Is Real Estate SEO Worth It

Hey Guys,

Do you guys think it is worth it to advertise online using SEO?
This SEO company owns and they are offering to rank my site as well. I can see they are ranking really well for things like “need to sell my house” and they do get leads every day. If I decided to pay for SEO, I would like to do it with someone who has proven to get results, and seems to have the results to back the claim.

Worth it or not?

You don’t advertise using SEO. It’s a different marketing technique.

In advertising, you ride on a medium can provide content (TV Shows, websites, etc) to show your ads. In SEO, you create your own medium (website) and then build it so that search engines can notice it easily.

Use SEO for Marketing purpose, for advertising you can use classified sites and biggerpockets

I must say it is worth it but you need patience and hardwork for this to work.

It depend, if your advertise online, your banner will be attach on your website, so it can be good for your seo too, if the banner will be present during a long time.

SEO is a good technique. It will increase brand awareness and help to improve your website ranking in search engine.

I don’t know what you think about this problem but in my opinion, real estate is a high competitive market so we SHOULD use online marketing to attract our potential customers. Building a Website for each project and run PPC and SEO are good ways we can do. I often do these things and the results are amazing.

I often do keyword research carefully before hiring SEO and PPC services. If you want to ask this question, my answer is YES.

SEO can also help to rank Real estate website. If you will not do SEO of your website, your website willn’t rank in the Google SERP’s and thus you may decrease the number of leads, which you may get by doing SEO.

Hence, it’s important to do SEO of the real estate websites. You will get good result, if you are selecting the right SEO agency.

SEO is a powerful tool to put your business in front of targeted people. These are the things I explain to many of my clients that its best to get in front of your targeted audience versus chancing them.

It deifinitely increases awareness and more traffic .

Hi Shilpa,
I agree with you. SEO is a digital marketing technique.

Of course its worth, I am ranking for very competitive keywords “house buyer” and “house buyers” in the first page on 5th and 9th positions. It’s just because of SEO marketing. And working hard to get the 1st position in one of them

SEO in a comparative takes a lot of time and lot money, but is probably worth it. I say probably because I am working on SEO myself. Oncarrot or Leadpropeller are two subscription based services that offer a basic site and good education to get you going. I went through the education and am almost ready to start hiring out part of my SEO.

I started working on my real estate investor website a year ago in the bay area. Ranking high for top keywords and getting leads/deals. Like networking with agents, it’s a slow process but will pay dividends down the road.

SEO is one of the best ways to generate leads online.

Yes, definitely worth it. It will take some time to establish depending on how competitive your market it. It’s hard work as well.

SEO of course is worth it . . . in-bound marketing - particularly SEO which does not have direct expenses - is wonderful.

However, if anyone promises you anything regarding SEO it’s silly. If he already HAS a site, why would he ever help rank your site above his?

Also what “technique” is he going to promise that you can’t do without him.

SEO is definetly worth it. And if you stick to it and get ranked well in google it will pay off huge. Adding good content maybe with a blog will help alot with SEO

With the new algorithm from Google, it won’t take as long to rank your website if keywords, speed, and other details up to Google’s standards. There are tons of tools you can use to help you with this, I prefer to use SEO Moz tools to get some insight on what it is I have to do. It takes work but it’s definitely worth it.

SEO is a great strategy for long term lead generation, and when you couple that with instant lead generators such as adwords and facebook ads you can really start to see leads flow in. To be honest I would recommend reading a few books on SEO ( amazon has great ones that were just released recently) so you can get familiar with the terminology and how things work. A lot of companies out there more than willing to take your money for “immediate rankings” but you need to make sure they arent being spammy with your site and they are producing relevant and useful content for motivated sellers. You also want to make sure they arent “buying” links as this is a BIG NO NO for google. Well worth it though! In one of my markets I continually get leads because I am ranked for 4 really good keywords and I am top spot