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Hello, I am a new investor working as a wholesaler in Northern VA and DC. I have been doing this for about 3 months and today I close on my first deal.

I am very interested in teaming opportunities with other investors. I have been exploring the possibility of working with home owners in pre-foreclosure to purchase the non-performing mortgage note from the bank and take ownership of the house through cash-for-keys, to flip to another investor. If there are any cash investors/rehabbers in my area who would like to team up for this type of strategy, please contact me. I can find the homeowners and negotiate buying the note and the cash for keys part, you would put up the funds, buy the note, then take title to the house to rehab and resell or rent.


We are rehabbers in the metro DC area. I saw your post about purchasing non-performing notes. We would be interested in this type of collaboration.



I am also a new investor/wholeseller in the DC metor area. I am also interested. What’s on your mind?


Welcome, guys! Glad to see other investors joining the VA forum.

I’m a wholesaler in the Dale City, VA area. Any cash buyers out their looking for older THs and SFDT homes in the Dale City/Woodbridge are? Or Northern Va?

I would like to mention the 2 real estate investment groups whose monthly meetings I attend. I want to share them with you guys because these groups have been great for networking and have been my source of finding buyers for my wholesale deals.

The first is the CAZA meetup group. They meet every month in Reston, VA, and you can find them on With my first wholesale deal I had trouble finding a buyer. The head of the group forwarded my email to the entire group (600+) and I started getting tons of responses and got a buyer for my deal that same day. Best of all, it’s FREE to attend! Yay!

I also go to Traction REIA in Tysons Corner, VA. This is a paid membership group, but they have speakers almost every meeting, so you are always learning something new. Also, at each meeting they allow members to announce any deals they have, which is great. Plus the networking is excellent.

If you know of other meetups in the area that are great to attend, please share.

Hi, I’m David. I’m new and looking to learn all I can about REI. I’m interested in tax liens, notes, and foreclosures. I’m in the DC Metro area.

I’d like to join a club and get to know the business from a knowledgeable mentor. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I’ll be checking out the REI clubs you mentioned, thank you!

Hello all!
I am a new RE investor. I own now lease to own a home in Woodbridge. I also own a home in WA state but not making any positive cash flow with market /rent.

I would like to expand my cash flow and learn more.
Also seeking Hard money lenders in interested in Petersburg-Richmond area or local REI clubs to network.

Looking for other investors in Central and Northern Virginia. My wife and I have started out buying SF to rehab and rent. Just looking to network and see if we can work together on some stuff.

Hello Everyone!

                                   I'm in the 757 hampton roads ( Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk ) area. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.   Happy Investing  :beer

I am also in the Hampton roads area. I’m interested in buying commercial properties…

My wife and I are located in the Chesterfield/Petersburg area and we would love to work together on some stuff if you’re up to it. Be warned though, we are VERY new to investing. We have quite a few prospects but still working on taking the main plunge. More less due to not knowing the ins and outs than any other reason. Any help would be appreciated! To further communication!

Hi, my name is Don and my wife and I are new to REI and would like to put a shoutout to anyone that could show us the ropes in the Richmond, Chesterfield and Petersburg areas. We have quite a few properties that we have checked into but really need to know where/how to go from here. Any input would be appreciated. We are also looking for any wholesalers that might be interested in working together. Thanks and Happy Investing!

Hi my name is Michelle and I’m new to the wholesaling business with a focus in Woodbridge, Stafford and Fredericksburg area. I’m interested in working with others who may have properties to sale or who may want to purchase property. send me a PM
Also if you know of any REI groups that meet in the area please let me know.


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Anyone looking for a birddog for the central VA area give me a shout!

I’m looking for re-habbers in NoVa who may be interested in purchasing contracts from a bird dog.

I’m new to REI.
I’m in the Richmond, VA.
I have four (4) single family rentals. All are Section 8, rented, and recently inspected by RRHA. (Richmond Redevelopement and Housing)
ALL are income producing. (Rent amount exceeds Mortgage.)
My Wife and I are selling these. Investors, due diligence says you should check them out.
No they are not “Shipwrecks” Send me a message please. Thanks

Hello My Name is Gary. I have been working as a remodeler/installer in the Northern Virginia Maryland and DC markets for the past 10 years. I am starting my own investment company. Right now I’m educating myself on the best methods to find deals that I can flip. I look forward to meeting new people in this industry.

Hello My husband and I are fairly new as well and we live in the Chesterfield area, maybe we can compare notes and contacts. PM me