new investor pk WOW!!!

has any one here delt with this as yet ??

i posted here a while back a post how much would you pay ? about this and no one responded much so i went on my own checking out mission and what i found was just WOW

there is a addin the classifieds for this in the finanical part

just the top of the hill i spoke with a man who got one of these pk about three or four months ago and he has bought a 20 uint old motel and has it 60% frhabed into apts and all payed for with the credit line from this pk

and he could not be happier from the way he sounded to me !!!

but he did say it was not the cheapest thing he had ever done but was the best thing he had ever done WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY AT THIS POINT

i allso found out they ony do 5 of these pk a month due to the time it takes to set the pk up


“WOW” is right! “Ice cream headache”!

thank you for your response

people need to be happy in the good of others as when they make it iam trying to tell people about good things and stuff when i hear of it or know of it and the world has become a untrustting place and iam sorry for this but i have only put forth what i thought would help the people of this forum

iam now trying to help aperson get the funds in place in my home town to get one of the last investor pks for this month so he can be a real estate investor

thanks for any and all input

What is “one of the last investor pks”?

I don’t recognize that term…


What’s a pk?

this is what the pk is called that my friend and the new investor i spoke of above the company that gets the new investor set up to do real estate

they call them new investor pk and they are a bit spendy but as stated above the guy was happy about the whole thing and would do it again iam sure if he knew the out come would be this good

any way they only set up 5 a month as they take abit of doing i guess and a new friend of mine is working on getting the money in place to get one set up for him by the end of the month and iam trying to help him out for a cut of the pie at the start and then he is on his own

I have no idea what your saying, Keith can you translate?

what are you confused about ?? pk is short for package

Well that answers my question “What’s a pk?”. Now what the hell is an investor package?


No disrespect intended, but -

No one can understand your posts…you use little or no puctuation causing a runonsentanceparagraph and you use no capitilization so no one can really tell where one thought stops and the next one starts. Additionally, you use what appears to be IM shorthand that no one understands…

You’ll get better answers if you form clear, understandable sentence complete with punctuation and capital letters. It’s not an English exam and spelling won’t count against you, but your posts are very difficult to navigate.


sorry I did not think we were to go on and on on the site on our posts ? But from now on i will make sure i make my posts more easy to understand .

The new investor package as i have found it to be is this

you are set up with a seasoned coporation with seasoned credit . Where by you have a credit line ready to do your real estate deals with no worries as to where or how you will get your funds to do the deals .

the cost i understand is not cheap but is well worth the cost . The cost is set by how much of a line of credit you want.

I think i haev now made it more clear to all???

Real Estate 001,

Do you have one of these investor PKs yourself? How much does it cost?

Any contact info for this company? What state are you in? What states do they lend in?


At this time iam working with aperson and we are going to get one as a team the cost is 25 thousand for 500thousand in credit and a coporation,

They are workable in all 50 states as it is a coporation you do bussiness through so it is good all over

My understanding is you have to be reffered to the place and then you go from there but i do not have every detail on this as i said . I and another person are teamming up on this to get a set up . As well i know they only do 5 set ups a month

So let me understand this correctly…

I give them $25k, a downpayment so to speak, and they give me a $500k credit line? So this is essentially like unsecured credit line or are they asking questions about the properties you buy, getting appraisals and putting leins on the properties?

I feel kind of funny about this one, something gives me a bad vibe about that company.

It sounds like a $25k fee, not a down-payment. I’ve run across this company before (or another company proposing a product just like this one). No thanks.

Ouch, so you have to pay a $25k fee PLUS interest. And you can bet those interest rates are going to be double-digit numbers.

tuborocket what was the company you came across??

Allso they only ask you to only let them see that your deal will make you money and the intrest is in line with any other loan as is dependt on the risk as iam told

and the person i have spoke with is just happy as can be he has had no trouble with any part of things !!

as well it is not a down payment but a fee for services given type thing

Googled “aged shelf corporation”…which is basically what he’s talking about…

check this result out.


HEY HEY nbayinvestor

i checked out the web page it would seam this site may have a better deal as it says alot more of a credit line and it would seam to be a little cheaper ?? As well must keep in mind the other guys though are saying they will hang with you for a year and help you out as a new investor .I did not see any thing like that on the web page ?? did i miss something wasit in there as well ??