Is everyone else here as tired of the word "socialist" as I am???

Seriously is there nothing else you freakin’ crybabys have to talk about.

It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old. Do you have to come here and whine because NO ONE ELSE will listen to you? Have your friends and family deserted you because you have become so freaking ANNOYING!!!

Seriously get a life. Take up a hobby. Volunteer in your community. Just do something other than post here complaining.

The economy is recovering. Everything that you moronic naysayers are predicting is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I can’t believe I am saying this but all of this constant whining makes me miss Positive Outlook. At least he had something to say besides . Socialist Socialist Socialist Socialist Socialist.

It is like a broken record.


They’re just JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON…The Right Wing MEDIA outlets have been using the “SOCIALIST” term since OBAMA became President.

The FUNNY part???

GEORGE W. BUSH was more of a SOCIALIST than any President in
R U S S I A N history (never mind OUR’S)

Yet when DUBYA was sitting in the White House…NOT A SINGLE MENTION of SOCIALISM…

Very interesting…

CATTLE Chris…They’re ALL a big stinkin’ bunch of CATTLE.

Why THINK for yourself when you can have FOX NEWS do it for you!!!

It’s a wrong assessment of the facts. Socialism is a system where the government directly owns and manages businesses. Corporatism is a system where businesses are nominally in private hands, but are in fact controlled by the government. Which one sounds more like the USA?

I’m just sick of the complaining.

I like hearing about rookieNYC making money.

I like hearing about jake making money.

I like making money.

I even like Hoosiers goofy postings.

If I want to be depressed I will turn on the news.

It gets so freakin’ old coming to my favorite internet forum and seeing people doing nothing but complain about the government.

People can say what they want about “don’t read what I post if you don’t like what I have to say”, but when every single new thread has the word “socialist” in it it gets very old and stale.

I get it. You don’t like the president. You know what WHO FREAKIN’ CARES. I am not very fond of him either but I fill my life with other things. I don’t sit around and whine to strangers on the internet.

You know I say all the time that everybody is a socialist. We really like having an interstate highway system. Rural electrification would never have happened in a pure capitalist society and air traffic control is a real plus.

We are on this board and most of us are rich Americans. I believe that if you snapped your fingers and this country was now Russia, then most of us here would just be rich Russians. There are industrious people everywhere and they turn out better than those of us that are sluggish. We on this site are pretty industrious people. The form of government has nothing to do with how successful we are unless we are bureaucrats…


you are absolutely right. I should have named the thread “Is everyone else here as tired of the COMPLAINING as I am???”

I agree, its one thing to state an opinion, but the constant name calling of “socialist” is really old. Its nice to hear all viewpoints about national debt, our freedoms, gun control, and the economy, but to be ridiculously dogmatic with the screams of “socialist” for EVERY SINGLE EVENT is just LAME.

What do you mean MY goofy posting Chris? Im not goofy, im super serious… :cool

It’s not one bit surprising that the socialists on this board would like to talk about something else. Please, feel free to do so. Every single person on this forum has the ability to start posts. So, stop whining and post something!

It's a wrong assessment of the facts. Socialism is a system where the government directly owns and manages businesses.


I (slightly) disagree. Socialism is a system where the government owns or controls the means of production. I’d say that our government is making GREAT strides toward that goal! However, in reality, I don’t think there is an ounce of difference in practical terms between communism, socialism, marxism, and corporatism.

The Right Wing MEDIA outlets have been using the "SOCIALIST" term since OBAMA became President.

…and I know why they are doing that… BECAUSE OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST.

Christopher W,
I have to agree with you…Im so tired of this endless BS I just watch and dont even bother to post…Never mind the fact that Im busy doing deals (which I had one in Texas and you never returned my call)…Im assuming you are busy too…Isnt socialism great !!!..I will disagree about PositiveOutlook…I will take Mike and his ammo and underground shelters anyday over that whining know it all…But I hear where you are coming from…This political babble is pointless…Most forums do not allow politics,religion and sex so Mike is forunate he has this additional outlet to voice his opinion…But IMHO he does it to be a sh*t stirrer…And that is something I dont agree with

QFT, PM does like to stir lol. I don’t think he really believes half the things he’s posting.

