to run for mayor for a THIRD TERM. This guy is GOOD.

This guy would turn America around like you wouldn’t believe.

Bloomberg’s approval rating actually DROPPED to the low 20%s a year into office.

He hiked up the taxes and cut a bunch of government programs / budgets to pay off the debt. Basically did the opposite of what the people WANTED, but did exactly what NYC NEEDED him to do.

Now they love him, voting him in a 3rd term.

America needs someone that is strong enough to give it the medicine that it NEEDS. That is FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

Obama has a law and senator background. There is no way in hell he could ever understand how to be an EFFECTIVE FISCAL CONSERVATIVE.

Bloomberg is a BUSINESS man. He understands this. He runs NYC like a BUSINESS and look how prosperous it is.

Only with a surplus will you ever be able to lower taxes without incurring more debt. The republicans missed the boat on this important concept.

Now Bloomberg is proposing cutting goods / services tax even more. I love this guy.

Ron Paul wouldnt be to shabby either.

Is bloomberg gonna run for president by any chance? (i honestly dont know anything about him)

The biggest problem these days is that none of the really smart qualified people want to even get involved. The amount of complete crap that you have to put up with from the media not to mention having to be guarded for the rest of your life makes the job of POTUS less than desirable.

The political machine in this country is completely broken. The only way to really start over is to blow things up. I don’t see that happening. I read an article yesterday that said 47% of people in this country don’t pay ANY taxes. That is ridiculous. I don’t care if you only make $1000 per year you should pay your fair share.

I have zero faith in non-business background politicians. Hence, 99% of the politicians out there. They all talk a good line, but are full of shit.

They go from managing their 6 figure bank accounts to managing a 12 figure country within 1 month. It’s not the same.

Bloomberg has consulted with many people about running for president. He hasn’t yet run because he doesn’t feel he has a fighting chance. Plus he feels he can do a lot more currently as mayor of NYC.