Morgan Stanley: "America's Fiscal Trainwreck"

Where are all the obama zombies at now with this “give him more time” crap??I think 6months and $$trillions later is plenty of time. :banghead

I’m not going to waste my time with the Obama bashers here. You’re all entitled to your opinions and many of those opinions have some validity.

BUT…California is GROUND ZERO for the real estate bust. That state along with MANY others saw their PROPERTY TAX REVENUES COLLAPSE!!!

Add in all the JOB LOSSES and the reduced SALES TAXES they bring with them and you have exactly what California is dealing with…They aren’t alone.

It took us DECADES to dig this hole…

Do you REALLY expect ANYONE to get us OUT of it in 6 MONTHS???

JC himself couldn’t dig us out of this sh*thole!!!

I just would like to know why me over here in Indiana, should be paying/helping the people in California.

Ive read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, and THIS IS NOT what the Federal Government was designed to do.

Exactly Hoosier,

AND why should we even do any bailout in the first place. We still aren’t even near the depth of Carters recession and he didn’t have a bailout that will take generations to pay off. If Obama had stopped crapping on and threatening business and the free market system long ago this would already have been over.

Ehh, I dont think this would have been over already. Not by a long shot. I will say that I think if we just let the free market work, and not threatening business, we would have a much quicker and more prosperous recovery once we got out of this dark tunnel.

I believe instead of making this recession a 5 year recession with America looking GOOD at the end of it, they are going to make it a 10 year recession with America looking like a new Socialist country, which is much less prosperous.

They are just creating a fake floor, and not letting the recession/depression happen IMO. The longer they try to keep things fine by creating a fake floow (printing money to pay debts), the worse were going to crash.

We need to go back to Austrian economics.

You’re a smart kid Hoosier. I can’t wait until you come of age and I cast my first vote for you. By then you will be very well tuned.

Now, don’t fall for this length of time stuff that the mass media makes things out to be in an attempt to not make the messiah look bad. Here is the real deal. Factual information that you can hold our leader to. Pay close attention to the length of the average recession in the latter part of the scale. Also look at the length of the depression. Obama’s recession is no where near Carters (1977-1981) so lets pretend that this one is just as bad and compare the two and determine if the nasty rhetoric and threats towards business along with the bailouts have helped or hurt the economy.

While you’re comparing the two recessions…Keep in mind that the 1970’s are G O N E!!!

How in gods name does someone expect a recession occuring in 2009 to be like one that occured 30 years ago???

We’re in UNCHARTED WATERS…This is NO MAN’S LAND…Obama’s been in for 6 months…We had a freakin’ MORON running this country for 8 YEARS…

But that DOPE can’t be to blame…

“Let’s PRETEND this ones just as bad.”

You can PRETEND all you want…



The prices of houses(they need to fall, which our gov is trying to stop as much as they can) and the amount of money were printing off, is something America has never experienced.

I agre fdjake, this is uncharted waters. I believe the future for us may not be what many will like.

While you’re comparing the two recessions…Keep in mind that the 1970’s are G O N E!!!
How in gods name does someone expect a recession occuring in 2009 to be like one that occured 30 years ago???
We’re in UNCHARTED WATERS…This is NO MAN’S LAND…Obama’s been in for 6 months…

LOL, you’re hilarious FD! Uncharged waters. LOL. No mans land. Funny, funny, funny. Please stop parroting your government media complex. :biggrin I see that actual factual evidence stirs you up. Sorry but there is NO WAY you can protect Obama from that. I love it when someone says that “this recession is different than any recession ever in time”. DID you know that this is the EXACT same thing they say at EVERY RECESSION? I would think that you have been around for long enough to figure that one out FD.

We had a freakin’ MORON running this country for 8 YEARS…

And with this, let’s just be honest here and say "we had a freakin’ MORON running this country for 6 YEARS…

You know as well as every single one of us do that that MORON could not do ANYTHING without the approval of the Democrat led congress over the past 2 years.


Can you say S&L Crisis? Check the facts on that one FD. Check the number of banks that failed then compared to now (500 then). Also be sure to check the stats posted above for the length of a recession it caused!

Hooch, I think what FDjake is trying to say is(maybe hes not, but i am atleast) is that we’ve never spent this kind of money trying to get out of a recession. So is that sense, its uncharted waters. It didnt HAVE to be this way though, but with our fed gov… it is.

