New to Real Estate

Hi, my name is Crystal and I am very new to everything in Real Estate. I am currently a student and would like to know if anyone could tell me where to start?


Where to start? If you are completely clueless as to where to start…I would recommend that you read through the various newsgroups and find a style that you feel comfortable with. You may want to find a local REI club and just “sit in” on it and talk with others.

Do not run out and start spending money on the programs that you see advertised. Wait until you know which direction you want to go.

Good Luck!

Hi Crystal and welcome… may I suggest taking some courses at your local community college…

Hi Chrystal and welcome again,

Promise land is right! There are Vocational RE institutes in almost every major town that are cheaper than a community college. After I got my RE liscence, I still spent tons of money on so called RE guru courses that tought me absolutely nothing I did’nt already know. The classes teach you principles of RE; laws;contracts;agency;finance; etc… If you’re clueless, get the basics down first then further your education in your topic of interests which you will most likely find during the course of real RE classes. The doors are wide open when getting involved with Real Estate. This website and the forums can also teach you. Make sure you know the laws in your state.
Good luck :wink:



I am looking to start a beginner REI support group. Are you interested?

How’d you come up with that name ::slight_smile: I may be liscenced but still have alot to learn when it comes to creative investing. One can never know enough!!! I’m interested in your idea. Where are you located anyway? Still think we should take advice of the big dogs on the forum tho.

My name, I picked it up from a movie review.

So you have your license? That is cool.

I agree with you. I have learned so much from this forum. I am also learning a lot from my Job (I am an accountant). I work with a lot of real estate and I try to learn everything I can and ask a lot of questions.

I just thought all us newbies can be like the class of 2006! We can support each other and share what we have learned. Who knows, maybe we can invest together.

I am located in New York. What about you?

New York city? or NY the state? =0

South Texas…Corpus Christi to be exact. Having a newbie support group is a great idea. However, I am nowhere near ready to invest for myself. I’m doing alot of networking with investors from allover selling what I can find for them. Currently working on a bulk SFR package of 8 for one of my sellers. That’s how I found this site, and I have to tell you…it has expanded my horizon and opened many doors. Creativity has kicked in and it’s hard to sleep knowing what all I can do. It’s almost like getting high on work ;D! I started out working alot of Farm and Ranch deals that paid a good commission (still do), I also sell Residential and somehow now I ended up wholesaleing and commercial deals. Thanks to this site, 2006 is going to be a great year just doing my job. My area is saturated with Realtors and the competition is unbelievable. Therefore I had to think a little further outside the box and offer my services nationwide. I feel I have alot more to learn before I invest for myself. I watch how the deals I work for my clients go and am just stashing my brain with every piece of worthy info I come across as well as builing a nice roladex of valuable contacts. That is what I do for now.


What do you all think? Big city with more opportunity and competition? OR Small town with little to no competition but fewer opportunities?

Everything you can get your hands on that provides win/win!


I am from Long Island, New York. The city is a little too rich for my blood. My friend just bought a studio on the upper east side (walk up) and It cost her $300,000!!


I am going to email you.

How about T-N-T???
Yeah,… that’s much shorter :wink: and easier. Where’s that email?
I’ll be in a closing tomorrow morning and babysitting inspections after that. So if you wait to send that email till tomorrow, I won’t be able to respond until eve.

Hi all, I think a newbie support group would be good idea too. BUT we would need a non-newbie to get advice from. Thats where the menotring programs and these forums come in…


I agree with you…as mentioned above! We’ll get there eventually, if one of the more experienced forum leaders is willing mentor us! I think we all have different directions, but from what I’ve seen on the forums so far, there’s enough help for all of us going in any direction. They just need to come forward for us.

If you check the moderators web sites, some of them do mentor.

Hi, Steven , could you give me some advise in foreclosures,please.
iI went to two auctions with some questions but there is a lot to learn ,

How should I buy a property going foreclosures. ;D I went with a certified check for the deposit, and a approval letter for the loan, which I know I have about 30 days to close. but I’m not sure if I’m doing right, I haven’t bid yet, but I don’t want to loose my money either. I live in MD and have read a lot on the subject but I’m new looking for advise. thank you. ;D

Hi Crystal,
I would say go to your local library and get EVERY book you can on real estate. That is what we did. Never bought a course and we succeeded very nicely. You can read my blog below for all the details.

Also, when we started 10 years ago, we didn’t have a computer. You have the world here at your fingertips. Do as many searches as you can for a LOT of great info out there.

I think it is so great that a young person like yourself thinking about your future. Scrimp, save and invest then you can play all you want someday!

I wish you success Crystal

Hi, Crystal I’m also a student but not studying Realestate yet, I’m going to go to realestate school after I graduate this summer. My advice to you is learn everything you can about REI and then get started. I’m going RE school to get a RE lincense so I can have assest to the MLS and my brothers going to be a home inspector. I want to run mind like a bussiness (that’s my major in college). I just wanted to say hi and good look.