North Carolina

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Chapel Hill area – looking to gain investing knowledge!

South Eastern North Carolina

Investment strategy is to buy and hold for rent and lease/options.

Looking for any advice professionals are willing to share.

If I can help please feel free to PM me.

I am a investor who lives in Eastern north Carolina looking for Cash buyers i have several properties that i can wholesale in my area for well below marketvalue.Most of these properties are in the wayne county area by seymour johnson air force base.please pm me or Email me

Invester in Charlotte and the surrounding area looking for rehab and whole properties. Close quick and pay cash.

I am a Wholesaler in the triangle area looking to expand his buyers list. Cash buyers please shoot me a an email and we can discuss your preferences. Thanks

Good afternoon I’m Kevin from Charlotte, NC i’m really GREEN in the RE investing business. I am looking for help from any mentorships or knowledge that could be gained from successful Investors. I have sent dozens and dozens of posts and emails to all invetors/people in the business to get off the ground. I am reading books and cd’s that I have gathered from a couple workshops/seminars. I am looking for help to get to the next step guidance and support WITHOUT and upfront fee. I am willing to split deals, help with your deals, whatever it takes. If anyone has any help or guidance or is willing to take a passionate person please let me know thank you for reading and have a blessed day.

I am new to the group and I was looking to post this comment somewhere and was unable to find where. I am very new to RE Investing and I have sought after MENTORSHIPS. I found one here close in Chalotte, NC. We have a talked back and forth about me becoming one of his students/trainees. I expressed to him repeatedly that I do not have any upfront funds to start my business. He has expressed interest in waiving the $2,000.00 and putting it into my first deal. I have no problem with that, his stipulations are that we are partners on every deal with a 50/50 split for a term of 12 months? He is wanting me to sign a contract for those terms is this a good deal for me? Can you please assist me in making the right decision or decisions? I know that I could probably do this on my own in time with tons of mistakes and money lost. So I can considering this very heavily. I do have the contract that I could send if someone could review it. I appreciate any help here in guiding me. He is wanting this contract back A.S.A.P. He was not going to help me because of the NON-UPFRONT cost of $2,000.00 but he has since reconsidered. I just don’t know if this is a good deal and the length of term. PLEASE HELP. I am very serious in making Investing my career and am extremely passionate about pursing it. If there is somewhere to post this let me know I just couldn’t find where to open up a topic. Thank you so much.

Sense you are just learning you should jump up and down that he is giving you 50/50 split.

thank you for replying to my message. So you are in agreement of the 50/50 split and a 12 month contract? I guess my problem is how often is he going to help? He is local but the way the contract is written it seems like it will be mostly email contact back and forth. He did waive the $2,000.00 upfront cost but it will come out of my first deal. I just am apprehensive of how much info will I gain? I haven’t met this guy, it’s just been a phone call and email back and forth. Has anyone else signed a contract like this? Are you happy with it? Is this a good idea? Yes I am new but I have taken one month to really educate myself, no deals yet. I just don’t want to be stuck paying someone half of my deals guessing on his committment. Can anyone give me some real, true advice here. Thank you.

I am trying to find investors that want to get involved with low-income housing investment properties. Please private message me if interested. Thanks

I have a many Investors looking to purchase in the Charlotte area between 25-50 properties a month. These houses they intend to flip are in certain zip codes and I can give you all the information when you email. They are looking from $30,000-$150,000 at 50-60 cents on the dollar. If you have a abundance of properties and cannot get rid of them or have no buyer get a hold of me. This could be a repeat business opportunity for you and I. I will co-list the property with you or work something out for a WIN-WIN situation. If you are a great BIRDOG, wholesaler, investor, house for cash, ETC ETC. Get a hold of me A.S.A.P. This is a serious buyer and he is looking to move fast. Any and all deals will be looked at and considered. My name is Kevin please email me your contact info if you can provide properties FAST. Please don’t waist my time and I will do the same. Good Investing thanks Kevin

Hey All

Alex from SC and NC play in both markets. Been a while since I been on any USA forums. We been selling to international clients for last few months.

Love to talk real estate



I am a new investor in the Greensboro area. Can anyone recommend an real estate attorney and title company?

I have a pending wholesale deal. If you have any help an attorney and title company it would be appreciated. :smile

What countries are the international clients coming from? I happen to live in London England.

I grew up near Raleigh. I’m looking for someone who has a tri-quad plex new the NC chapel hill campus. Thank you.


Hi I am Heather from the Charlotte area… began Real Estate investing this year. I am looking for a CPA that understands both the buy and hold and flip strategies to do my books.

Checking from the fabulous “Queen City” better known as Charlotte North Carolina. Looking to come here to pick up some new tips and add useful advice when possible.

Hi, my name is Charlie and i live in Winston Salem NC. I am looking for a rei mentor in my area. I am willing to split deals with mentor to pay for his/her services. Please email me to discuss options.

Hello All,

I am an investor in the Charlotte area. I am looking for investors for a deal I have put together for 2 properties in Salisbury. One is a SFR (3bd/1.5bth) and the other is a duplex (2bd/1bth - each unit). Both have tenants. We are holding both properties in an LLC and are looking to sell up to 50% of the equity and income to interested investors. This is a great way for beginning investors with limited cash to get started in real estate investing.

Contact me if you’re interested.