What really makes me mad is that all these policians are in PANIC PANIC PANIC mode, so they act irresponsibly(passing bills without reading). Everybody is in Panic mode when the Dow fell, everybodys PANIC PANIC PANIC to save our economy. We should just let it runnnn its course IMO, without gov intervention.

As far as I know HOOCH…The S&L crisis DID NOT cause banks in ITALY, GREAT BRITIAN, SPAIN, GERMANY and other countries across the PLANET to FAIL and it didn’t cause WALL St. to SEIZE UP…But THIS crisis DID!!!

See…If you PAY ATTENTION here you might LEARN SOMETHING…I know, I know…you’ve already told us how “SMART” you are.

I’m funny…But when GLOBAL FINANCIAL markets come to a SCREECHING HALT and CREDIT still hasn’t really flowed again…I’d say we’re in uncharted waters.

Once again you prove to EVERYONE how LITTLE you REALLY know…

GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS…VS…A U.S.A. Savings and Loan crisis.

BIG…BIG Difference.

But keep flying that Goverment Conspiracy flag of yours…This place wouldn’t be the same without at least a couple of FREAKS!!!

This is exactly why we should audit the fed.But since the audit fed bill was’nt even brought into light
(aka the media).it was shot down.Whether you support obama or not,how can you not support an audit
of the fed proving our dollars worth?I think you all know there’s alot being hidden from us and china
(our biggest debt buyer)for a reason.This was our only hope of some checks and balances until we kick all them out of congress.

Nobodys going to get kicked out bama until the general public starts educating themselves, and I havent seen it around where I live. (although people are still angry, they know nothing). Im with you though brother, I want all those idiots out that dont uphold the Constitution.

I think you all know there’s alot being hidden from us and china (our biggest debt buyer)for a reason.

Yes, we do all know this BUT FD doesn’t. He has this little problem with believing every single thing that the Obama administration sells to him. Every single thing that the main stream media tells him. He is absolutely incapable of seeing the truth hidden behind the propaganda.

As I said before FD, only an MORON would support Obama against actual UNDENIABLE FACTUAL information. I’ll bet that you will continue that support well beyond the length of time of the GREAT DEPRESSION!!! You WILL STILL say idiotic things like UNCHARTED WATERS and NO MANS LAND as an excuse for him. Or will you change your tune and say things like WE NEVER EXPECTED WHAT “DUBYA” DID WOULD HAVE SUCH A DRASTIC IMPACT GREATER THAN THE GREAT DEPRESSION. No one expected it, not a single person. Is that what you will say when we cross the length of time of the Great Depression?

Exactly where is your timeframe for fixing this OIL problem? At what date do you DRAW the LINE and admit that the HACK YOU VOTED FOR has caused MORE damage to our economy than any president in history COMBINED? ANSWER THE QUESTION AND DO NOT DODGE IT LIKE YOU LIBS TYPICALLY DO!!!

I forgot to tell you, your VILLAGE called… They’re missing their IDIOT.

I want all those idiots out that dont uphold the Constitution.

That includes EVERY single deadbeat Republican who has been in office for more than a couple of years!!! Everyone says that it is the OTHER Republicans that have cause the mess with our party. The OTHER ones didn’t act like fiscal conservatives. NOT MY GUY. He is the one good one out of the bunch. THEY ALL NEED TO GO! Don’t vote for “your guy” JUST to stop the DEMS. We need to completely revamp our party and ONLY vote in Republicans who are openly as far right as a person can get.

Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better. No worries. When we regain control we will eliminate every single damaging thing these clowns did and we will make the Democrats pay for their bailouts. We’ll reduce taxes for everyone across the board. Instill the Fair Tax. But the Fair Tax won’t apply to the main stream media because we will tax them anyways.We will eliminate the control of the FTC over radio waves and will claim that all TV is family media so it MUST be fair and balanced. That CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, NBC, Headline News, etc all must have 50% more Conservative shows as they presently have close to 0. The Fairness doctrine for TV only!

And groups like acorn will get so many lawsuits that people will be afraid to work for them. Bill Ayres will finally get to see the inside of a prison for blowing up innocent people in government buildings. Both democrat and republican past politicians will be tried for treason. The fed WILL be audited and any dirty bastard caught stealing from the American people will get the DEATH penalty for Treason.

Reverend Wright will be forced to go to Anti RACISM classes. Obama will be forced to actually watch an abortion of a child and will be trained in economics. He will also be forced to live in a middle class neighborhood and put a big sign on his door that says NO GUNS IN THIS HOUSE and will be provided NO security from those who wish to rob him. …And he’ll be required to take some classes on lying and not getting caught.