Although I really prefer to stay out of politics nowadays… its obvious that Obama IS a Socialist, as was Bush.

Yes… by deffinition, Obama is a Socialist… so I agree with Mike.

Ok now im out of politics for a while! Dont bash me!


Sorry I must have missed your message. I had a referral that came from you and when I left a message for the guy I never heard back from him.

Business has been like gang-busters as the tax credit ends tonight and all the fools that waited and waited and thought it would be extended again realized that once its gone tonight at midnight it is gone for good.

Free 8k…

WHO FREAKIN CARES!!. We get the point… You don’t like the president or his policies. As I said before go do something to make the world a better place. Run for office, become a Big Brother to one of your slummy tenant’s kids, volunteer at your church…But wasting your life away calling the president a socialist is a complete waste of everyone else’s time. you have become like the whining noise that an old car engine makes. There is nothing you can do about it, but it is still extremely annoying.

The only thing I am complaining about is your moronic postings about whack job militias, guns, the end of western civilization (which is most certainly NOT HAPPENING. Hopefully all that extra food and water you bought will stay fresh for a LLLOOOONNGGGG time) and socialism.

FDJake is right! EVERYTHING you predicted would happen is NOT HAPPENING. How’s that FORD stock working for you? Oh thats right you sold because they were going to be bankrupt. So please tell me who your picking in the NHL Finals and the NBA finals because I am going to fly to Vegas and bet against your picks because right now your picks are 100% wrong! You have no credibility on ANYTHING other than how to be a slum lord. Please point out one prediction that you have made that has come true. Please… anything…


I hope your right. I am from Ohio as well and some of the comments made here give Ohioans a bad name.

To be fair… Mike could still be right (and I think in the back of my head, he is) that the inflation/debt just hasnt quite hit us yet, and will send us in a BIG double-dip reccession.

Only time will tell.

Please point out one prediction that you have made that has come true. Please... anything....

I predicted the housing bust 2 full years before it happened. I also predicted the coming collapse of the USA probably 2 years before it will happen.

Propertymanager is obviously a smart, well-spoken guy. When he’s not a Johnny One-Note.

Personally, I LIKE driving across those Socialist (Government-built, with OUR money) bridges. No fording creeks and rivers for me.

I sent our kids to the Socialist Public Schools. I didn’t want to pay a private tutor.

The Socialist Border Patrol and State Police arrest drug-dealers and criminals for me. I just let them do it. It doesn’t feel like they are taking away my rights. In fact, I would HATE that job.

I like the Socialist Airport Controllers. The Socialist Diplomats who negotiate and try to prevent war on my behalf. The Socialist Food and Drug Administration and Public Health officers. I like 'em all.

And I like our Socialist President who is doing a heck of a fine job in the world’s most difficult job.

So maybe “Socialist” isn’t a cuss word after all.


Heck of a fine job? :bs Do you live in this country??

I’d just like FO to be honest and admit that SHE IS A SOCIALIST! She is always 100% behind the Socialist in Chief and big government socialism. Why not hold her head up high and admit to being a socialist. Many of Obama’s advisors have come clean as has Bertha Lewis!

Why is it the left can’t admit what they believe and what they are? If you’re a socialist and believe in big government socialism - why not admit it and be proud of it?

Mike, why are you so consumed with socialism? And why do you see it every where?

You’re like a mad mathematician consumed by the inequality sign. Every post you mention socialism like 10 times. And you definition is so BROAD, ANY government policy can qualify as socialism once this COUNTRY HAS A GOVERNMENT.

So explain to me how government is supposed to work without any of your broad definition of “socialism.” How do you see government working without any socialistic policy?

Your comment is right out of the socialist playbook. Instead of seriously discussing an issue, you want to argue over the definition of plainly understood words. Where have I heard that before - what is the definition of “IS”. C’mon!

I am not against the government doing their constitutionally authorized functions. I AM against the government taking over large portions of our ecomony (socialism). I AM against the government taking money from the productive to give to the lazy. I AM against bailing out private companies and individuals. I AM against higher taxes. I AM against attempts to damage the 1st and 2nd Amendments. I AM against a socialist being in the White House and socialists being in Congress!!!