Real Estate Gurus to Avoid!

Dear Investors:

I am one of those people that is very cautious before buying any product/service.Read the link

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks N GOOD luck

Wow! They have quite a list there.

One would wonder if that was their way of blackballing the competition?

Wow Mark we think to much alike!!;action=display;threadid=6707

Read my post!


They might have printed all these names to delete competition.True. The only reason why I wanted to share this info if that I have had a personal experience with 2 of those gurus. Full of sh** and swindled me of $ 12,000 I am still recovering.

I wish someone on CNN would just expose them. Save 100’s of people some money and stress.

I agree 100% with that as well.

12k let me guess Sheets and Allen I got to know am I close?

Oh my gosh…Robert Allen is one of them. You are good!

Wait till i get my hands on that guy…lol* (kiddin)

You heard of these 2 by any chance?

  1. Dwan Bent Twyford
  2. Nouveau Riche( John Piccolo)

Actually, Nouveau Riche is one of Robb’s favorites!




I’m curious how they swindled you?



How was ur experience working with Nouveau Riche? They are quite expensive though.

It’s nice to see that no one here made that list!


Have you heard of a Casey Cerni out of Chigaco. He runs a business called Homeowners Assistance Agency. Another name for his business is Foreclosure LMS.

For $1600.00 he has some manuels on the forclouser process and his business. He gives you a websight access for your clients to go to and there is an application page on the sight for the client to fill out.

Let me know if you have heard anything about this guy?

I do appreciate it.



There is yet another I have not heard of!

See the thing about dealing with people in foreclosure is to simply treat them like humans!

As far as the process it is a state by state issue not a nationwide process in some states like here in Colorado they have a 75 day redemption period. In IL they have 90 days… I do not think there are two States that are the total same.

As far as the lists go on some of the foreclosure web sites most of them are out dated the key to doing these properties are to get to the homeowners before anyone else has a chance. So get the list from your county as it comes out.

So with that being said I would not pay $1,600.00 for any program! It is all public information. And to see how someone else runs there business is kinda irrelevant as we all know there are not two people that run there business the same. With that being said if I wanted to invest $1,600.00 into knowledge I would honestly spend $500.00 on marketing and $1,100 to take a week off of your JOB and go to the counties and ask as many questions as I could to get a full understanding of the process in your area.

Hope that helped!

Good Post:

I had the same experience regarding Nouveau Riche. I did not meet the Jim Piccolo guy though.

Its just ridiculous to expect people with little money to pony up $16,000K for R2E2 Program( I ahve 2 turtles that I named R2 D2 by the way! he he)

What really surprises me is that the ‘mentors’ sell these packages to everyone are the ‘all knowing’ GURUS. So if the mentors have already gone through the R2E2 program, why the hell are they so desperate to sell YOU the program. If the program/system really worked, then they should be out there making deals happen. I suspect even one of them has done deals. They are just sales people making a paycheck by selling customers the programs. A mentor gets $8,000k for every $16,000k program that he/she sells to the customer.

Anyway, to each his own. The most Ive learned is through watching and learning from a friend, who is a full time investor in NY. If you know anybody who is a successful investor, just offer to assist them with general paper work,administration in exchange for learning the business. That worked best for me.

I have a cat named “G. Gordon Kitty”…




My cats are Chimmi, changa, chester, cheroo
Turtles are R2 and D2.

oK i HAVE NO IDEA why we are discussing pet names!!!

We have a cat named “RC” - short for Retarded Cat.
I think he spends too much time in the catnip.

It’s a shame that there are so many questionable gurus out there pitching high-priced schemes that don’t stand a chance for succeeding. Or they charge outrageous amounts for information that is readily available for free on the internet or in your public library. They prey upon the hopes and dreams of people who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. I don’t see how some of them can look at their reflections in the mirror. I guess they think that there is a sucker born every minute, so they will never run out of people to exploit.

But you just have to ask yourself, don’t you - If they are so good at making money at real estate, why aren’t they spending all their time doing this instead of running seminars and investing schemes? Where are they really making the bucks?

Follow the money.

That gurus to avoid site is open to anyone with a gripe. I wouldn’t consider it a viable source for this info. WHO ISN’T ON THERE?

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. My experience has told me that the ‘student’ won’t follow the path that the ‘guru’ lays out and then blames the guru for his failure. SNORE!!!


Both of the points you make are valid, Jeff.

Just posting a name there without a reason for doing so doesn’t give anyone else much to go on, does it? It would be much more illuminating if there was an explanation, a name and an email address required for the negative posting. That would cut down on the bomb throwers. Also, I would like to see the results of their “research” as to why they agreed with the complaints submitted. To be fair to them, there was a disclaimer at the bottom of the list.

I was surprised to see some of the names there. Others were not a surprise.

However, by your last statement, you are not saying that all the names on that list are unjustified are you? Are any of them names you would avoid recommending?

Consider this. If their names are on that website to begin with it is because they made some significant accomplishment using their respective plans.

As a Carleon Sheets student I have had what I consider to be great success with his program. And I could not have done it without his program.

I have networked with students who have had little or no success with the program.

I say, Did you pull your 3 bureau credit report and start your credit repair?
Well, No, I was looking at houses first.

Did you cash flow the properties before you look?
I’m not good at math.

Do you have your financial resources in order? Where your down payment may come from?
Oh I have the worksheet, I didn’t fill it out.

Are you pre-approved for a mortgage?
I was going to do that when I found a property.


They are not following the course. They just own the course. THEN, they tell their friends who don’t even own the course AND THE FRIENDS start bad mouthing the course.

I bought the course, I followed the course. I succeeded.

Go take an equity line on your primary residence to pay for your kid’s college. I will refinance a property and let the tenants pay for it. Yea, Carleton.

Great rant, huh?

No, Jeff, I think your pretty much on the money. Most of Sheets’ stuff will work (geographically dependant in some cases, though)…Most of the gurus provide a “track to run in” but folks start to stagger right out of the gate…

I have Sheets’ course (purchased cheaply on E-bay quite some time ago) but I still listen to it sometimes and it’ll work.

The secret? You not only have to apply the methods but you also have to apply yourself…folks are looking to sit in their self-made offices and have everyone feed them everything. We’ve had some folks like that here lately but I haven’t heard from some of them in a bit. They post, don’t get the answers that they like and then have a little “hissy-fit” and then we don’t hear from them again. Probably, that’s how their investment business will go, too. The folks that listen, get the “golden nuggets” from the prople that “know and do” and then apply them usually do OK.

A little rant of my own…and the ones with no guts and/or drive know who they are!