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I have only been on here short couple of weeks, and I have to say that some of you give some great info. I think it awsome that you guys/gals go out of your way to really help people. If you see a bad deal that someone is looking at you say so, and I’m sure most people myself included will welcome advice. In all of REO’s posts I have noticed the tag line “author of take a mentor to lunch” anyone know where I can get a copy of this, and maybe a preface of what is in it.

Thank you


SAVANNAH :slight_smile:

Since we are on the topic of “mentor”, how do you know when someone is for real or not? Even so, is there such person(“mentor”)? I mean, are there really anybody out there willing to take someone underneath their wings and train them to be a successful investor as he/she?

that would be nice!!!

It happens. I know from experience. I’m only 18 and I’m new at this, but my mentor is helping me along every step of the way and giving me his time and resources to help me. I recently had the opportunity to go to one of those expensive seminars. It changed me forever.

Yes, there are many people who are willing to mentor newbies and they are at your local REIA. These people are not only experienced in REI but they know your local real estate market. When I joined my local REIA, a local landlord befriended me and taught me things about being a landlord that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars at the school of hard knocks.

So, my advice is to join you local REIA! It will be one of the best things you ever do.


Yeah great idea (NOT). Every REIA I’ve been to is a sales meeting to pressure you to buy someone else’s products. REIA’s are filled will people that buy courses and never invest. People with a beautiful library and an empty wallet.

Here’s a tip. DON’T buy Reoconsultants book:

[b]* If your phone already rings too much and you like to sleep in,

  • If you have more properties than you can handle,
  • If people are banging down your door for your financing help.[/b]

I actually got to preview Take a Mentor to lunch. In the next week I’m closing 6+ deals and have found 15 investors and 20 retail buyers. The whole REI business summed up in 40+ pages for only thirty bucks…

I feel like I was a rookie before I read it.

Nice Chris I like that Do not buy this book! Are you still a little bitter about the phone ringing? LOL

I am getting about 30 calls on a bad day. Buyers, sellers, blah blah blah… all over the place. I’ve only done a few strategies from your book and it’s taking off like wildfire.

There was a guy that called me at 2AM. That’s when he happened to open his mail. Now that takes the cake.

Where can you get this book?

sorry… new here

It will be out soon, but Robb is taking pre-orders right now. Try his email, " mentor2lunch@gmail.com ".

thanks, sent him email


I’ve got to disagree with you on the REIA thing, at least somewhat. Yes, it’s true that not all REIA’s are great. And some are nothing but a sales. Regardless, REIA’s are still the best and cheapest way for a newbie to get into the business and learn some stuff WITHOUT spending a ton of money on books/courses.

A REIA is merely a tool for the investor, and like a tool, it only works when the user actually puts it to use.

A REIA is still the best place to network with like-minded individuals.

A REIA is still one of the easiest places for a newbie to gain the right contacts.

A REIA is still the best place for a newbie to find a reliable, local, experienced mentor that isn’t out to rob them of their money without teaching them anything.

You’re right, though. REIA’s are filled with people that have a ton of courses but no investments. That’s just the nature of the business. I believe that the current percentage is about 95% of ALL people who buy a REI book/course NEVER buy a property. Of those 5% that do, only about 50% or so ever buy more than one. The percentage of people that actually make it to “full-time” investor is low. So yeah, you’re going to see that reflected in the REIA groups as well somewhat.

Just my thoughts,


I agree Raj some are good… I also agree that some sell way to much for way to much $$… I have not been to one in years. Got to go again I guess to network! That is the best thing about them is the networking sometimes!

Can I fly out and come to yours?

I find myself when I am in a REIA group meeting it is difficult to network when the whole meeting is for the guest speaker. Does anyone have any tip(s)?


Go early and stay late - that’s the key to effective networking at many REIAs. Obviously, there won’t be much networking during the speaker portion of the meeting, but before and after the meeting is when people are talking. I always try to get there at least 1/2 hour early and stay until we’re done talking - sometimes an hour after the meeting ends. Also - MINGLE. Don’t just find the other newbies. Move around and try to find someone or a small group that is talking about what you’re interested in. For example, if you’re interested in being a landlord, try to find out who the successful landlords are and talk to them. Try to get their business card and call them if they are agreeable - but DON’T WASTE THEIR TIME! Don’t ask stupid questions - basic things that you should know by reading a REI book or taking a basic REI course. Successful people are busy people. Most will be happy to help if they think you are serious, but they aren’t going to spoon feed you stuff you should have learned on your own.

Finally, remember that the REIA is YOUR organization. It is not a big corporation but rather an organization by and for local investors. If you don’t like the format or you don’t think you’re getting what you need, then change it and make it better.


Mike is dead-on with his post.

Our local meeting (CVREIA) breakdown is 6:30p - 7p is Networking, 7p - 8:30p is the the meeting. So, we give you thirty minutes before, but people still generally start filtering in about 6:15 specifically to network.

I’ve also been there as late as 11pm talking with people.

As I said, and propertymanager above, the REIA’s are generally only as good as, or as bad as, you want them to be.


Next time your in the NC area, let me know. Our meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month. Hey, if you want, I’ll even get you spot as a speaker :slight_smile:


Next time your in the NC area, let me know. Our meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month. Hey, if you want, I’ll even get you spot as a speaker

Is that as a speaker or by the speaker… Because if it is by the speaker I sat by one of them at a rock concert one night and my ears were ringing for a week!!

I would also like to check out the book.
When is it due out? Only way is through email?

It wasn’t due out for a while but since demand is so high, Robb is stepping up production. He told me it should be out soon, like 2-3 weeks.