We need a new thread on.........STOCKS!

I’m just getting started in stocks and there’s been some very good information shared on this forum… and it needs to continue! :biggrin

Are there any good picks recommended, stocks to keep an eye on, stocks to avoid, etc etc …

*If GM is supposed to make it through bankruptcy, then shouldn’t it be a good time to buy it now and then sell when the good news is released?

There is one already, just do a search for stock or stocks. I don’t think people have been posting there lately so it dropped onto a back page.

There is always room for a new thread.

I asked what people thought about Fannie Mae a few weeks ago, but never got any responce. It is dirt cheap right now.

I actually just got about 2k from graduation money. Im lookin to do something with it. (I have nothing I want, I could just buy gold… but idk.)

So, this thread could be helpful.


I like The Motley Fool a lot. I bought some Ford stock that Jake talked about and I am pretty happy with that. There is a guy that posts on here infrequently named RookieNYC who has a lot of good knowledge about investing. You might send him a PM to get a dialogue going.

I am really interested on peoples thoughts regarding oil and Ford. Is oil nearing a peak or is it going to keep running up? I assume if fuel costs increase, this will work against FORD and the new F150. I know Ford has some good products coming that are great on gas but short term a price run up would seem to work against them. I do have some money in Ford so all in all I hope they keep going up.



Ford has a lot of new products that get better gas mileage than the F-150 so while I think the price of oil will obviously have an affect on the company I think as time goes on you will find that precautions are now being put in place to hedge against $4.00 a gallon gasoline.

Do a search in this forum for Ford and you will find many threads that go into more detail.

I think all the money the government is throwing around will destroy the dollar. Since oil is priced in dollars, the price of oil will dramatically increase as that occurs. Ford is the only domestic auto company that hasn’t gotten the benefit of shedding it’s debts in bankruptcy. They only have enough money to make it through the end of the year. I sold Ford short yesterday at $6.24 for a trade.



What other stocks are you looking at?


Be nimble.


Be quick.

Keep an eye on that candlestick!

Do your own research.



The point of the thread is to discuss stocks.

Is this forum just loaded with idiots these days or what?

3 trades today:

Already suggested Marketclub in a previous post. Do your own research.


I am just looking for something top discuss. I could care less about your picks. The whole point of a forum is to discuss ideas.


Idiots everywhere I look.

Usually when you think everybody else has a problem, your actually the one with the problem.

Your absolutely right Loosier.

My problem is that I venture outside of the real estate part of this forum. I guess I did not realize how many douche bags are out there looking to run their mouths.



I don’t have any other stocks that I’m looking at. I still own Arch Coal (ACI) and have sold covered calls (options) on that for many months. It looks like I’m going to get called out this month. I’m in it for $15.50 per share and have been doing the $17.50 calls (twice in May). This month, I sold the $18 calls. I believe that the market if overbought, so I would have a hard time going long. Do you have any ideas?


I think the markets are overdue for a severe correction, so be very careful.

Here’s what you need to know about investing in STOCKS…


We are in no man’s land. I continue to hold FORD…I’ll be a buyer on any pull backs.

Investing in stocks is IDENTICAL to investing in Real Estate in just ONE WAY…

EVERYTHING you have ever been told is WRONG!!!

Think about that statement as it relates to Real Estate Investing.

In REAL ESTATE you have so called “EXPERTS”…These are the BROKERS or Realtors…In REALITY…these people are CLUELESS as to the REAL secrets of successful INVESTING. As seasoned real estate investors we all KNOW THIS…We actually LAUGH at the ADS that claim CASH FLOWING PROPERTY when we know that couldn’t be futher from the truth based on rents and costs!!!

BUT…When it comes to investing our money on WALL STREET we throw this hard learned knowledge right out the window. People follow and actively look for TIPS…They buy what everyone else is buying, WHEN everyone is BUYING IT!!! If instead, you handled your STOCK investing just like your real estate investing you would probably make a LOT more money. Think about this…When is the last time you purchased a PROPERTY just because you had the MONEY to buy one??? You would NEVER buy real estate like that…The ONLY time we buy properties is when we find a BARGAIN!!! I see people all the time that just THROW money at stocks. WHY??? The stock market is like a CASINO…You have very limited times when the ODDS are in YOUR favor…When you get those opportunities TAKE THEM…Then get the HELL OUT!!!

Buy…Whatever the EXPERTS hate…Then DO NOTHING!!! Let it SIT…Don’t try and be “smart” and trade in and out…TIME is your FRIEND unless you make it your enemy!!!

There’s no bettwer example of this theory than FORD…
Look at how many of these DOPES missed the entire FORD STORY…That stock has gone form $1.02/share to $6.00+ in about 6 months. It’s going even HIGHER over the next 4 years.


infrequently named RookieNYC

I no longer post anything related to equities here…Infact I no longer post anything at all on this forum…I enjoy just reading the banter that goes on…I made peace with those I’ve argued with and don’t wish to break the peace…Silence is golden…I’m having a stellar year in the markets and up close to %38 on mostly international ETF’s…I have no clue where the market goes from here,but my guess is sideways and then up more…The market will not flip over like 2008…The bottom is in is my prediction but who the eF knows…I trade what I see and my guys are doing great…3 of our funds are up +%20 and our RE holdings have exploded by buying at .30 cents on the dollar…We have hard money loans on corporate buildings as well…If you have the cash these are times to put it to work…

I hope everyone is doing well and more importantly I hope everyone is healthy…

Hoosier, I agree with fdjake. But it’s more difficult than it seems. When you buy stocks that are out of favor, it can be gutwreching when your stock sinks a little (or a lot). I purchased 500 shares of HBAN (Huntington Bankshares) about 6 weeks ago. Soon after, it issued a secondary offering (offered more shares for sale). That diluted the value of the shares I had and the price went down. I felt the company had good long term prospects so I bought more shares as the price dropped. I’m up to 1800 shares and have just turned positive! My point is that you have to learn to evaluate companies and their stocks (which if difficult and time consuming), but it’s worth it, just like in REI. I’d put the money in the bank and read some books about investing/ trading. You have to study Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis and all of their components. That’s a LOT of info to learn. I’m right in the thick of it now and it’s kinda overwhelming… but fun. gOOD LUCK!