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Bristol, PA and Philly Buyers, I need your criteria and housing preferences so that I can supply you with houses at HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE PRICES! Let’s build partnerships!

Is there anyone that own any properties located in the fishtown area of Philly? I have several buyers that are in need of properties in this area asap. Please let me know.


We have GREAT low $ properties in Pottsville, Allentown, Reading PA. Let us know if you are interested in the details.

484 896 8359

PA (Pittsburg) Investors: House will be going to sheriff sale well below market value.

Sale date set for May 7th. Property address: 1634 Seaton St, Pittsburg, PA 15526

Worth showing up to bid on this one!

My flat fee MLS website is generating leads nationwide now. I would like to create a mutually beneficial working relationship with a broker in PA to host referred MLS listings.

You will get a fee for each listing hosted and the exposure and buyer calls associated with a listing. Many of these clients will be buying a house once they sell, and they will know your name and you will have gained trust with them.

Looking forward to working with you. Thanks!

Im trying to expand my business so I looking to invest in another state so if there are any slient investor
That are willing to partner with me in rehabbing old
homes ,fix &flips please contact me

I am wondering if i need to have a LLC before I start investing? I am new to this business and am looking for any advice I can get.I am particularly trying to invest in the Wilkes- Barre Pa area. If anyone has any information or advice I would really appreciate it.

No you don’t need a LLC to get started,but whenever you start making money it’s best to get one then.

Hello to all! I just moved here from GA and I’m trying to get my foot in the door of real estate investing. I just turned 25 and want to start my investing early in life. I’m game for any form of knowledge and advice. I would love to have a good mentor to help me learn some ins and outs of real estate. I look forward hearing form everyone and the best of luck to everyone in their life goals.

Hi Pennsylvania page!
I’m Tonya & I’m currently investing in properties in the Scranton, Wilks-Barre area. Anyone wish to reach out to make a connection-great!

Hello Philly Investors,

I’m looking to venture in that area and need information regarding auctioning of properties in a control contract environment. Please PM me. Thanks.


I am looking for a title company or attorney that would close my deals Sub2, Wholesale or Land Contract. Mainly Sub2 deals.

I checked the RIA site but nothing was near by. So far when I’ve been calling Title companies they’ve all turned me down. Most important is one that will close the Sub2 deals. An investor friend of mine in Philly has a Title Co., but when I called them they said they wouldn’t do it in my area because it’s too far.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


Hi! My name is Chris, I’m looking for investors and Real Estate Associates who are interested in Pre-selling Office Space and Pre-selling Condominiums, For more information please feel free PM me, thank you and have a great day ahead beer

Hello everyone! I have a lot of investing experience (outside of real estate) and have done a lot of research on real estate, just have not done any transactions outside of personal use. I’m looking to partner and learn from someone who has more experience with this than myself and learn in the field. Is there anyone out in the forum that is looking to partner on some local Maryland/Pennsylvania deals and possibly do some live rehabs/flips in the field?

Thanks for any help and/or support that can be provided!


My name is Prashant. I have been investing in the Philadelphia market for the last 5 years. I am looking to expand and would like to find a partner. Looking for someone with simiar goals and capital to invest. Would like to continue investing in buy and hold properties. Would like to get into flips to generate capital to purchase larger residential buildings. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me and we can discuss this further.

Thank you,

Hi all, My name is Summer and I am a new real estate investor. I am starting out with wholesales and I am focusing more south central (Fulton/Franklin) Pennsylvania for right now but have looked at putting a few homes in Harrisburg under contract so, feel free to contact me via PM for additional information. I look forward to building some long lasting connections on here! Have a wonderful weekend!

Hi all,

My name is Chadd and we buy houses in Central Pa. I am a cash buyer and also a wholesaler. Yes I do both…what determines whether I wholesale a property or buy it depends on the location and the deal.

Let me know what deals you have, and we can get them done.



My name is Jimi Klopp from Reading PA, I invest primarily in Eastern PA for any one who would like to network with me.

My name is Jason Izzi. I am always looking for properties in the following Counties: Berks, Chester, Lancaster, and Montgomery. I am also looking to connect with anyone that wants network. Have an awesome day…