take a mentor to lunch

By the way, Robb told me he’s only going to print a thousand in the first run and I know he’s got a BOATLOAD of pre-orders. If you’re worried about getting a copy right away it’s probably a good idea to pre-order.

Robb just called me and was excited that he only had 30 copies left!

I knew demand was HUGE but I didn’t know he’d sell that many so fast.

I am just loving this stuff I hear about how people are studying and learning but they are not buying. It is so true, I was one of them. In my experience it was the outright fear of failure that stopped me.

All those concerns about vacancies, tenants from hell, evictions, not being able to pay the mortgage… etc. Getting over those fears…THAT would be a good course. :slight_smile:


If someone wants motivational crap they can look in the self-help section. Nothing someone like Robb writes or anyone else will help them, even if their ideas are the best ones of the decade.

Where have you been? The Federal Government is involved…ever been involved with a Federal project?

No, of course you’re right…there’s no book. How do you think Robb got his island? Ripping YOU off for $28.74…


I told you, chico…he’s got your $28.74 and skipped town on it…with that kinda money, he probably got all the way to Pueblo,

What makes you think that he has an LLC in that name. I know for a fact that he has several LLCs…maybe he is incorporated under that name…maybe he’s listed he’s in another state…maybe he’s in Pueblo.

I’m not saying he is trying to cheat people out of $28, I’m just saying that maybe he is not as much of a big shot as he says he is, I know first hand

Hey Chico

where do you get off ripping Robb? How many deals did you do last year, last month, last week, or yeterday? I have meet him in person, and I can tell YOU he is not typing stuff on here from out of a book, he has forgotten more about REI than you will ever know


Maybe he took all the money and him and property manager went and bought that island they were talking about.

Why do you care if he’s a big shot or not? Mind your own a Get a life and do something with it. And stop bothering everyone else.

Give advice and help others, that’s what this site is for, not to degrade or discredit anyone. Alot of people look up to Robb on here for advice because he gives good advice and ALOT of it. Until you can prove he’s a fraud or anything else why don’t you keep your comments to yourself!!!


“Ain’t no sense in lookin’ down, Robb’s got your money and gone…”

hey look I could care less what Robb did with the money I just want what I paid for. Im not saying he or anyone else is a fraud I just would like a reply from him or my funds back. Your right it is only $28.74 but it is my $28.74 so I would hope he would at least shoot me an email to let me know why 3 weeks has turned into 4 and looking like it will be 5…


HMMM!!! very interesting. Again I’m not saying he won’t deliver, but it does make you wonder.


I wasn’t responding to you, and I didn’t say you called him a fraud, sorry if it seemed that way. I was responding to Chico.
But you will get your book, please be patient. Robb is honest and will deliver.


one of my first posts on REIclub was to tell some other newbie not to listen to every bit of crap (ie-advice) someone on this site gives you. There are some very knowlegable, helpful people here - and there are a lot of people who want to be investors but haven’t done a single deal, yet still throw out “from what I’ve read” advice. That is the worst advice you can get. It’s the blind leading the blind. I openly questioned REO about some advice he gave someone, and questioned his legitimacy. That started another of these 50 response posts. Robb afterwards was kind enough to spend about an hour of his time on the phone with me, and I can tell you beyond any doubt that if you ever talk to Robb, you will quickly be amazed at the freakish amount of knowlegde the man has and at his ability to get further outside the box than anyone you will ever meet. I understand you want your 28 dollars, and if things get hard enough on you, we’ll take up a fund to recover it for you, but think about it before you question a true expert who spends a lot of his time voluntarily helping others on this site.

Hell, if it’ll make the “high-pitched whine” stop, I’ll give you the $28.74! I personally know that Robb is good for it. It’s like being around my nagging ex-wife!


LOL!!! I agree 100% Keith, I’ll even throw in a few bucks with ya.

Listen guys Robb is good for it. I was one of the first to order his book and I’m still waiting too, I know in my heart it will be here soon. I’ve been waiting alot longer than most, and I’m not worried the least bit. Robb’s knowledge is well beyond the $28.74 and well worth the wait!!! BE PATIENT


yea, i’m waiting for my book too, but i’d never thought it wasnt coming or it was a scam, i just figured he was revising it still…

I ordered mine on Oct 1st, I didn’t recieve any email at all and didn’t know there was a wait. Based on all his post, i’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. Also i’m a newbie that has not answered any questions :wink:

Maybe some of you didnt hear what I said. I am not accusing anyone of being dishonest. I just would like to know how much longer. THAT’S IT!!! As I can see the only thing that Robb is guilty of is poor communication. That is not a slap for Robb but a fact. I understand he is busy, so are we all. When you purchase an item from Good Guys and they have to go to the back to get and the salesman tells you it will be 5 minutes and an hour and a half later you are still waiting you are going to start to wonder how much longer is the wait. The $28.74 isn’t anything. If it was I never would have spent it. Oh and I am not and wasn’t whinning, I was hoping that someone preferably Robb could tell me if it was going to be another week, two or maybe a month longer. Whatever the case I can wait I just like to know how long. so Robb I owe you an apology, I didn’t mean to stir up a hornets nest here.



I wasn’t directing any frustration towards you, it was all at Chico. I’m sorry if you took it that way, but nothing was directed at you, none at all.