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looking for some partners/investors in DFW area. Looking for some investment properties here is DFW area.
PM if interested…

Is anyone using “Bird-Dogs” in Dallas and Dallas County? If so, how is that done?

Hi All,

There is a Real estate expo tomorrow in Houston at the George R Brown Convention center.
Tickests are here:


Us promo code LU2014 to get free tickets.

I will be there around 9 if anyone want to meet.



My name is Max Hirshik and I work for Big Table Media, a TV production company. We are currently casting female contractors, flippers, or designers with real estate experience for a show we have in development. Any submissions, referrals, or general advice on how to reach out to the community is much appreciated!!! Mods: please let me know if there is a better forum to post this in, thanks!


Max Hirshik

My name is Ronald Moise, I am new to investing in the Corpus Christi area, would like to know if there is someone willing to take me on as a mentor. I am a general contractor, and can make myself available anytime. :help :help

Hi, My name is Mike I’m new at investing, I’m in the DFW area. Would love to be able to learn from other investors. Please let me know if anyone is interested in getting together.

:help I am in texas but have a friend in indiana that is selling a home and want me to help. What contracts do I need as a investor trying to sell their house? where can I get them? This is a house with a mortgage.

Have a possible deal coming up in April. This is new to me. Problem! Deal is in Indiana! I am in Texas. What do I need as far as a contract between me and the seller. I am a investor not a real estate agent. So please please help :banghead :help Just trying to be prepared.

Have a cash flow deal that is potential for much bigger deal after rehab should I decide to sell. Problem! Asking price is $42,000 + $10,000 for rehab. Problem I don’t have funds for this. Area realtor tells me ARV could be between $100-120K. I am in Corpus Christi anybody interested or any ideas where to get the funds?
Thanks, Ron :help :banghead

I am a newbie in Corpus Christi. Have a deal that I don’t want to lose. But no funds. Any idea where I can find a real private money lender? :banghead.

House shopping for CC, have let me know exactly what you are looking for, need to see pics of metal bldg.

thanks :smile :shocked

Looking for 100’x85’ metal bldg. thanks running current comps thank you for the landlord breakdown look forward to talking soon :deal

Anybody out there can give me an example of a sub2 contract and what should be in it and can I assign it? :banghead :help

I am seeing alot of questions on this forum that I feel my company can answer. Being in the real estate investors business for the last 10 year I feel that I have alot to offer.

Dr Moise,

I hear this question all the time for big real estate deals. In our experience finding the funding for projects like this can be extremely hard. Getting to the right people takes time and luck. Some times the best solution is to find a company that already has the ties and can help with the investment then split profits with you on the deal.

Hey everyone, I’m also new to this REI game!! I’m in Dallas, and am trying to get my wholesale business started. I’ve read several books on it, and am trying to get my buyer list started. If anyone wants to help out this teacher make a little extra $$$$, it would be appreciated!!!

Hi, My name is Lisa Edwards, myself and my partner Colin O’Brien are RE investors. We are always looking for great deals in the Corpus Christi Area but we also have a network of investors across most of Texas. We will pay finder fees, partner on deals, work with anyone in a win-win situation if the numbers are right.

We also love subject-to or mortgage assignment deals, so bring us sellers who can’t sell (slightly upside down on their equity) and buyers that can’t buy (i.e. self employed, a small ding on their credit) and we’ll work with you.

I am a licensed Realtor, so I can find comps and list houses for retail. Ask me about a deal to get comps on your local properties.

Colin has more than 40 yrs of rehab experience, so he can help you there. We have a network of team players, including other investors, money people and etc. etc.

If you’re a Bird Dog, we’ll work with you. Beginners to experienced, contact me and we’ll work something out.

We are problem solvers in real estate.

Hi, my name is Sebastian.

I am an investor here in Fort Worth. I have done sub2, owner finance, flips, rentals, and wholesales.
Currently I am still doing flips, a bit of wholesaling, and just partnered up with a hardmoney lender.

If anybody needs help finding deals, or maybe has a good deal they’re trying to get rid of, or trying to get some funding for an investment property, here in dfw, feel free to contact me.

Whether you’re just starting out, or just need another source of properties, as well as funding let me know.

Have a great day! :biggrin

Looking for wholesale/investment grade properties in Houston Texas to market to our community of investors. Message me for more details.

Hi everyone!
My partner and I are new investors in San Antonio and are excited to learn as much as possible. We are currently looking for a mentor that is willing to teach us how to make money and not lose money :smile
Does anyone have any advice for a new investment team with 2 weeks of experience in the field?! LOL :help