Networking Forum - Need Your Input, Please

We are considering adding forums where investors can introduce themselves, their interests, location, contact information, etc.

This would serve as a place to network and meet other investors (would not be a place to list specific properties).

Please let us know if this idea appeals to you and how you think we should structure it for maximum benefit and minimal abuse.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Tim Randle

This would be a great idea! I’m really confused over being able to link or send people to my personal website or even a business site via the forums. I got a message from a moderator saying that could not be done but how can I network with people if I can’t link them to where my information already lives like LinkedIn or my business website?

I think the idea has merit. It would be great to find mentors in my area needing legwork done on sfr’s. Willing to be your eyes, ears and legs if necessary to find and prescreen potential deals.

This is a great idea. Many of us need the mentoring

Separate the forums into catrgories; SFRs, Apartments, Mobile Homes, Mobile Home Parks, Tax Liens/Deeds, Financing, Structureing Deals, etc. You could also add sub-categories such as: flipping SFRs, etc. That way those with a particular interest or need can converse with others with the same interests/problems and those with the knowledge to help others can look at the categories they are capable of advising or helping in can go the various categories, read the posting and reply accordingly.

I think this would be great.

I think this is a great idea. It never hurst to network.

I think this would be extremely beneficial, not only for the beginners who are looking for a mentor, but also for the vets who are just looking for new contacts or even a protege. This is a wonderful idea

I think you are looking at a few things Tim.
Users being able to be listed by state.
Users being able to be listed by specialization ie. short sales, lease options etc
And of course users being able to display what they have to offer, in regards to contacts, more specific geographical area, product services etc.

Tim, I think that it would be a great addition to the club. It would allow us to interact with fellow investors from our area and market . housebuyer1…

Since I have found this to be an invaluable resource and most importantly trustworthy I would want to be notified of Cash Buyers, rentals being offered with owner finance,webinars (as you do now) but I need to be asked if you want to share my email/contact info. I have recently been called on the phone repeatedly after signing up for a Seminar and the caller was not anything I had requested.
I guess giving people access but vetting them as legitimate and not just out to sell something to investors.
Jane Stoecker
Stafford Va
Rehabber (new)

:bobble Being so new to the business, I think this is a fantastic idea … Thanks for seeking my input! …

I’d like to have the ability to ask for recommendations on the forum. Right now, such requests get flagged and removed. What’s the point of having a network if you can’t ask things for needed information from each other? Sometimes you just want the opinion or recommendation of someone who is more familiar with the area, more experienced in something, etc…

Fantastic, I need all the help I can get, it will be a real useful forum, do you think it can be sorted by State and City levels?, I am from Michigan and I think it will be great networking, Nation and City/State wide level. just thinking loud.
Good idea and work.



Sounds like a good idea, try to not break up the categories to large like every state. Maybe by region instead.

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I think that is a great idea. Giving people easier ways to network is always beneficial on every side.

Would be awesome.

I think it is a great idea and would welcome it, but don’t think it will actually fly. Here’s why. Of all the responses that you have received (including this one) are from people that are relatively new to the forums and probably investing itself. They are looking to build their network.
Other than yourself, I think the largest number of posts from the people replying was somewhere around 20. It is people like me seeking the guidance and direction and mentorship. There does not seem to be responses from the seasoned pros saying it is a good idea. Most of them have their power teams all set up and are cruising along just fine and maybe aren’t interested in having some of their market being taken up by other potential investors. Yes there are lots and lots of deals available for many investors (new and old) but it may be a mind set or an unwillingness to teach a protege. Part of the reason that we got into this business was to be able to have the lifestyle that we want, work when we want, travel when we want, etc. Once that is happening and the passive income is rolling in, then there may be a tendancy to go and live the way we want and not nessesarily provide all of the well developed and trusted relationships to someone else. I know that when I get there, I will give back to the next generation of people who want the lifestyle freedom, that I am enjoying.
P.S we need more Canadian content active on here in the form of information and people. Hopefully this will help.

Networking is always a good idea, but I think it should be categorized to maximize efforts for everyone…thanks! :biggrin