Newbie Emergency!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know what I did wrong but I put the following message on craig’s list:Cash For Your House
No Brokers, No Banks, No Problems!
Fast Closing!
Money in Your Hands!
We Are Not Real Estate Agents
Will Take Houses In Any Condition!

I Also offer $500 To
Anyone Who Brings Me Leads!

This morning I recieved this message: sent for investigation to the
State Attorney General

What Is wrong with what I posted?

Someone is messing with you.

Yeah, probably just a jealous real estate
agent seeing that you’re cuttin’ in on their turf.

Last I checked though, craigslist is fair game.
The agents just got a wild hair, thinking they
run things there.

Don’t worry about it,
Investors need to think outside the box and it freaks out the status quo.
Some one will ALWAYS want to tell you " you can’t do that". Good Job on your add …I think I must poach it for my area… Thanks.
I have had a lawyer cc the attorney general on the letter he sent me because his client didn’t like my company name…can’t and won’t please them all. You have got to be used to it as an investor.
Not that you are on the wrong side of the law, but people with no idea how investing works will tell you “no” or “illegal” when they should be saying “teach me”. I get calls from Irate Realtors, idiots, lawyers, the head of the local MLS, The local Housing Authority all asking questions with the tone that I am doing something illegal. Not so Batman !!
Can’t wait to air my TV commercial…then the billboards. I will really see the goof balls come untaped. As independant investors working from …home… “they” feel we have no legitamacy until we have huge developement company’s.
My attempt is to put a positive face on the act of helping motivated, desperate sellers. Although The bandit sign thing doesn’t help much. But, who cares any way. Not the attorney general.Craigs list adds like yours are not even going to get past the spam filter at the Local Law office Have fun !

You say you got a message…how and from whom?

I got the message from a regular e-mail address. I don’t think I should give it out but I would like to :biggrin

Was it from George Bush?

He can’t type, spell or read so most likely it wasn’t from him.

where are you investing

I am in Southern California

I wouldn’t worry about it. The complaint should have been sent to the California Department of Real Estate (DRE).

LOVE THE COMMENT!! too funny! :beer

Well, he certainly can’t spell “kwit”.

what state are you in

Birddogging is illegal in some states. Yours may be one of them.

Can you name a few of the states?

Yeah…but he was smart enough to beat the “best and the brightest” of the Democratic Party not once but twice, to graduate from Yale AND Harvard (could you even get in?), and Rich, he’s even your “home boy”…


He was able to with all his family connections, but still not play a persuasive role.

…and which of those schools were YOU admitted to and when did you serve at the White House?

Wait, wait, what point are you trying to make? That him being admitted to those schools shouldn’t allow me to disapprove some of his decisions as president? That sounds like an elementary way of arguing.

Like I said, it was probably on grounds of his connections through his father that he even got admitted to those schools and into the White House.

Which of those schools were YOU admitted to and when did YOU serve at the White House?