Networking Forum - Need Your Input, Please


I think this would be great.

Also, would it be possible to have buyers list their purchasing criteria and locations.

Thanks very much, Judy

This could be most helpful in today’s market.
I would not break it up too much – 5 regions perhaps. I doubt that would even be necessary in the beginning.
With the Brady Net investment forums being taken over by spammers and shut down, this type of forum is thin on the ground, and needed
I have years of experience in deal structuring, creative finance, etc, and am willing to spend some time mentoring newbies.
I was mentored in the beginning---- it is time to pass it on…

:beer Great idea! State listing would be a good idea to those of us that are new to this business.

That is a fantastic idea! You should categorize it by state then by county for us to leave property info. Let personal contact info be kept through your inbox if it is not already visible by their profile. Looking forward to networking on an even greater level here.

An idea like this always sounds good but in reality has the tendency to start out fine and then begins to fizzle out and seldom get used. I would just like info over by the user such as the name of the place they are specifically active and have knowledge about placed there permanently, and the ability to reach them if they have placed a indicator over there also that shows it is OK to contact them, plus the ability to place a real request in a regular forum without being removed.

We don’t need another forum, if anything some of what already exists seem like they could be combined with others where the subject matter seems to be in the same ballpark over time. Big deal if the forum isn’t exactly what one reader wants, he may only want info on short sales done on Tuesdays in Jersey by people with names starting with C, so he needs a separate forum for that?

I like the idea. Networking helps people build their wealth. It is usually mutually beneficial!

Having been reading, studying, attending seminars, etc. I am still lost in trying to get into this business. I do know that I would like to focus on wholesaling since it seems to be the easiest way to break into this club to learn about the business. Because of the wholesaling having a list of investors to be able to do deaks with would be like the icing on my cake. I welcome this opportunity to network with a list of investors so that I can learn even more on how to locate good deals.

Thumbs up on this.


It has become quite apparent that the majority of posters who want this new forum to open up are posting for the first time.

Are you sure you can handle what may happen?

Lucius Foster “aka” Lufos

Really don’t remember much about the sixties, except serving my country in the Marine Corps. I know, I know, the old saying if you remember the nineteen sixties you weren’t there, but the Corps is something a person has a tendency not to forget. Maybe the rest of the sixties is a little vague, however.

This is to let you know I am not some new guy giving advice to those that are just starting out. Old sure, but my cell phone is a Droid Bionic, enjoy my Motorola Zoom and my computer has the latest i7 technology. I do stay up with our ever changing technology and really enjoy all my electronic toys.

Been involved in the creative real estate industry for many, many years, as a real estate investor, teacher, course writer and last but not least a Moderator on a few real estate boards for the past 10 years.

So now we move along to today’s happenings on the web. “Networking” albeit all the social networking sites, or specifically the real estate discussion boards, which I have posted on for years. Not always popular with those who I called out for board hustling or other infractions of the rules, but as the saying goes someone has to do it.

I will drop back a few years to 2004, when up popped a poster by the name of Lufos, actual name Lucius Forster, the father of Jody Foster the actress. Suave, funny and made great posts to the general population of the discussion board I was on. He was developing a following in great numbers on the board.

Then came the post that I believed he was up to more than trying to help fellow posters with his quick wit and snappy posts.

His post was about the end all of what a person should get into as far as investing, turning Cargo Containers into homes. Here is excerpt from one of his posts:

“All of the following areas are still unselected the requirement at this time is that you live within the area.

San Diego, Galveston Texas, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Other areas of the country are also available but it is suggested that if you are interested you research the need for low cost housing within the area of your choice.

It is our plan to erect 30 of these dwelling which will produce to us a profit input of about $1,600,000. With those funds we will proceed to the National Expansion and from that The International Expansion.”

When looking at the post in my eyes it was blatant advertising, so because of his popularity rather than delete it, I reported it to the owner of the site saying it is an ad and needs to go, because it also reeks of being a “scam”. I was told that “he was a great poster and had a following and the post would stay”. I Posted in the Moderators forum and had a few other Moderators tell me basically, I did not know what I was talking about.

In a few months I started receiving private messages from members of the forum who had sent Lufos money for this great housing project; however nothing promised to them was delivered. They were asking me for help, probably because I had taken Lufos to task in several of his posts, basically saying this program of his had a fishy odor coming from it.

I did help the posters who asked for help get a return of their money by going directly to Lufos and explaining what could happen should he not return their money. It had to do with the law of the land, this should be explanation enough.

After my requests to Lufos for the return of these posters money he disappeared from the board and nothing more was heard from him until recently.

“Earlier this week, Lucius Fisher Foster, the estranged father of actress Jodie Foster, was convicted on 21 counts of grand theft after bilking elderly investors out of more than $150,000 in a home building scheme.

Mr. Foster, 89, faces 25 years behind bars for his crimes.

According to a report by the Washington Post , Lucius scammed 21 elderly and low-income California residents into putting $5,000 down payments on modular homes made from Chinese shipping containers. However, the homes were never built.

“Not one of these homes has ever been built in the city of Los Angeles,” Deputy City Attorney Don Cocek told the jury, according to the ContraCosta Times. “It’s all a big scam.”
In response to the allegations, Foster, who acted as his own attorney, insisted he was offering a creative solution to the affordable housing crisis when he promised to build low-cost modular homes out of cargo containers.

Fox News Reports that following his verdict, Lucius asked to be sentenced as soon as possible so he could get out and build houses to repay his victims the $200,000 he stole.

“I don’t think you get it,” judge Gregory Dohi replied. “You can never do this kind of work again.”
Foster’s sentencing, originally scheduled to take place on Thursday (Dec. 8, 2011), was pushed back a day after a transportation issue at the jail where he is being held caused him to miss the the bus to the court house.”

There are many more stories (caught one poster pulling a real estate Ponzi scheme, they also are doing time) of posters who have been caught looking for the easy money by doing a “walletectomy” on discussion board members or for that fact anywhere networking is happening.

How do we protect ourselves from this happening to us in the wonderful world of networking?

If it looks to good to be true, it probably is not true.

Fortunately on this site you have Moderators that try their best to look out for the board scammers and hustlers, not that we catch them all, but we are here for you if you need help.

John $Cash$ Locke

I think a networking forum would be advantageous.

my 2 cents

So any updates on this?

I don’t believe the link is easy to find for most.

For those that are interested, this was implemented and can be found here:,43.0.html

Looking forward to network with investors/whoelsalers/bird dogs of NJ :beer