Internet Marketing

Just looking to add to this list of items I’m going to look into for marketing on the internet. I’m sure some of these items are stupid or not worth it, but the intention of the list was just to brain dump ideas. Can anyone add anything?

* Craigslist
* Ebay
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Google Local Business
* Buyers Squeeze Page for Morris County
* Post Articles on Digg, Squidoo, eZine, eHow, HubPages
* Company Website
* Put website on all my marketing
* Look at Adwords
* Back Links – press release, posting on blogs, publishing articles
* Use Software to determine other sites inbound links
* Use Sitemaps
* Create a blog for local real estate information
* Investigate what inman wiki is
* Figure out different ways users can find my site
* Email Local Realtors and Attornies to discuss linking to my site for a return link
* Submit articles to Real Estate Investing Sites like ReiClub, Flipping Homes and Creo Online
* Create a Faq for local buyers
* Follow local message boards and post blog entries related to the latest topics
* Hire someone to post craiglist ads (
* Offer Realtors an ebook on how to increase webtraffic in exchange for something
* Do Keyword research for google, yahoo and bing
* Get ranked for Whippany Real Estate, Hanover Real Estate, Cedar Knolls Real Estate and Morris County Real Estate

you can post an article on and

you can even list your website in some high volume internet directories like DMOZ and yahoo

I would also try some social networking sites like,,

good luck

Google Adwords is the best for lead generation. If your looking for a lot of leads consistently, Google has the best platform by far. I generate 50 leads per day, every day.

However, if your not looking to pay for your leads, build a list through Twitter. You can buy software for $50 that can add “friends” every day automatically. Of course those friends should be targeted. Once you build a list of 10k targeted friends on Twitter, you will get 2-10 leads a day.

I was just going to ask a question on the forums about adwords. How targeted do you get with your long tail keywords? Say if I want to target Morris County, would I bid on the long tail keyword “Morris County Real Estate”? What terms do you recommend?

Use anchor text with the phrase you want to rank well in Google when you build links.

You can add to the list Comments on blog posts.

I agree Twitter is a great tool to use to generate leads. You don’t have to pay $50 for the software either. I came across a $17 product that works wonders. I think its Check it out as I have about 4000 followers in just 2weeks.

I like twitter we get lots of traffic and sell our product on twitter…

Looks good. I grew up in Morris Country btw

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use twitter. I signed up for an account and instantly started following people in order to get a return follow. Got up to about 300 in a few days and then realized that about 280 of those followers just spammed the crap out of my account.

I’m going to start working on quality followers by posting quality tweets. This will take a long time but if I get a couple hundred quality followers that’ll out do a couple thousand spammers.

PLUS i’ll be able to follow only people I like and not have to filter out junk.

Tweetdeck is a good tool though for the iphone…just wanted to throw that in there.

Hey Scostell,

You can go to my website, its in my signature block below, look on the top of the page I have ppc ad for free software. Well, it’s like mindjet and realquest some the functions are free but it’s enough. It allows you to browse Google and view the Adwords keywords of ANY Adwords advertiser. So, you might it get some ideas what the advertiser are using. You can also go to Google adwords and type in a couple keywords and see how they rank

Hey Guys,

           Why not find a web site that does all the marketing and advertising for you, that drives buyers and sellers together, that allows landlords and tenants to meet up and provides all the information and resources to support your real estate investing goals.

Something that does all the marketing tricks you discussed and many more without you doing the work, that way you have more time to do what really makes you money which is investing in real estate.


Is that some shameless plug for your site?


I don't see anything in that post that say's anything about his site, in fact I think it say's "Find a site" so do your searching?

There are what 25k members here, everybody started somewhere and at least a couple thousand of you members have there own business or website so take it easy on these new guys!

Welcome REIRNY

Good luck,


Wow. Thanks a lot for the tips. The instrument with their names makes it very specific and understanding. I hope it’ll drop some light on real estate marketing.
Thanks a lot again.

Hello to everyone. Can anybody tell how twitter works in the real estate market. Or how a company gets the benefit out of it. Thanks

Just some points.

Article Marketing - All you need is a good informative content.
Forums - Make sure that your joining “do follow” sites
Twitter - Place for targeted potential client and build friends in the end convert them to be your marketing arm.
Facebook - Fun page is something to concentrate.
Squidoo - “No follow” site but very popular use it as advantage.
Hubpages - “No follow” site but very popular use it as advantage.

and many more SEO secrets that you can learn by joining forums.

in addition, you may want to try squidoo, hubpages, article sharing sites, review sites such as yelp, well just brainstorm around the net and find new ideas…

but your list looks good…

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and forums are what I usually do. Forums give me more revenue than the other. Find forums with high traffic,… you can see it in Big-Boards.

Some great suggestions. I’ve been going through the 30 day challenge to help me gain knowledge and experience in getting good SEO and traffic to my probate webpage. The 30DC is mainly about getting traffic for selling affiliate products, but you can transfer the concepts and ideas pretty easily over to marketing for leads.

I’m on day 27 and still learning. Haven’t gotten any leads yet, but I think that is because my content articles probably aren’t the best. I need to get better. I have learned a ton about probate from just writing the articles so that is a plus as well.

I will ad that some of the tools that the training uses will eventually require a purchase (they all have free trials for 30+ days) but those tools only make it easier, you can work with out them for sure.

Sorry for the cross post, I replied to thread called “Onine marketing” Page 2 of this pdf has nice graphic mind map of traffic sources. 2 online (free and paid) + “recycled” which has some online/internet methods.

This is a generic map, not one specifically for investing.