The Nobel awards people and Al Gore will be forced to heat their home with COAL.

Nancy Pelosi will be forced into Old Gals porn.

Ok, Sorry, I’m getting a little overboard. :biggrin

Guess what LIBS? We will start fighting JUST LIKE YOU DO. Dirty is the way you like to play. You people have been trying to split party lines for a long time and we have been letting you do it for PEACE. No more peace. Fight fire with fire! We will NO LONGER TAKE THE HIGH ROAD.

In VA we still have some old school Republicans that need to be kicked out on their A**es. BUT we have a couple RADICAL Left wingers that are PRIME for REPLACEMENT. So, I will vote libertarian against Bob Goodlatte (Rep) and Warner (Dem) and Webb (Dem) will get my Conservative Republican vote against them. UNLESS there is a Moderate Republican. In that case my Libertarian vote. NO MORE VOTING FOR THE BETTER OF TWO EVILS. That is what got us in trouble with McCain. Bob Barr was a CONSERVATIVE who entered the Libertarian party for a different option other than that deadbeat McCain. AND THE SHEEP HAD NO IDEA WHO BOB BARR WAS!!!

We need to force the media (and whoever is controlling this) to allow more than just the top Democrat and Republican to be in the FINAL debates. They ALWAYS let people see the options (other parties) up front and eliminate the Libertarians, Green Party (Nader) and all of the rest of them once it gets up to election time. That is complete BS!!!

100% agreed Hooch, only guys like Ron Paul should stay, ill keep him :slight_smile:

I know that when im voting, im going to vote clear across the board against EVERYBODY holding office (unless that rare individual i KNOW is doing his job), and voting for Libertarian views.

You may want to read it again because when you wrote that I was in the process of REWORKING it in a more EXTREME manor and I flew off the handle here and there. Maybe now you 90% agree :biggrin

I agree–we didn’t have the healthcare costs crisis in the '70s that we have now, and the world scene was simpler, even with the Cold War.

We’ve really shot ourselves in the foot with our shortsightness. Evervone talks about illegal aliens, but don’t forget offshoring and all the IT people who’ve come here to work on H1B visa. That takes money out of the country too, and we’re also training our competitors in technology and giving them knowledge of our business practices.


Hooch…I’m almost HAPPY to be considered an IDIOT by YOU…because YOU are CLEARLY unbalanced.


Well…Now we ALL know what you’re doing when your NOT on the REICLUB website!!! You and MARK SANFORD (republican) could REALLY get some things done!!! Maybe a trip together to ARGENTINA!!! Hooch…I hear there’s LOT’s of OLD GALS down there!!!

That little post of yours sums it all up…You are a CLASSIC BULL SH*T REPUBLICAN…Watching PORN as he WHINES about broadcast TV. :bs :bs
Who the hell ever even HEARD of OLD GAL porn??? Apparently HOOCH has!!!

People who can’t DEBATE their points usually “FLY OFF THE HANDLE”
and you’ve got some real CORKERS in that post of yours…

Maybe we can bring back OZZY and HARRIET too!!! (For when you’re not watching “OLD GALS PORN”)

You live in a world of CONSPIRACY (and GOD only knows what else?)…

ARABS attacking us by running OIL up to $147/barrel. (apparently “THEY” flew off the handle too…But… THEY must have decided to DUMP prices to $32/barrel 6 months later as an apology :shocked)

MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA…ALL bad, all out to WRECK America. But our HERO HOOCH is the ONLY ONE who REALLY knows what’s going on and can see through to the REAL STORY!!!

Hooch, did it ever OCCUR to you that a LOT of people take what they get from MASS MEDIA with a grain of salt??? Apparently NOT.

BUT…you DO offer a SOLUTION???

Let’s set up a JOESPH GOEBBLES media system!!! :banana :elephant
REPUBLICANS can be protrayed as UPSTANDING, PURE, MORALLY STRAIGHT!!! Liberals will be shown as FILTHY, and MORALLY CORRUPT…
THAT should fix EVERYTHING!!! :banghead :banghead


You mean like the IDIOTS who created TARP??? Or the IDIOTS who DENIED that SPECULATORS were driving OIL prices to never before seen highs DURING a recession that THEY say started in the Fall of 2007??
Are these the guy’s you think will SAVE us???

HOOCH…Do they make you wear a HOCKEY HELMET when you get near anything with sharp edges or ride in a car???

I think you’ve given us all a very interesting glimpse into your MIND…All I can say is…W O W!!!