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Aren’t we confusing the extremely lucrative Real Estate Investing game with becoming a Realtor throughout this thread? No offense, but only the top 20% of any profession make 80% of the bucks; in accordance with Pareto’s Principle. I’ve never been interested in hiring “Bambi, the Soccer Mom/Part-Time RE Agent” to sell/buy/manage my holdings. I’m ALWAYS interested in teaching “Bambi, the Soccer Mom/Part-Time RE Investor” in how to partner on a deal and make much more on a long term basis. Let’s compare apples to apples here, folks. Stay away from RE school, chances are you’ll doom yourself to failure. Focus on REI and understand it’s learned in the real world. You’re on the right track being on this board. :wink:

Hi Dave,
Round 2…
what makes you think RE school doesn’t teach at least the basics and/or laws??? Have you been there? Some of us find that a very helpful boost to get going and figure out where we want to go in RE. However, I agree with you that 99% is learned hands on in the real world…and why do you think some of us as you so call “Bambies” are on this board to begin with? May be because we are ambitious, motivated and eager to learn more on how to succeed? I went for my liscence because Birdogging is illegal in my state, but what I found was that being an agent can pay off handsomely. In fact,…I was able to purchase the gift of a lifetime for my husband on fathersday last year thanks to RE income as an agent. Thats right,…a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail! Not cheap BTW.
If you are going to shew clueless people away from legal RE classes, then why dont YOU step up and start mentoring us??

P.S. this time I want 2 :-* to make up!!

LOL :hammerhead: Has anybody noticed that we ( youall ) have entered into an unproclaimed auction for approval of your wit.The origional poster has not responded to a single response an you all got your hair in a flare :silly:

WildWoman (aka CarolAnn),
Were you and I married in another life? Did we somehow date in this life? :wink: I think I love you… :-*
You missed the entire point; I’ll never denigrate a true professional, it’s just the other 80% of whatever profession that I AM denigrating; yep…Realtors included along with barbers, butchers, stock brokers, insurance agents etc,etc…
Contract law? Needed. Basics? Nope, you ain’t getting it at an RE school. Marketing? Forget it. Creativity? Nope again. Adverse disclosure to your biz? Yep, a license will do that. Being able to buy the hubby an HD Softtail? PRICELESS!!! You go, girl!!! ;D
All’s I’m saying is there’s much more efficient ways to learn what is required. I learned a truism in business years ago…“He who writes the contract has the power”.
“Bambi” gets confused and irate when I make her use my contract, it’s out of the norm from her textbook training.NEXT!!! Who works for whom here? Yep, as an investor I’m also the boss in any seller/buyer, buyer/seller relationship. The realtor works for me…I’d just prefer to not allow “Bambi” to suffer through a game she can’t understand. I’m a willing and giving mentor to my dedicated sales team; not interested in anything else for the moment.
BTW, Birddogging isn’t illegal in Texas or any other state as long as they have some what I call “paper-skin” in the game. It boils down to being either a Realtor or a Real Estate Investor.
I sure enjoy the spirited debate, carolann. Let’s chat sometime.
With warmest regards,


Hey,…I just originally responded explaining what was most helpful to me and just my opinion (and it really was). I’m glad I did it. Yet, I felt attacked and don’t stand for that :-X
I was just sincerely trying to direct someone whom is CLUELESS (as I was once was) and RE classes helped me out tremendously. I still have alot to learn, which is why I joined this board in the first place.
Chrystal,…feel free to PM anyone here to bypass some of this BS

I’m not Bambi anymore,…if there is something I dont understand or need help with, I have a roladex to get what I need to make the deal close!
Where’s my 2nd :-*

BS… Brians Song …Brain slump … Booger Saver…Big Shami…Blndering Smoan…Betty Steady?With all due respect carolann, as I mentioned earlier " Has anyone noticed the origional poster has not responded once and has a “1” by her name. I think crystalm is back in dormatory hysteria. ;D

Maybe she’s busy taking RE classes ???

origional post « on: Tue. Jan 17, 2006, 11:01 AM » maybe she is passed out on the floor :beer:

I’m going to join her on the floor…CarolAnn? :-* Here ya are!!! BTW, I think you’re right about 6th Street in Austin. I just remember numbered streets and lots of beer and babes!! Don’t take anything personal, we’re all here to help out with our personal experiences. BTW, your maiden name wasn’t Mooney, was it? With sisters named Kristy and Stephanie?

Or,…maybe we ran her of with th e B :-XS :-X (4 letter words BTW)

Chrystal,…come back. There’s alot of info on this site That may be of help to you!
I was taught by Bobbi Simms (motivational speaker and personal contact) “don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need to”. You can get it here.
Dave and I may have different opinions, but if you combine them, you may come up with a solution to proceed in the topic of your interests. It’s called creative REI
Like I said,…feel free to pm us and decide for yourself.

P.S. I’ll deal with my issues with Dave myself, I think he may have been an ex- lover in another lifetime ::slight_smile:

NO,…my maiden name is Baird…Not related to bread. Nor is my current name of Redman related to chew!!

I wouldn’t be here if they were

I have a question. Maybe I am missing something, but how do you get commission from the sale of a piece of RE and it be legal if you are not licensed? I work with “consultants” that do this but have never bothered to ask how they get past the legal aspects of it? Unless I don’t understand “birddogging?” Kinda seems illegal to me.

Technically it is illegal to pay or receive a birddog fee dependent upon close of escrow, unless that party is either a PRINCIPAL in the transaction or a licensed RE Agent. Referral/introduction/lead fees are a different story, but what investor will pay out of pocket unless the deal finalizes? I structure the deal so the non-licensed birddog is an active participant with skin in the game ,“sweat equity” if you will. As a principal, they’re OK as am I and every one gets paid COE. Get it? :wink:

Hmmm… so after reading a lot of this stuff, there is too much “Grey” area. Too many “could be illegal” if pushed in a court and so on. I think if REI starts getting a lot bigger the gov. will eventually tighten up on real estate transactions so much that someone without a license won’t be able to do anything. After going through all my classes and working in the field, there are so many liabilities and ways to get into trouble that most of the people posting on this site have no clue about. Seem pretty dangerous to me.

Like anything else, it’s really a matter of choices. There are always the bad apples that play in the grey. Personally, I just stay bulletproof by following the letter of the law. I’m way too good looking to go to prison…lol. Research the laws and find creative and legal ways to get 'er done.

For once I have to agree with Daves last two posts ::). (except for the “good looking” part, haven’t seen proof)
However, if you ARE liscenced AND acting as principal,…don’t for get to disclose that fact.

I’m still going to go to real estate school to get my license, so if I don’t make it as a REI I will have License, plus I’ll have access to the MLS which is the point of me going to Real Estate school anyway.