magnetic car signs

has anyone used the magnetic car signs? what kind of results?

I’d love to know this too as I’m thinking ordering such signs or even “wrapping” my car.

I’d wrap the car. Magnetic signs are everywhere and often over looked. You need to stand out from the crowd for effective marketing.

Embrace the future and use a programmable LED sign from I have had good results with mine and you can program it to sell and buy, webiste phone #, etc. - up tp 60 messages. And it has 40 preprogrammed messages accessed at the touch of a button such as "Back Off!!! and “Your exhaust smells.”


i get a pretty good amount of looks. haven’t gotten a deal as of yet, although a few people have stopped me at the gas station asking if I had any rentals, or rent to own properties. it’s only a matter of time before i get a deal. once i do i’ll be purchasing a mobile led. ;D

I’ve been using them for two years but so far I can’t trace any deals to them. However, it is cheap marketing and you never know…

I have used magnetic car signs but no luck yet. I leave them one for another form of advertising.

I have heard to not advertise your company using your car. The explanation given is that if you ever get into a car accident where you are at fault, the other person tends to exaggerate even more the extent of their pain figuring that a company has a lot more money it can pay out.

Anyone like to confirm or deny this?

That is certainly a plausible explanation rkmin. I don’t drive my wrapped car unless I am doing something exclusively for business and I must contain my road rage. I advertise my company every chance I get when I’m prepared to be on my best behavior. (Which is why I don’t advertise on here).

I heard somewhere that your car is seen on average by 15,000 people per day. I can’t miss that opportunity to advertise. This also explains why I think magnetic signs are stupid.

your biggest problem is that if the insurance company finds out you use your car for business like that, you could be in trouble. You are supposed to have commercial insurance if using your car for business. If you get in an accident, take the signs off.

How would the insurance company know that you are doing business? For all they know you were out picking your kids up from school or going to get groceries at the store.

if you got “i buy houses” on the car, then you are using it for business.

talk to an insurance agent and see what they say. Maybe I am wrong but this is what iwas told many years ago by several people. I know dominos pizza used to require all their drivers to have commercial insurance policies.

I guess you would have to talk to your agent…but I would think that Dominos would be different than an ad because most people don’t drive around with a dominos sign on their car when they are not delivering. A lot of times I put the magnetic signs on my husbands car simply because he puts on more mileage than I do during the day but he is not doing my business. I just am using the car to advertise, not work. I think it would be a different thing.

yes they work for me. I got one pair from this website they are the best! They do free design for you! And I will order one bumper sticker-magnet.
And I paid only $49 for 12x24 2 full color laminated magnetic signs! This is the best advertising purchase I ever made!.

How is everyone’s real estate investing going?

What does wrapping cost btw?

I had 3 cars done at once and it was $3k for each.

On one hand…ouch. On the other hand I bet its catchy and eyecatching. Also, unlike a billboard your ad moves around town daily and is a one time fee, not monthly.

Yeah it’s not free, but you can’t miss a well designed wrapped car. As long as the design doesn’t make the car look too busy and is easy to read, it’s extremely effective. Anywhere you drive or park people turn their heads.

Especially when your sign says:

Investor Seeks Apprentice
Earn $20,000-$50,000 a month
then your phone number.

That’s what me and my investors are doing on a monthly basis.

We are generating huge money with our opportunity.