NO B.S Buyer Finding (No Guru will tell you this)..Best Tactic Hands Down


Want a new method for finding buyers, that you CAN’T get from any GURU anywhere?

It’s a tactic I have used for years and it’s a playoff of the reverse cowgirl that I put in another post. Except this time you don’t need to deal with pain in the a$$ realtors (i’m a realtor by the way, but I do understand) that won’t return calls. Are you ready?

  1. Go to the HUD website for you state.
  2. Go to the Bid Statics page and write down the addresses every week of homes that have sold to investors. They will be the Non-owner occupied homes.
  3. After a few weeks these deals will all be closing.
  4. Go to your tax records and find out who bought them.
  5. Contact those people.

This method cut’s through the B.S because you will be tracking Non-Owner Occ sales. Which are investors, which will make you lots of money.

Best of all once you start tracking you will have a fresh updated list of the newest buyers every single week.

great, ima try this. Realtors are a pain, i email 10 of them and only 1 or 2 email back, from that those 1 and 2 realtors just stop emailing me all of a sudden , screw them. Ima try this method

ERIC, Great tip for finding buyers. Now since these buyers know where to look why do they need us the wholesalers??? Herbster

Because a good deal is a good deal. An investor is going to buy a good deal where ever he can get it as long as the numbers work. They don’t necessarily need us in the sense that they can’t do business without out us. But if someone emailed you good deals on a regular basis why would you say “Oh I’ll get my own”

On top of this the investor is already getting the house at a steep discount and he doesn’t have to go out and do all of this time consuming stuff to locate the deal. The deals are emailed each week right to his/her inbox.

Thanks Eric!

Good point Bashir…finding deals is work and time consuming.
Well at least it is for me and if someone came to me and said look at this pretty deal I have you all nice and shiny.
I’d prefer to sit back and just get emails and if the numbers work do it.

Let someone else do the work for me.

p.s. I’m taking applications…

Hey Eric,

I went to the hud site… I can’t find the bid page. Can someone point it out to me, please.

All the best,

Click your posted link.
Under quick links select buy a hud home.
click go to requested page.
Click Ohio at the bottom.
You’re there, enter information and search.
Bid results.

where does it say NOO?
Or are all HUD sales NOO?
I can’t tell if an investor purchased the prop or not.

go to the very bottom of the search criteria where it says property type and pick “investor”


All the best,

This is the page the links take me to. I don’t see anywhere I can search for “house by type” or investor.

All the best,

Slim, go to bid statistics,
pick a town, Cleveland maybe eh!
Green homes are offer accepted.
Yellow are still active, open for bid still.
Under catagory I see o/o or inv
I think thats owner occupied and investor.
You’ll still need to run a reverse look-up.

Thats what I see o/o or Inv so how do you know an investor picked it up?
I don’t see a selection for investor anywhere.

Once a property is sold you can run a public records search on the address. Note though after closing it will some time for the county clerk to update the information. Once there you will see who bought it or what entity. If its someones name then it may be an OO or small time investor. If its an entity LLC, Trust, Co. etc then its an investor. Now run a phone no. or address seach. Herbster

From my experience about 95% of homes that get bid on 10 days after the original list date are purchased by investors…

In most cases when HUD lists their homes only “Owner Occupants” can bid on the homes for the first 10 days, after that it opens up to a daily all purchaser type structure…

Basically if an owner occupant was going to buy they usually buy within the 10 day time frame…From that point out it’s all investors…

I hope that clears things up a bit

If you are in pretty good with a title company, you can do this even easier.

Call up your title person, ask them to lookup buyers who have bought multiple properties and do the reverse lookup from there. We found one of our largest investors by this method, he is buying 75-100 houses per year.

Good luck,

I can’t find the link for the state of Georgia

So if the mailing address doesnt match the taxing address, that means it is an investor?? what if the mailing address is over in Oklahomawhile the house is in Missouri.
Example i found 10+ quick matching mailing address said to live in Oklahoma, but the houses that i searched are all in my area in Saint Louis Missouri. Does this still mean they are investors that live in OK while buying houses in MO??

Modify: I actually googled this mailing address and found out that it was where the actually hud company was at…makes sense now. What am i doing wrong?

Yep different mailing addresses from the property that your looking at means that the home has been purchased by an investor…So in that case…Yes, they would be out of towners…Which I have made a TON of money from.

Good luck
Eric Medemar