Internet Marketing

Thanks for sharing the mind map Becky.

I’ve been having some decent success in getting people to my site using adwords and article marketing to improve my SEO. With Adwords I was getting about 15 visitors a day and without I’m getting about 5. I’m 2 months into my marketing at this point.


I hunted around a little on Google for you and here are some sites you might want to check out.

I do my own online marketing, but if you have the money to hire a company go for it!

This is all great information! I am really glad I read all the ways people are advertising out there. A lot of this I knew but its great to get new and innovative ideas for Internet advertising:)

I think twitter has a little good intereface with real esatet where you can market your properties.

In the same vein: location, location, location!
The mantra should be content, content, content on your website.

Content that is original and information for the visitor (it will work for search engines too!)

Create content which has good traffic keywords (but are not too competitive). The more the content - the greater the potential traffic.

I use 2 products Market Samurai and Traffic Travis (free version)

here is one tool you must have that is easy to learn
For those of you who uses bandit signs, post cards, flyers, billboards, here is another tool you can use.
I found this amazing tool that hardly anybody knows about, while I was looking for voice broadcasting service. This guy sells online money making product with it, I don’t know what his vision was at the time…but this is what I saw and tried it and worked great for me, ask yourself how can I use this tool. You will be amazed what you come up with, when you ask yourself this one little question, sometimes just having an open mind you would see tools and technique that were there all this time but just didn’t see them, and this is one of them…

I know there is going to be people saying it’s a scam, take it for what it’s worth, I was going to keep this tool for myself and not share my findings….just cause I don’t want to have people saying I just want to make money, who doesn’t. But I said what the heck I know a lot of you will thank me for sharing… But if this was a scam Google would not be trying to buy them out for $800,000,000 yes almost 1 Billion Dollars. That should tell you something they know where technology is going.

Mark’s post reeks of spam btw. Just wanted to point that out to those who might be a little naive.

Adding to the post, I would recommend you guys look into affiliate marketing - where others promote for you and you pay them per lead. This can be really successful for some if you do your homework.

here’s top 10 internet marketing strategies:

  • Start with a web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy.
  • Get ranked at the top in major search engines, and practice good Search Optimization Techniques.
  • learn to use Email Marketing Effectively.
  • Dominate your marketing niche with affiliate, reseller, and associate programs.
  • Request an analysis from an Internet marketing coach or Internet marketing consultant.
  • Build a responsive opt-in email list.
  • Publish articles or get listed in news stories.
  • Write and publish online press releases.
  • Facilitate and run contests and giveaways via your web site.
  • Blog and interact with your visitors.

Can’t stand these spam guys that market their own crap to get us to spend money on them. Thanks andresh.

Hi All, I originally meant to post the following message under THIS “internet marketing” discussion, but for some reason (very big chance by my own doing), it created a whole new discussion. Maybe since this became such a popular subject, there’s no more room for more comments? Anyway, I guess I’ll find out once I hit the “post” button. So even though I’ve gotten really good feedback from Chrisbuyshouses in the other discussion…Hi Chris! I want to see what other’s suggestions or ideas might be. So here is the original post, thanks in advance for your help!

"Hi guys,

I would really like to get your advise on an internet marketing campaing I plan to roll out by the end of May. Alot of you here seem to be very internet savvy, so thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me.

I will be placing 10 second, full screen ads in targeted youtube videos in order to attract motivated sellers. My ads will include a link with my website (hyperlink), which of course will allow an interested viewer to go directly to my capture page from my Ad. My questions is, what do you guys suspect motivated sellers are actually watching on you tube?? I was thinking of who my previous sellers have been, and all of the folks I’ve dealt with have been working class, blue collar, over 40 yr. old americans. Now, I live in Texas, so most of the blue collar folks I know, tend to be of conservative values and Christian beliefs. Now please, I’m not trying to make this post about politics and hope you don’t either, but do you agree? Maybe they like to view Sarah Palin, republican propaganda, voting republican videos, ect. I mention this, because in order for this campaing to get me the best results, I need to have my ad in front of targeted, high traffic videos. The marketing program I’ll be using works with keywords in order to help me select the videos that will give me the best targeted audience as possible. But in order to know the keywords I should use, I need to aslo be aware of who my audience is. Any other suggestions on what you believe motivated sellers might be into on you tube??? Thanks!!"

The marketing program I'll be using works with keywords in order to help me select the videos that will give me the best targeted audience as possible. But in order to know the keywords I should use, I need to aslo be aware of who my audience is. Any other suggestions on what you believe motivated sellers might be into on you tube????

This depends on what you’ve found in your research (if you know how).
I, myself, have several 1 place rankings on the search engines (most notably, Google), as well as 3-4 of the top rankings on the 1st page for certain keywords. I’ve done it for my sites as well as other investors’ sites.

Although YouTube is an excellent lead source, it has been my experience that folks aren’t looking on YouTube for someone to buy their house. I’ve yet to use it for my marketing anyways. That being said, I’d still recommend using it. Google not only loves YouTube, but now owns it. :slight_smile: If you’re going to use video, I suggest submitting your video to It will post your video various other video sites…YouTube included.

The key is to put yourself into a seller’s perspective. What would you type in the search box if you were wanting to sell your house? By simply asking how a seller got my number when he or she called, they said they got if off the internet. I asked them what were they typing to get what they were looking for. The majority used the terms “we buy houses”, “we buy houses (state)”, “sell my house”, “sell my house fast”. **This is without using quotes when entering the keywords into the search box. 99.9% of web surfers do not use quotes when searching for something.

Hope this helps and good luck!

all the social networking sites are very good to use for promoting sites online.

Internet marketing is become most effective marketing technique today. Its a best way to promote a product,service or any other thing online. There are many ways to do internet marketing like forums,blogs and social sites.

Write a press release, you can also use for marketing

Search engines Google adwords is the best for downline building. If your looking for a lot of brings continually, Search engines has the best system by far. I produce 50 brings per day, every day.

Hey Sarah,

what do you mean by “Brings”?

Internet marketing has low cost and low barrier to entry, but because of it, the web was saturated by other online marketers and outright spammers. What works best is to combine it with real person-to-person marketing.

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But many blog commenting sites will give you nofollow links, so google cannot crawl .

It looks like you have mentioned almost all the ways to do internet marketing. Direct mailing is good if you have the money to spend especially if you sent out postcards, because people will keep the postcards and call you at a later date when they need a realtor.