PPC or Organic SEO?

Which one would you go for?

I go for Organic SEO. Though it is the most time consuming, and the most tedious method of optimization for placement and rankings.
But if done properly, it can literally promote increased traffic and rankings for years.

It really depends on your target market, your budget, and what terms you want to show up for.

Organic listings have been shown to receive a far higher clickthrough rate. And, sometimes the work you do can last for a fairly long time. The exception to this is if you’re in a highly competitive field (like insurance), where other people might also be doing SEO work done on their site.

Do your homework for SEO. There’s a lot of snakeoil and outright incorrect information out there.

PPC, if done incorrectly, can be like opening your wallet over a drain. You need to be ready to spend a chunk of time testing, testing, and testing again. If you do this, you can definitely achieve a result. Normally for longer phrases that the big boys aren’t bidding on. If you don’t test, you’re going to be overpaying for keywords that don’t convert. Once again, how competitive your market is plays a big role. It is unlikely you’re going to see a decent ROI (or any) if you have to pay $1.25/click.

In both cases, you’re also going to need to look into testing landing pages and site conversion rates. PPC offers the advantage of being able to do this quickly. The downside is that when you stop paying, the traffic stops coming.

All in all, they both require a large time commitment to do properly.

If your business has a physical address, and largely deals with local clients, you may want to look into local search SEO. (Search on Google for it, you’ll get more information that I can provide here).

PPC is too costly. I would suggest you go for Organic SEO. However, sn SEO strategy is built up over time, it should reduce the cost-per-click price of a combined strategy. If a site ranks well for expensive terms, then you may be able to switch PPC bidding away from these terms and use the funds on covering other terms.

A mix is a good idea. 85% of Google users skips the PPC ads and look only at organic, however for decent SEO work to imrpove organic results you are talking about time and $$$.

Go with both, jump on the PPC to get some instant results and use organic SEO to slowly build up your profile on the web. Remember as well proper SEO (not just mass link spamming and such) effects all search engines and should also bring you in valuable traffic from where the link is.

If you’re not ranking well for keywords that are likely to convert in your market, use ppc to generate instant leads. At the same time start educating yourself regarding SEO so that ultimately you will rank for the terms you want and not have to use ppc. My .02

i’ll go for organic SEO ofcourse it’s more beneficial & less money

SEO is always the best way to go. Once you get your site indexed in to the search engines, you will be getting free traffic for life. Just make sure you keyword everything right. If you are using wordpress, make sure you get the cool SEO plugin “All in one SEO.” :bobble

If you got budget to spend and you know how to run a PPC program, I highly recommend ppc for faster results. But do not disregard SEO because it can also help to give you higher return of investments.

Good stuff. Most people that are interested in real estate are not also well informed in the IM world. When it comes to targeting keywords with your PPC campaign, you have to be very targeted, and this takes some testing etc… so as a newbie, you are going to have to spend some dough to get the ball running with a successful ppc campaign.

SEO’s results will not be immediate, but they will be more reliable and last for far longer, which is the perfect business model for any company: Excellent results with zero expenses.

Go organic - this way when you SEO you are actually optimizing your website. & your business simultaneously.

pay-per-click is really just advertising. When your money runs out, your ad goes away. you also risk your competitors simply clicking on your link and deleting your funds in the account.

organic SEO will stay with you. Once you’ve established a high ranking web-presence, consumers looking for you will find you, and you never have to pay any money unless you want to further increase your Google ranking.

Also a real estate company that has a dynamic Google ranking is worth far more than a comparable company with a low or no ranking (just in case you WANT or NEED to sell your company at some point)

Will go for organic SEO, slowly but surely! :biggrin

It depends on whether you can make a consistent profit w/ PPC. If you can, then you can quickly scale up. On the other hand, if the ROI isn’t there because the CPC is too high then organic SEO is the only way to go. Of course, if you can operate a profitable PPC campaign then why not add organic SEO. You could also try to geo target your audience. For example, here in Indianapolis, Indiana I might try to add the term “Indianapolis” to my primary keywords to get more targeted traffic.

Go with PPC. I’ve bought few houses using PPC, and when I turn off PPC I hardly get any hits.

Basically, to ascertain what’s better pay per click or Organic? I would test both first and then measure the return on investment That is the only true way you would be able to tell what’s better.

Organic SEO Would be the best to get stable results. As In PPC you will have to pay for Clicks and In SEO you need to pay for Google Ranking results. Yes, it is true that PPC will give instant results, but once you will stop paying for PPC then you will not get any conversion and once you will reach on page 1 by Google Organic SEO, then it will help you to get good return and you will stay there until the strong competitors don’t come up.

If you were running PPC in conjunction with Organic SEO this hit would not be as significant, and furthermore, you could quickly “buy” your way back into the search results and pick up pretty much where you left off until your natural rankings recover.

You should concentrate on optimizing your website to attract the people in the area you are trying to target so that you can dominate the local searches. Organic is better and easier you just need to employ someone who has mastered the seo strategies and techniques that will quickly and cost effectively get you to the top of the search engines.

As far as I’m concerned, Google is a monopoly with only gad flies at it’s door and that’s a dangerous place for all of us.
We work at both strategies and now we show up almost equally well with PPC and organic but, it’s a huge amount of work to keep up with it. Google says to make your web site what you want it to be and don’t make it just for them but as soon as you go your own way you’re in danger of losing page rank or wasting huge sums of money because you’re out of compliance with some internal arcane concept they came up with without asking we the people who pay of we think it’s a good idea.
Building a web site and making it search engine friendly these days is like teaching to the test in No Child Left Behind. You might even pass the test but hwat really have you lerned or produced.

I was outraged when I first heard about ppc about 9 years ago and everything I din’t like is worse than ever. It’s a ridiculous sytem and the costs and complexities go up everyday and leave good people in the dust. The internet is still a baby and I hope it grows up soon.