Ron Paul Money Bomb today (May 5th)

God Bless you Ron Paul!!! I donated, and Deffinetly gonna get my vote!!!

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Looks like hes struggling a little bit to reach 2 million… probably will not get it. Hmm…

Ron Paul knows what he knows. If I break my leg I want Ron Paul right here, but if I break my economy I don’t want Ron Paul anywhere near the controls.

Ron Paul has never voted for higher taxes or more government control over YOUR MONEY. He puts the power with the person who OWNS the money, instead of the Government. Im sorry to hear you dont support people controling larger aspects of their own money instead of the more Government.


Bluemoon is likely in the 45+ age bracket. I’ve learned they can’t be reached. It’s not worth your time. Time is on our side though!

I was at a rally in Raleigh where Ron Paul was the man speaker a few months ago. We got there early, because I knew it would be packed. This place sat around 2000 people. It was shoulder to shoulder packed. It was 95% people under the age of 35.

The revolution is alive and well!

Until you reach the 45+ age bracket. :biggrin


I’m in the 45+ age bracket and Ron Paul is the only candidate I’ll vote for. He is the only candidate proposing a return to a government that actually follows the constitution. That would mean significant changes that are likely to hurt like hell in the short to medium term but lead to long term growth and prosperity. The rest of the candidates want to nibble around the edges without making fundamental changes to the way our government is run.

I find that most people say they love freedom but are actually afraid to be free. They want that government “safety net”. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that only the tiniest of safety nets MIGHT be there for them, and only then if they are absolutely destitute.

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for smaller government that follows the constitution and is actually accountable to the people.


10)% agreed. You said it best. We all must SHARE THE MESSAGE and inform people to vote for Paul though!

I just donated $50 to the campaign. First time I ever donated to a presidential campaign; I think its that important we elect someone who will focus on getting back to the fundamentals of what this country is based on. Thanks to John_in_NC for the link.


Ron Paul just officially announced his bid for Presidency! I think my $50 must have been the deciding factor.


The problem with Ron Paul is that he does not understand that the president is the president of all the USA not just the people that are smart enough to be Americans. You can’t look at the people that make dumb choices and say oh well he chose that path now let him figure it out.

Nice Job JMD! Thanks for donating! It’s pretty cool to hear this is your first time to donate to a presidental canidate. I bet this is more common than anyone else running.

I gave 2,012 dollars too! Something about that number sounded good.


Here is a great article Dr. Paul wrote last year that describes exactly how he would run the country as president under the “Rule of Law”. I believe he addresses the issue you brought up as well.

On the Federal Level, yes you can. Following the Constitution demands it. Power to the states. Its up to the states to decide if they want to nanny state their citizens, not the Federal Government.

If Indiana (my state) wants Health Care/Social Security/WIC/subsidized students loans, ect… let US, THE STATE OF INDIANA, choose to do it! We dont want the Federal Government making the rules for us!

The announcement:

Ha, I agree. Just like Donald Trump says 1:29 in Ron Paul has zero chance of getting elected. It’s a wasted vote.

Ron Paul reminds me of this one great, Harvard educated libertarian professor I did my honor’s thesis with. Everything he said made perfect sense and he had a perfect libertarian answer for any issue, but after I went to the Chamber of Commerce and tried to use those arguments for years I got slammed by everybody because they conflicted with everyone’s emotional connection to more mainstream roles of government involvement and distrust of the free market. Could they debate it? No, but their incorrect view still “felt” right to them. Most people love big government. Big government is not my personal belief, but that’s just the way it is and supporting a libertarian candidate like that is just a wasted vote. He’ll never get elected because libertarianism will never be mainstream. There’s just such a strong emotional connection to non-libertarian ideas that trying to conquer it is an exercise in futility.

The real problem with Ron Paul is that he believes the government should actually be limited to the government authorized by the constitution, and too many people find that inconvenient As I mentioned earlier, “I find that most people say they love freedom but are actually afraid to be free.” I also believe Ron Paul has a very hard uphill battle to be elected, but I also think a lot more people are scared and mad now at how our government has privatized profit but socialized risk to the detriment of the working class and are less willing to put up with the S.O.S espoused by the alternate candidates.

We are supposed to be a nation of laws as defined by the constitution. We have drifted sooooo far outside of those boundaries that I am not sure we can ever get back. It shouldn’t matter if people make dumb choices, the federal government should not be empowered to save them if that power is not specifically defined in the constitution. That is what the rule of law means. Unfortunately, too many administrations for too long have simply conveniently decided the constitution does not mean what it says and the supreme court has let it happen.

A vote for who you think is the best candidate is NEVER a wasted vote. According to Bluemoon06’s logic, all the people who voted for John McCain in 2008 or Al Gore in 2000 (?) wasted their votes because they had a zero chance of getting elected. I vote for who I think is best for the country (and always have), NOT for who I think is going to win. If you voted for the lesser of 2 evils you wasted your vote, even if that candidate wins.


So when Donald Trump announces his candidacy in June and runs (and has good chance of winning based on polls and mass appeal), you consider him an “evil”?

No, I consider him a carnival barker who’s only real interest is himself. I vote for the candidate I believe is best for the country, not the lesser of 2 evils. I won’t vote for carnival barkers either.

When there is no one on the ticket worthy of my vote, I write in a candidate.


Ok, so you think Donald Trump is an evil carnival barker. Got it.