Robert Allen

Has anyone taken part in Robert Allen’s mentorship program? He’s running a ‘special’ thing where he’s trying to make some millionairs in a year selling real estate. I’m looking for a mentorship program. He’s is $7000 for 2 years. Also, what about Peter Conti and David Finkel? I’d really like some feed back. There’s so many out there. I’m willing to do the work I just don’t want to get taken advantage of since I’m brand new. Thanks

Can you pay that after you have your fist profitable deal from his mentoring? :smiley:

Doubt it.

Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure I follow you. Is he a scam? Would you suggest a mentorship program? Do you think mentorship programs are a good Idea? Thanks.

I am sorry. I should have put that I was joking around.

I do not know this person. In general, I have issues with anyone asking for money up front when they are going to help you make money. Any money you put up should be your investment into a property.

If he was so good, why not take a % of property you do with him or hold the money as a deposit to weed out those not serious.

Fact is, people like this want to make money from the fees and don’t think you will make much and don’t care.

It is like a loan company asking for $500 in good faith before they loan you 200k. Huh?

So you pay 7500 or whatever. What is the guarantee you will get the job done?

I would not mind paying a mentor fee after the first deal was done. At least you know something was accomplished for the money.

Again, I don’t know this person.

Thank You.

“I’m willing to do the work I just don’t want to get taken advantage of since I’m brand new”

Umm I think if you are willing to hand some gasbag 7Grand in some sort of get rich quick mentorship scam. Than I think you should not get involved in Real Estate.

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. T

See, look at that. You don’t even have to know the person to know if it is a bad deal. Just look at how business is being done.

I love people who say they are so confident in the market and that you will make money YET won’t give you a guarantee or take the money after the fact.

Would it not make you more money to contract with someone, show them, and take a large % off their first deal or of the down they were about to use?

So called “Gurus” are a dime a dozen.

Hey Swirlaze. Thanks for saving my butt!!! What a great website. I do want to know about David Finkle??? I like his books. What about the rest of his stuff. Anyone?

i have to agree with the previous posts…

i’ve been tempted by some of these programs before too. but ask yourself: “what do these “gasbags” (as Dan so eloquently put it) do for a living?” did they make a bunch of money in REI? maybe. … but what do they do NOW?: 1) REI (where they made soooo much money?) or 2) sell you on dropping $7000 on a program.

if you look at it like that, i think it clears away some of the B.S.–if they made grips of cash in REI, WHY would they stop to sell these programs? also, if they really had tons of cash, wouldn’t you think that any decent person wouldn’t try to get $7000 from someone starting out who should invest that money in their first property? i would think they would want to give out free (or cheap at least) advice.

i hope that makes sense. just go buy some books from different guys on REI, and i think you’ll get some good ideas, and save about $6900!

Thank you for your advice. I have to agree. I will keep on reading. What do you think about working with some kinda coach to work you through a couple of deals. t

I say there is nothing wrong with having a mentor and giving them a good cut to guide you. You will be making less, or maybe not much, but the knowledge you gain can be priceless.

If someone was worth his or her weight, they would not charge some stupid fee up front. Of course, they would want you to meet some criteria too I am sure.

Perhaps a contract spelling out exactly what will take place.

this topic has been mentioned before on this very forum.

people, don’t waste money on mentoring. use the 7k to fund your first deal.

buy ron le grand stuff on ebay used for under $500. that should give
you enough info to get started without using any money/credit.
if you have a stable job, good income and good credit then you probably don’t have lots of free time in which case you need to modify your investments. try to get something under market and lease-option it.

read as much as you can. don’t listen to professional speakers paid by someone famous who have no background in investing.

Robert Allen licenses his name to another company who does the mentoring. you will learn nothing from him [except that its a great deal if you’re on the other end of the table]

Hey Kempertim-About Peter Conti and David Finkles’ mentorship program.I checked it out… they want $20k As for there books…There great.Keep reading them.


I live in New York City and it was in our daily news that Robert Allen was going to be in town and he was giving a FREE seminar. I knew he was going to try to get me to buy something because having space at the Hilton
is pretty expensive. I figured I would go because if I can pick up any real estate knowledge it would be worth the trip. (This was before I came across this site) I got into the hotel and a lot of people where there from various backrounds and I decided to get a front row seat because I brought his book “Nothing down for the 2000’s” and I was hoping to get
a autograph. First off Robert Allen PERSONALLY didn’t show up after they made you believe that he was going to personally show up, (Automatically that was a red flag) The person that DID show up was a representitive for Robert Allen. He was explaining how it’s easy to get into real estate and how successful he was. He was from Florida and he was closing on a transaction for 250K a few days after the seminar.

To make a long story short he was selling the Robert Allen course and he mentioned that it normally sells for 7000.00 but with a special price they are going to sell it for 3500.00 He said “Okay everyone can run to the back of the room and we will gladly take a check or credit card” When no one walked to be back of the room he actually got nervous and lowered the price more to 1450.00. Some people got up but I wasn’t one of them. If Robert Allen cannot come to his own seminar and sends some fly-by-night Real Estate “Guru” that probably don’t know any more about real estate then I do, (And I know very little…So far) why would I invest in his course.

Oh BTW I didn’t learn anything in the course either :cry:

Thanks for your story RolynP. Any input on this subject is sure appreciated. I put some offers down on a couple of houses with a friend of mine and I was thinking how reasuring it would have been to have had a mentor to help us. We didn’t get the properties…maybe that’s a good thing. Any suggestions on a mentor. I’ve been reading like a mad dog, but having someone to confide in whould sure be nice. KT

that is what this forum is for. share your questions and concerns and
someone will definitely help you out.

don’t fork over $$ to some infoprenuer who makes millions selling information and not by investing.

I’m a newbie still too, but I feel paying anyone a 4 digit number to be mentored on something thats not worth college credit or an industry standard training certificate is a big mistake.