Is It Right time To Invest In Real Estate?

Over all economic condition is a bit critical so it is good to invest in real estate now?

Was that a question or an answer?

Yes if you have cash money.

why do you say if you have cash money? I know it depends on the situation but are you saying it wouldn’t be wise to pull equity to purchase property in our current economic state?

If you have the credit and equity there would be nothing wrong with it.

The question is not “Is this the right time to invest in real estate”. The question is “Is this the right real estate deal to invest in?”.


No, no, and no. and If this post eliminates one competitor in my area it was worth it.


I think Warren Buffett’s quote “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.” is applicable here. A lot depends on your own financial condition too though.

I love greedy investors because they always overlook good deals or maybe they are reading a book on how to invest.

Really…? Reading books on how to invest is sign of greed and will make sure they overlook good deals? I don’t understand. :anon

I’m surprised by the commentary I saw here. First off, I think I saw a post where they are trying to eliminate the competition? Why? I make competition my partners. Second I have an abundance mentality. Wealthy have partners, they didn’t get to where they are alone.

And YES, with real estate it is always a great time to invest. It doesn’t matter the cycle, that’s the beauty of it.

It is the right time to invest in everything if you know what you are investing in and know the market. Investing in Las Vegas, versus say Manhattan. There are so many variables to consider. Are you thinking flipping? Rental Properties? Commercial Real Estate? Residential? Overseas (currency fluctuation)…
That seems an impossible question to answer.

Good evening Chris,

My question and yours is…Is it the right time for You to be investing? Charleh is right, do you know what area of real estate you are getting into? There are so many ways to control/invest in the real estate market.

Buy fix sell
Vacation rentals
Subject to’s
Lease Ops
on and on…
Mean while this website is a great place to get answers, pick a type of real estate that you have great passion for, get educated and get ready to make some real money in your area of real estate.


Thanks Charlieh And God WNZ.

What would be the difference If i want to invest more in a single type of real estate investment and invest more in different types of real estate?

another “YES”

The time never matters because you can make money in good and bad times but natural because there is more opportunity you can def make more in bad financial times. I agree with the Buffet statement but it comes down to mindset.

Would a cash flow property can be profitable than other types of real estate investments?

What? :anon

…and, here, I thought it was just me.