Preforeclosure Letters

Does anyone have a preforeclosure letter that I can use to mail out? Thanks.

There are a lot of people with these letters, but they just don’t give them out to anyone.

I sent you both one. Check your emails


I never received them.

can you please send them to me as well… I am in Texas an not in your area so don’t have to worry abotu competition…

Hey trbproperties…relax. John…besides the authorization letter you sent me (thanks much) I would welcome the pre-foreclosure letter as well. Continued success,


I don’t worry about competition, there is enough for everyone. If you market and network you will find deals. I need your e-mail to be able to send the letter.

Hi Nate,

Your welcome, no problem. Check your email.

Good Luck,

Could you please send me a copy of your letter too? Have you had a good response from your letters?

What type of envelopes do you use? Do you handwrite the addresses? Wasn’t sure if you ran tests for response rates for different packing/colors/wording/etc. Any words of advice about postcard as opposed to letters? If the person is in pre-forecloure they are getting lots of letters in the mail and may not even be opening them.

Sorry to ask so many questions … I just LOVE marketing!

Can you send me one as well??
I’m just beginning in this area of REI but have done a lot of flippings in the past. :wink: Thanks.

I don’t want to bother you but, is there any possibility for someoneto send me a sample of a pre-foreclosure letter.
Thank you so much.

Hi everyone,

John: I still haven’t received your e-mail regarding the preforeclosure letter. I would appreciate very much to receive your assistance.

Also, do you, or anyone else, have a preforeclosure follow-up letter? When I send out some preforeclosure letters and I don’t get a response after a week or so, I would like to send a follow-up letter that isn’t the same as the first letter that I sent out. Or, should I just send out the same as the first letter anyways?

check your email.

I need your email

I need your email too

Thanks John for the letter. You wouldn’t happen to also have a follow up letter as well?

Nope, sorry

I don’t mean to jump on the bandwagon here, but would it be possible for me to also get a copy of the letter?

Much thanks,


Dear John
I couldn’t receive and review yours yet.
Did you send the letter to my e-mail already?

John, sent you an email. Thanks

Your email is hidden!!!


Could I possibly get a copy of that Pre-Foreclosure letter? Thank you!!!