Texas, moving there? Help.

I know this should fit in with the other Texas thread, but heres the thing… and i need answers.

Im 18 years old (as you guys know) and me and my mom, living in Indiana, are seriously sick and tired of it. The winter is terrible, everybodys a loser and poor, and we feel like wasting our lifes.

So what I ask is… name some good reason to move to Texas. Im trying to convince my mom to but shes a little iffy. So tell me so I can tell her, why should we?

Also, best locations in Texas? Were not RICH, but not poor either. So a suitable area for middle come family would be what we would be lookin for.

(PS, were taking a trip down there in 2 weeks to see how it is)

Congrats on the bold move.I done the same a few years ago and have only one regret,not doing it sooner.If you want to be in a different position in life surround yourself with positive people.I really hope it works good for you,you are a unique(in a good way)individual.Not pitching my area but mobile is been on the forbes list twice now and our housing has never really fell much.The office my wife works in sold over $30million last month.It’s even got warren buffet confused,he’s part owner in the firm.Best of luck!I think you’ll be just fine,wherever you end up. :beer

Yeah, im only 18, but i think im going to make the move. Ive been thinking about this for a while now.

I could do well in Indiana, no doubt about it. Im not using my location as a excuse. But heres the thing… Somebody could give me 5 million dollars right now, and I still wouldnt be happy, if I had to live in this area. Everybody is increasingly liberal, the economy is a joke, so many losers. There is NOTHING to do (besides go to a occasional movie) I just want out. I hate this area with a passion, I dont think ill ever be happy here.

So bama, you live in Mobile,Texas? Am I reading that right?


I can’t say enough good things about Texas. The economy is very strong, Housing is inexpensive, NO STATE TAX, the weather is good (if u can deal with the heat for three months a year), the people are very friendly (southern hospitality is real), and there is tons of fun stuff to do for people of all ages. When I lived in Ohio if you were not married and settled down by 24-25 you were definitely in the minority, but here in Dallas that is not the case. We have a very strong arts community, many good schools (nursing included), and a ton of State pride.

What part of Texas are u coming to visit?

Hoosier, you might like Arizona too. I don’t know the job market but it’s very nice there. (yeah I know the summers suck but you can’t have everything)

Im pretty open on where to visit. Ive been looking alot at Houston though. Also considering San Antonio. Open to other suggestions… buying the ticket here in a few days.

Where you live Chris?

I would recommend Florida, but we have serious economic and job problems here right now. Plus it may not be as conservative as you want, unless you move to the northern part of the state. Which might be a boring place to live for a young person.

Mobile is in AL. I’m from the mid-west and grew up in a small farming community so I know what you mean about nothing to do. I still have all my family there, but I’ve been all over the country since then. I’ve been to a few places in TX. I lived in Corpus Christi for a bit back in 2004. The flying was good there, but I didn’t like the town much at all. Lots of crime and some senseless murders (one guy was killed at a Whataburger for $2 and change in his pocket…there was also a young girl - about 15 or so - found hanging from a chain link fence in town). There was a great highway system there. South Padre Island Drive is like having an interstate run through the commercial area giving easy on/off access to most of the town.
In general, southern hospitality is awesome. People are friendly as a rule and not an exception. I’ve seen some shady looking characters in the south say hi and open doors for me or my wife whereas the same looking person up north probably would have shot me rather than look at me.
I’ve got a cousin in Houston who’s been doing construction for the past 20 or so years there. He grew up where I did, but moved several years ago and enjoys being there.

Enjoyed the liberal-loser translation.They do go hand in hand,all the cities,states that are really hurting are liberal union states.Any conservative right to work state in the south will suit you right.I live in mobile,al.I came from small town of about 20k,mobile has about 600k as a medium sized city.I love it has all the same amenities as large cities without the terrible traffic.
I’ve been to different parts of texas,I like it too.I’ve been up north and beleive me,you’ll like the south alot better.Good luck,keep us informed.

Its just so boring up here in Northern Indiana. 10k people in my town, NOTHING to do. Closest thing to anything in Indianapolis (which is an hour away). Its going to be hard to leave my friends and most of my family (mom may join me)

I dont want to be 28, instead of 18, and look back and regret still living in this crappy little nothing to do town. I can see the writing on the wall already. People become emotionally attached to a town, and they stay there for generations, while each generation hates it.

Thanks for all the suggestions on other states (arizona, alabama, FL) but ive made up my mind on Texas. Now, where oh where in Texas shall I go… :slight_smile: Im feeling Houston-ish area though so far.

Ill keep you guys posted.

At 18, you’ve got nothing to lose. You might as well try it.

I live in Dallas. Houston is a good city as well, but is VERY humid there and it is gigantic (4th largest city in the country). My in-laws live there so my family spends a lot of time there. San Antonio is a great city as well.

I’ve heard that Houston is more humid than Florida (although that’s hard to believe).

My parents live in the Fl. Panhandle and it gets pretty humid there, but Houston takes the cake. I will say this though the traffic in Houston is the worst ever. They have traffic jams at midnight. It drives me crazy.

I know when I lived in Corpus I saw a list of America’s “sweatiest” cities. Corpus was #4 if I remember right. It was miserable in the summer to the point where I didn’t want to go outside.
I can vouch for the traffic jams in Houston late at night. I used to drive thru there to meet my wife (when we were dating) in Baton Rouge on the weekends. Even around midnight it would come to a halt on the interstate.
I go back home to visit family in IL and see people I graduated with around town. Most of them never leave. It’s exactly as you say. Their parents grew up there so they stay there too and never move away. Who knows if I’d still be there if I wasn’t moved all over the country by the military. IL will always be my home, but I’ll never live there again. I’m 99% confident I’ll end up in the FL panhandle somewhere. IMO Pensacola is one of the nation’s best kept secrets. The beaches are awesome. There are tons of things to do in the area. Housing prices are affordable. The city really doesn’t have any dangerous areas. There are some areas that are older and a bit run down, but I’ve never been leery of driving thru any areas there.

Why not just go to college in texas instead and get a feel for it.

An MBA should suit you quite well.

Good luck.


I agree with you 100%. My parents live in Pensacola and they love it. I love going to visit. There is lots of fun stuff to do. The beaches are flat out beautiful with white sand. Real estate is still affordable although the job market is not as strong as some other areas we discussed, but that is to be expected in a small town.

Checkout Mcguire’s irish pub next time you’re there.If you don’t love this place,somethings wrong.Also if you think pensacola has nice beach,checkout destin,not sayin pcola is bad thu.


I have been to McGuire’s a bunch of times. I never get tired of seeing Elvis waving at me from the drivers seat of the double decker bus.

Destin is beautiful as is Seaside. That whole area is pretty. I think people tend to think of that area of the country as trashy because of the nickname “The Redneck Riviera”, but they are missing out. Which is okay with me because I don’t like crowds at the beach.

Cool,I love that place goin there in couple weeks.We try to go as often as we can pcola is only about 45min from mobile.I agree with the crowds,destin used to a hidden secret about 15yrs ago,now it’s really blown up.Oh well,guess it’s hard to keep a secret that beautiful away for long.