pre-paid cell question

Is it even necessary to have bandit sign calls go to a pre-paid cell? If so can you have a vanity number assigned as the cell phones number?

You can’t trace a pre paid cell, CE can call and threaten to fine you, only if they knew who you were.

What i do is use a Skype phone # and have the calls forwarded to my cell phone. If you use an online phone ISP and forward the calls you accomplish the same thing, but I would imagine it is cheaper.

can you have a toll free number assigned to the skype service?

I dont think that Skype offers 800 numbers. Do you do business nationally? I guess everyone has their own opinion about this, but I prefer to have a local number as I think most people want to do business with someone local rather than an 800 number. I think i only pay about 3 dollars a month for a skype number, you pay around 10 cents a minute for call forwarding I believe, but I have an unlimited usage account for an extra few dollars a month, as I also use Skype to make local phone calls. The quality has been great for me, and I have a cordless phone connected via USB so i can make calls using Skype as I do a normal phone. If you miss a call from someone you could even call them back on Skype as they wont be able to trace it as its a VOIP call.

yeah but I need a vanity number. And I want to be able to do bandit signs and not be fined.


What I am suggesting is using Skype, you wouldnt get fined because it isn’t traceable. I looked through the available database of what Skype had available and got a 3600 number… I think its pretty identifiable.

I’ve already purchased my 800 number.

It was a waste of money Ron. You didn’t need a vanity number. All you needed was
a voicemail or cell number with a local prefix. 1800 or 888 will kill your call
volume. People who call bandit signs call local numbers far more because they want
to deal with a person they believe is local not national. Since you already bought it, let us know how it turns out.

I have to agree with the previous post. Perhaps there is still a channel of marketing that lends itself to having an 800 number, such as a google ad or marketing to out of state landlords. But for signs I would use the local #.


I was under the impression that cell phones can get traced? Also, I went to K-mart today to check out the Virgin Mobile pre-paid phones and the guy said that they can still be traced. Something about a chip in the cell phones.


Unless you are selling nuclear arms, I doubt that the FBI will be involved in trying that hard to track you down. If you have a published number you are using, it is easy enough to trace. But find the owner of a prepaid number is alot harder, most likely CI is not going to go to much trouble in finding your identity unless it is a published number.

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Ron, use that 800 number for your national ads. Get the prepaid cell for your bandit signs. You want to establish your 800 number if you can, which probably doesn’t involve a lot of people seeing it used for something illegal.

Vanity numbers are good for radio advertising because people might be able to remember them.

If you are going to sell what you buy with the bandit signs, you will want to place ads nationally. Many investors buy out of their area, and you don’t want to forget to advertise for them.

Don’t be so sure that code enforcement thinks it is too much work to find you. Bandit signs don’t stay up for 15 minutes in my town, and they never reappear. That makes me think that local code enforcement has a vendetta against the signs and will do whatever it takes to keep them out.

So you are saying that it’s not worth using bandit signs?

you know why gurus promote bandit signs…They want a new investor to think its easy to make money in this business.

I have had some success over the years with bandit signs. You feel that bandit signs aren’t the best form of marketing for beginning investors?

Are you asking me? I don’t know I’ve never done them. I advertise in other ways. I’m considering adding them to my marketing.

You can have your 800 number forward to your skype number and your skype number forward to your cell…

I too think just any ole 800 is a waste of money… Youre requiring the viewer to remember 10 digits instead of 7… And vanity numbers are somewhat useless now that cell phones dont have number-alphabet conversions displayed.

My 800 is 877-877-1010 fairly easy however I have gone completely away from it…

I’m not a guru yet I’ve been using bandit signs for over three years, My mentors who are local investors aren’t gurus yet they use bandit signs and the wholesalers and investors here in Baltimore who uses bandits signs aren’t gurus either Michael. Bandits Signs are merely a marketing tool, it’s up to the person to be able to negotiate deals from the calls that come in from the signs. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a “guru” say “PUT OUT BANDITS SIGNS AND YOU WILL MAKE A TON OF MONEY”.Michael. Most wholesaling Gurus promote direct mail more so then any other form of marketing.