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I agree more ideas lead to a creative business. I am a contractor and have been interested in real estate investing for a few years now. Although I have not successfully completed an investment I have build many homes and commercial properties. I have decided to focus more on being a contractor for investors than to do real estate investments. Well we will see I guess if there is a deal to good to pass by I may consider. I would consider even getting into a partnership investment.


I am in NY as well on long island in Nassau/Suffolk county me and a friend are starting out together, we need the entire team, contractor, attorney, agents, broker etc Build it are you in NY as well. If you are where are you located. Would love to connect and network together.

You never know.


Hi I am in NY too, I am in NYC. I am looking for other investors to team up with and do bussiness together. I have a lot of knowledge but few skills. I am looking for deals outside of NYC and I am willing to travel and put in leg work!!! So let’s brainstorm get the ball rolling :help

Not in New York But will team up with other investors,wholesalers feel free to hit me up any time… Im in the Arkansas area, Would love to matermind put some deals together an make some good Robert DeNiros… :smile

Can we get a Canada section?

lol until then this is the closest state to where i live.

Looking for partners, mentors!

It’s up now. Sorry for not including it to begin with. Thanks.

Hello All,

I’m a new investor jumping into lease purchasing, I’ve been working with a mentor and I’m about to hit the ground running at the beginning of October. Looking to network with other investors/bird dogs/agents to find leads, do bussiness and expand my business quickly!

Newbie here, looking forward meeting new friends and associates. :biggrin

Hey Everyone,

New to this forum.

Looking forward to a time of great networking.

Hi Everyone i am new here looking forward to learn alot from this community

My name is Ryan.

Glad to have found this site.Anticipating greater interaction in this forum.

Hi, My name is Gary and I invest in Real Estate with My Partner Jeff. We officially started Investing in Real Estate since May 2012, Currently Our first deal is set to close around Mid October of this year. We also came across an SRO Property in Brooklyn that We are trying to market, We wholesale properties and understand the fundamentals and dynamics but as far as this SRO goes We would appreciate some extra advice and wisdom as far as marketing or any referrals to buyers motivated to buy SRO properties and invest in SRO properties. We look forward to setting Our Plans and Accomplishing Our Goals in this forever changing Real Estate field. We would like to see Our team build up with different Networks like legal,Motivated Buyers,Motivated Sellers,Contractors and so on. We’re open to advice and leads so feel free to contact Us if you believe you may be of some help Our ears are open. We also are currently looking for some commercial properties in Brooklyn that have Residential income above the commercial space on the lowest level.

Hello, I am a new REI, I wish you all well and good luck!

“Our success is measured by the lives we positively impact and the ability to help others grow into who they dream of being.”

Now let’s have FUN and make some MONEY!

 Looking for a business partner, I'm in Lease Purchase and am just starting up. Want to double my marketing power and focus on multiple details at once. If your interested in talking about collaboration message me.

DraMorr Properties

Hi everyone.
Is anyone from the Buffalo area?

Looking to network, partner, and/or work with other Real Estate professionals in New York or elsewhere for that matter for mutually profitable opportunities

Seeking a deal of a lifetime!! Wholesalers!! You got a deal that you are looking to get rid of? Contact me!! Im looking for a great rehab deal!!


I very much want to become involved with investing- mainly in multi-family properties, triple NNN leasing and mortgage notes. I just became an agent with remax in nyc last month and as well as doing rentals/sales, I have been going to networking events in my spare time to maybe find someone to work with to find deals for ourselves, or least discuss possibilties of putting something together. Any ideas? Opinions?


I have been involved with real estate for a number of years; I now do sales/rentals, but it has become quite difficult as of late. The competition has become fiercer as time goes on. I would love to concentrate on investing- but who to partner up with is always the problem.