rent, repair, rent, repair, rent, repair, etc, etc, etc


Telecommunications Manager…


Raise wheat and cows


I get high for a living…

Airline pilot what were you thinking? ??? ??? ???

Farmer, until all the land is developed into houses, if you can’t beat them you might as well join them.

<<Do I see a pattern here? >>

Yes…Mike’s a slumlord and we’re all his little crackheads!!


I am not a slumlord.
I am not a slumlord.
I am not a slumlord.
I am not a slumlord.
I am not a slumlord.
I am not a slumlord.
I am not a slumlord.
I am not a slumlord
I am not a slumlord.
I am not a slumlord.
I am not a slumlord.


Sure, Mike…neither is Al Gore! At least you know where most of your properties are!

Telecom Consulting…

Computer nerd by day, money counter by night

Rich- Money counter for an armored carrier service?

Store- I handle all the incoming cash, count the cash drawers, etc.

Must be quite the store to have a designated money counter.

Large grocery store (95k sq ft). Any reasonable sized store generally has people that handle all of the cash drawers etc. Generally in my store there is someone on in the morning until mid afternoon, I come in during the evening hours and finish out the day. Total of 26 registers including self scan and ones that are in speciality depts like our in-store pharmacy. Our store is pretty busy now so I generally am pretty busy when I am in the cash office. Its only going to get worse, one of our big competitors is closing and we are also launching an industry changing promotion (all in one week) so its going to get interesting.

Also, when I am not in the cash office I am supervising the front end (where the registers are). It can be a hectic job but its just a part time job until I get myself on my feet in RE, helping me pay down some of my debts and such now.

They usually count the cash in little rooms in the back with peep holes (like the ones on apartment doors) in them. I had a friend that was a district security manager for a retail company that had those rooms. What he used to do is go into one of his stores and go over to the counting room and put your finger over the peep hole so they couldn’t see who was there and knock on the door. If they open the door, they got fired.

Ours actually has a window on the door and another window to look out on the other side, both are mirrored so they aren’t too easy for someone to look into.

Ok, I had to finish laughing before I could click on reply…

I am an investor, but as far as what I do for a living, I try to stay in the thick of things. I am a licensed home inspector and a licensed real estate agent. The inspection business is my own, and I have an S-Corp for it. On the real estate side, my license is sponsored by a company that manages about 350 properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Come May, I will have my broker’s license, and things will change a bit. However, having both licenses helps me stay on the front lines with investors and dealing with the issues they face every day while helping create a win-win situation for everyone involved. I currently have two rental properties, but I will probably pick up one or two a year for long term holds.

Lee Warren

I have a quick question, how do ya’ll, those with fulltime jobs, handle being a real estate investor and working 8 hours, 5 days week?

I haven’t quite started yet, but the logistics in my head are difficult to put together, i guess.