Osama's Drilling Ban Sends Rigs and Jobs Overseas!

The gulf state didn’t need the jobs anyway! Am I right?



In our great country the name of the President is President Obama not “Osama”, so you must be confused. A little background will help you out.

“Osama” Bin Laden is the founding leader of the militant Islamist organization al-Qaeda. This organization is a terrorist group that has killed thousands of innocent people, including many Americans.

Surely his organization smiles and gloats when our President is referred to as “Osama”. This probably even goes so far as they use their terrorist money to pay people around the United States to post on messages boards comments related to misnaming our President hoping it will confuse people and keep “Osama’s” name recognition alive.

Just so you know who the terrorists recruit and who the real Americans are that love their country even though it has some problems.

John $Cash$ Locke

PS: Politics and Religion, two areas the wise person does not openly comment about unless they are prepared to take the wrath.

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Yes still out there, as a matter of fact this was my second post of the day. A new person on the board needed some help on understanding Bird-Dogging, so I gave him the facts.

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Osama Bin Laden is totally irrelevant in the USA today. His bunch of radical muslim terrorists hasn’t done anything to the USA compared to Obama. Obama is INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY AND OUR WAY OF LIFE! Hundreds of thousands of Americans have fought and died to protect our freedom and our way of life. ONE SOCIALIST PRESIDENT has done more to destroy that than all the enemy soldiers and all the Osama Bin Laden’s in history!


I am one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have fought for our freedom, Viet Nam era United States Marine Corps veteran.

I believe in my country, however I will not compare our President with a known terrorist group. He had a tough job coming into office and I am sure along with others is trying to resolve the majority of problems handed to him by the last administration.

Any American worth their salt would be offering solutions to any current problems rather that just complaining about them, write your congressman or senator with ideas that you feel will help America.

Posting that Obama is worse than Osama and trying to compare them to one another is absolute nonsense.

You will gain more respect by giving ideas on how to help America. I don’t know who is feeding you the propaganda that you post, but take a step back and look at what you can do to help America, not destroy it.

John $Cash$ Locke

I thought a state judge overturned this ban anyway.

I thought a state judge overturned this ban anyway.

Yes, a judge overturned the ban. Then, the Socialist in Chief appealed that decision to a 3 judge panel. The 3 judge panel ruled against the Socialist in Chief a second time. The Socialist in Chief is trying a THIRD TIME to institute the ban. That’s why the rigs are leaving.

Bush was incompetent during the aftermath of Katrina and was soundly criticized for it. Obama has not been incompetent - he has INTENTIONALLY blocked efforts by the states to clean up the spill and has INTENTIONALLY banned drilling (which has proven safe for decades). He is also INTENTIONALLY destroying jobs in the Gulf States by causing these rigs to leave, while at the same time giving $2 BILLION to his friend Soros to drill in much deeper water.

He had a tough job coming into office and I am sure along with others is trying to resolve the majority of problems handed to him by the last administration.

He is NOT trying to resolve our problems, he is INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy our country using the Cloward and Piven strategy.

I believe in my country, however I will not compare our President with a known terrorist group.

And yet our fine socialist president is good friends with a KNOWN and admitted terrorist Bill Ayers - (the same Bill Ayers in whose living room Obama’s campaign for president was launched).

You are like a dog chasing its tail…Ayers, Coward, Pliven, Ayers, Coward, Pliven…You are wasting a lot of your time looking for a bogeyman under the bed.

Good job on using the President’s correct name in your last post! :beer
I knew you could do it.


I know that you like to attack the messenger FO. After all, it’s in the socialist bible - “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. However, the question for you is whether ANYTHING I’ve said is factually wrong. Isn’t Ayers an admitted terrorist? Didn’t The Terrorist in Chief start his campaign for President in the living room of this KNOWN TERRORIST? Isn’t Barack HUSSEIN Obama following the Cloward and Piven Strategy? Hasn’t The Socialist in Chief decided to surround himself with admitted socialists/marxists/communists? Can you point to anything to refute the facts I’ve posted? ANYTHING?

Pit bulls attack and kill other animals every year…Pit bulls are ruining this country!


This is like arguing with a CONCRETE WALL. :banghead

My favorite is his complaint about paying his PROPERTY TAXES last week!!!

That he paid with his GOVERNMENT HAND OUT SECTION 8 money!!!


Propertymanager is right that Obama is destroying the country. Every president is destroying the country. The only way to move the country from where we are to where we are going is to destroy the old and move in the new. You destroyed your wife’s parent’s perfect family by taking their lovely daughter and moving her out of their home and into your house and making her a housewife when you married her. A few years ago you destroyed a great successful third grader when you took them out of their nice comfortable class room and put them into a new scary fourth grade class room…it is called progress. It is not good or bad it is the circle of life.

The USA is not what it was and is not what it will be. We are moving ahead and it can be scary.

Wow, I just read this article. i am surprised that propertymanager hasn’t addressed it yet. It has refers to that Cowyard he has been quoting. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,172154,00.html

I would agree with you except on one point…

NO ONE destroys a family by ADDING TO IT!!! It’s DIFFERENT, not DESTROYED…With those changes come GREAT THINGS…Like GRAND CHILDREN, aunts, uncles…in REALITY, a much STRONGER FAMILY emerges.



If that article has it’s facts straight…WE COULD BE IN VIOLATION of EPA laws RIGHT HERE!!!

I’ve been seeing a lot of BOVINE GAS here lately! :beer

Thanks for posting that article Mdhaas. If that doesn’t symbolize EXACTLY what’s wrong with the country, I don’t know what does. Our socialist government wants to control every facet of our lives - including what we eat; the CO2 we exhale; and the number of animals we own! That might be ok with FO and FDJake - BUT IT IS NOT OK WITH ME!

Pit bulls attack and kill other animals every year...

Are you getting this nonsense right out of the union newsletter FDJake? I post pertinent articles and when you don’t have any logical article, you post nonsense. This story was about The Socialist in Chief destroying American jobs and you respond with some nonsense about pit bulls. Is the firefighter’s union for American jobs being destroyed? Do you personally think that Obama giving $2 Billion to Soros to drill in deep water while banning drilling here is a good thing? Any comments about the actual topic?

It’s as PERTINENT as 90% of the SLOP you post here and was a GREAT EXAMPLE of your RIDICULOUS RANTS here.

Hey…Are you still sticking with your NUCLEAR OPTION prediction for the GULF OIL LEAK SOLUTION???

I’m just keeping track of ANOTHER one of your BLOWN PREDICTIONS!!!

Keep up the good work!!!

Hey....Are you still sticking with your NUCLEAR OPTION prediction for the GULF OIL LEAK SOLUTION???

Using a small nuke to stop an oil leak has been done successfully several times by the Soviets. If all other options fail to stop the oil leak, yes - I think the US will use a small nuke to try to stop the leak. That seems like a logical step considering that it has been done successfully in the past.

You like to make things seem so DRAMATIC by capitalizing “NUCLEAR OPTION”, but in light of the fact that it’s already been done, it’s really not that dramatic. Good try though.


It’s my CAPATAL letters that make setting of a NUKE in the GULF Dramatic… :banghead :banghead :banghead

That was a BRILLIANT statement. :banghead :banghead

It's my CAPATAL letters that make setting of a NUKE in the GULF Dramatic.....

I think it’s CAPITAL. Keep trying.