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Hi there.

I’m looking to become a landlord. I just need to get my husband on board. :cool

I’m in metro Detroit.

Hello Im a total Newbie from the Battle Creek area.

The best policy before you become a landlord get a apartment managers job and then decide.

I am in The Hartford area just west of Kalamazoo. I have 12 sfh and 2 duplexes. Working on more

That is what I was going to do before I had my stroke. I bought properties in Detroit and I live in California. Buy your houses cheap, fix them up and rent them out. Maybe consider land contracts for your purchases. Too bad cause I am sitting on vacant properties in Detroit right now.


Just getting into the wholesale business, looking to build my buyers list and pick up more sellers. I am located out of the Sanilac County but look to network all over the thumb area. Just thought I would get started here to learn from the best and to share some of my success and tips.

Find you a good real estate agent in your area to find you deals before they hit the MLS and used the agent to closed all your deals.

Hello everyone… I’m a newbie here looking for a real estate agent at Michigan… I wish to have a house in Indiana…

Hi. I’m a newbie. Been wanted to get into RE investing for some time. Just never took the plunge. I have read books, but never took action.

I am going to do this. Failure is not an option. I live in the Metro Detroit Area. I am beginning by looking for a Real Agent, and then go from there.

I am wishing everyone luck, and good deals.

See you on the “flip” side.


Hi! I’m a new wholesaler/investor in the battle creek area! I’m looking for someone experienced in Real Estate to network with!

My name is Cork. I am in the detroit metro area. I have a 4 property package in NC. Looking for investor to purchase deal, then rehab and rent. 3 props in High Point, 1 in Greensboro. Will pay bird dog to find investor or rehab person that closes on the deal. I am looking to network and build a buyers list. I am looking to partner up on some deals.

Hello. Everyone I am new to the site. I am a real estate appraiser and have been for over 10 years. I am looking for someone who is interested in tax liens. If you are interested I have a sweet deal for you. It involves me doing FREE WORK for you.

Hello everyone!

I’m about 15 min outside of Ann Arbor and my fiance and I are VERY excited to begin our investing careers. We are especially interested in multifamily properties. We are just looking to network with experienced investors in this area that might be able to help us take the next step!

Hi All,

Pretty new to this forum, posting on it at least. I’m one of the founding members of the REIA of Macomb and have had quite a few folks walk in the door that found us here. Hope to network with you soon.

Make It Happen,
Dylan Tanaka
Founder-REIA of Macomb

Hello Everyone,

I have actually been around on this forum for a few years but have never introduced myself. My name is Leroy Williams. I am a rehab contractor based in Farmington Hills MI. I am also establishing myself as a real estate developer in Detroit’s Midtown area. I am always looking to partner with serious real estate investors in the area. My specialty is rehabbing in preparation of rentals or flips.


My name is Dan Hornsby and this is my first post and I’m excited to get started investing in real estate. I’m currently residing in Southeast Oakland County, MI and I have lived in Oakland County pretty much my whole life. What I hope to gain is the opportunity to get into a joint venture or partnership of some kind and get some deals done. Technically speaking I have no “first hand” experience but I have learned a lot from webinars, articles, books, and such. I feel experience is the best teacher though. I’ll be honest and say that I also have $0 funding of my own to put into any deals starting out. My goal, in the beginning, is to get together with someone with the ability to finance fix-and-flip deals while I manage the projects and split the profits 50/50 with as much or as little interaction deemed necessary by the investor. I do have a job right now but I would like to do RE investing full-time starting sometime in the beginning of 2013. I have a wife and son which means I’m very motivated to succeed!


Hi I am looking for wholesalers in Michigan selling properties in Oakland and Macomb County. I prefer distressed properties. PM me.

I have a very spacious 5 bed room house on Detroits westside fully brick very little work needed for 10k sold as is please contact if interested PM me.

Detroit area Real Estate Professional looking to syndicate Real Estate Investment projects with fellow investors.

I currently work for a Commercial RE Brokerage firm in Southeastern Michigan.

If you’re in the market to buy/sell commercial properties (office space, warehouses, industrial facilities, vacant land, multi-family) in the Detroit Area or surrounding communities, reply to this message so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your objectives and determine an investment strategy.

Thank You.