I am a seasoned investor considering the purchase of propsrtam software to limit my time($$) at the courthouse. I am finding it difficult to find reliable references for the software-seems everyone providing references is also selling the software. Any users out there? I am primarily interested in the accuracy of the data, and whether or not it is fresh. Sub-trustee listings that are three days old won’t do a thing for me. 'Preciate any comments!


Hi Kirk, I am not a seasoned investor (just a couple of houses.) We bought prop stream and I am not happy with it at all. I find it is hard to navigate - plus I personally do not find the info all that accurate. Many addresses I am unable to find - although I can find them on zillow, truila etc. Just my two cents worth.

The software provided inaccurate data, and support was poor. I could find similar information at or some of the other free sites, such as zillow.

I purchased this for nearly $2k at a Jeff Adams’ event because of their money back guaranteed offer at the time, and have been unsuccessfully trying to get my refund. It was difficult to get a response, but finally received instruction and authorization to return, but now I am empty handed with no software and no $2k. Still trying to get a response from their company.

Kirk, I purchased this software also as the others did and am not happy with it. I checked on 10 “new” foreclosure listings and found all 10 to be already sold. At $2000 and $29 per month it is not worth it. The Robert Allen software is also In-accurate

Where can I find out more about this program?


Seems WAY too pricey for what it is. You can get all the info from there from 2 sources for about 10% of the cost. The monthly cost to it is ridiculous as well. Spend that much for the product and then have to spend money for the monthly service TOO!?

no Thanks.

I was in a seminar this weekend and did not buy PropStream (luckily from the looks of these posts). Does anybody know of an alternative product that has similar features?

Thanks, Rock

I also bought propstream. Very difficult to use, technical help is unresponsive, data is outdated, and they do not do refunds after 7 days…so if anyone wants to buy the software let me know

I am not so aware of this software Pop Stream, And I think it requires updates also. Can any one give me some views about this software.

I Was fooled in to buying prop stream. The information I got online was 18 months to 24 months old. I have tried for 2 weeks to get some help or an explanation No one returns my calls or response to my e-mails. Looks like I got took again.
Robert Nickell, Texas

Hi. Kirk,
I am an investor, conned into purchasing Pro Stream. It took several days to obtain Windows for my computer then several days to learn the system. Then the information was old and useless to me as an investor. I could get no help from there support except that, that was the way it is. I filed a complaint of fraud with attorney general of Texas. Waiting for response. I suggest you do the same. I keep searching for a class action lawsuit I will join.

They are located in California. Why did you file a complaint with the AG in the state of Texas?

Did you get back any response?


I just purchased the product this month and am trying to return it. It was missing basic features as the ability to downline records to create a mail merge file.
Data was old and inaccurate. We’ll see if they let me return it.

I always think anything at that price level is a complete ripoff. I hate to see people getting taken for a ride like that.

Watch out! They engage in fraudulent business practices. I purchased PropStream and decided to return it. I followed their instructions and sent the material back. They claimed to have a 30 day refund policy. It has now been 34 days and I have not seen my money nor have I been able to talk to a live person about it after numerous phone calls!

Me too, and yes even now in 2010, I’ve also been swindled by Propstream and am interested in joining a class action suit. Please send me personal emails.

I purchased this back in April with a 60 day refund guarantee which was supposed to be recorded over the phone when I purchased it. I requested a refund and was connected to an automated cancel call.
I never received the refund promised by Leonard Doelling and disputed the charge with my credit card company. They said I only had 30 days.
This business is a fraudulant operation and buyer beware

I’m also interested in joining the class action lawsuit. Please send me info.

If you want Sub-trustee listings go to the court house each morning when they open and that way you will have a fresh list. Wait until 10: AM to go you get old data a smart investor has got the list and running with it by that time.

Does anyone care that most of the posters on this thread had never posted before? They created their ID’s for the sole purpose of slamming this “Propstream” company.