Internet marketing plan for information products

I have added several real estate investing information products to my website. I have been able to sell a decent number of the information products each month without doing much marketing. I would love to be able to increase the number of products sales each month, but do not yet have a marketing plan for doing it.

Any ideas? I wan to do this without creating a bill each month so please don’t bring up pay for click service like google ad words.


Craigslist is a viable source for you, only you have to figure out how get around the one post regulation they have. It can be done!!!

John $Cash$ Locke

how have you been able to manage it?


I have a software program that all I do is select the cities and the ad I want and it does the rest automatically.

I also use a service that will post for me, very reasonable 50 ads for $25.00 in the cities I select.

John $Cash$ Locke

Do you have affiliates? Also, you may want to form some Joint Ventures with people that are doing Internet Marketing in your niche. I’ll send you some stuff soon. I’m actually working on something really good that will help alot of people in this area.

I agree Lamar,

One of the easiest and least costly way to sell products on the internet is to set up your affiliate program and/or do joint ventures. This is also a great way to build your real estate list which could consist of buyers, investors, or sellers. It all depends on your strategy.


You failed to mention that having affiliates in a way increases your credibility in the industry. :slight_smile:

Hey Lamar,

My wife and I specialize in list building and email marketing. Our focus for our clients is building a customized funnel specifically for your business so that you can establish repeat long term business and most importantly, build a relationship with your list. It’s not enough to just have a website and you want to be able to qualify/disqualify them with your website on the spot.

By the way, I took sometime to go through your website.

If you are serious and interested we can coach you and assist you in developing your product. If you are interested shoot me an email or PM so that we can talk more, see if we are a good fit, and maybe help you out.


Back to the original question, has anyone seen or possess a viable 12 month plan that has been written out? I’m looking for an example to base my marketing efforts on.

I would stay away from craigslist. Too many scammers. If you have a good product or program to market you’ll get lumped together with all of the scammers and mlm’ers.

I’m not saying craigslist is a bad place to market, but you need to do it with caution. Also, anyone using “auto posters” should be shot. Those guys are screwing up craigslist for everyone else.

That’s just my opinion.

by the way, this is my first post. I really like this forum. Looks like lots of valuable info. :beer

In order to market on CL in a big way, you need multiple CL accounts and have the ability to change your ip address. I market there and have around 40 phone verified CL accounts and we put up about 65 - 70 ads daily.

It’s not real complicated and it does get results.


Are you doing it yourself or using Living Easy or Cray…

John $Cash$ Locke


it all depends on the products that are for sale and if they are something people look for. You’re asking for an SEO plan to generate leads. Not sure if anyone has written a month by month SEO plan specially since the internet is fast moving and what applied last year may not apply this year.

Again, it is highly depends on your products and how far are you willing to go to market them, but here are some ideas:

  1. if you have a large list with emails, start emailing them
  2. Provide a free report on something everyone would love to have on your site and for people to get it, they have to provide you with their email and name. you add them to your autoresponder (would cost you money sorry, but helps increase the conversion rate)
  3. Create helpful videos and place them on YouTube, these generate lots of viewings if the topic is relevant and desired
  4. Post on blogs of related nature, but make sure they do allow FOLLOW directive otherwise it is waste of time
  5. Keep writing articles on your site, give them information they must have
  6. Write articles and post them on the 100s of free articles sites to get back links and for people to find you

do it every day, and stick with it and with time, you will have the volume. But without advertising, you will have to wait for your site to be spread all over the net using the steps above

Now I can copy and paste this in a word document and repeat it under 12 different Month chapters if you like :smiley:

John - I use a combination of doing it myself and have a program called “adsoncraigs”. Typically, I’m in my office at the computer anyway so I have the opprotunity to place an ad every 15 minutees or so and I have another conmputer behind me that I set to run ads via the software.

This is for the technical people in the group:

  1. Download Microsoft Virual PC. this software allows you to run as many PCs and different OSs from within your single PC. Each runs in a window. The virual machine will have its OWN virual hardrive, registry, file system and so forth.
  2. Create new virual PC and virual harddrive name it “BaseOS”
  3. Load XP, or whatever windows software you have (you will need you license still)
  4. copy the files you created on a backup drive or another folder

Now you have a base windows machine. it will boot up like normal windows, with the basic windows installation. You can run it, transfer files to it, connect to the internet and so forth.

  1. download any trial version of software to your machine, in this case software to do Craigslist posting, matter as well use the best of them
  2. Install the trial on the virual PC you created and use it for 30 days trial.
  3. Once trial expires, delete the virual PC you’ve been using
  4. Make a copy of the backup you created, which has the OS on it
  5. Reinstall the trial version on it and use the trial for another 30 days

Like I said, this is for the technical people, might be too frustrating and too many steps for the novice

What are some good products to market/become an affiliate of?


what kind of response rate do you get, and what are you marketing?

Please send link to one of your product ads, pm is fine

I take it you had a lot of free time. :slight_smile:

Good idea though.

I spent the last month coming up with an overall promotion strategy that I think will work. Basically it involves many of the same principles that we use in REI marketing, which is as follows:

  1. Numerous Products ready for sale. Packaging, content, price, websites, affiliates and delivery
  2. Attracting buyers. Forums, direct mail, networking, seminars, emails to buyers lists and articles, etc using two step approach to get reader to take action
  3. Lead capture. They either buy or get on my email list with a squeeze page (depends on product)
  4. Prescreening buyers. Based on the content on site they’ll self screen to go forward
  5. Choosing exit. They either buy now or later based on drip campaign with networking, autoresponders and direct mail
  6. Closing. Using paypal on sites or in person at speaking engagements

The most important part of all this is presenting a good message and consistently doing it. The best thing about what we do in REI is that we have a simple message that gets blasted over and over again, either “I buy houses” or “I sell houses” in the areas where our customers frequently spend their time. You have to admit, it really does work.

For info products I don’t think it should be more complex than that either. That being the case, just come up with a good promotional message that has a good, eye catching headline; gives good information; informs the reader on what your offer and how it benefits them financially; and solicits action.

As for a twelve month plan, it’s as simple as deciding the actions you need to take each month to promote the message and repeating it over an over again.

Hassan, I’m heading in the same direction but taking a slightly different path. Instead of marketing my products and services directly I’ve decided to focus my efforts on my blog. The idea is that a blog is far more inclined toward generating high quality word-of-mouth viral marketing than is a website selling a product and nothing else–assuming that I continue to create useful quality content that my readers enjoy sharing with others.

At the moment I’m working to build my blog’s traffic up to a critical mass where my readers will keep it growing with little direct marketing effort on my part. At that point I will spend that time developing my products which will be related to articles on the blog (and those articles will link to my shopping cart).

Product sales will not be my only revenue stream from the blog either. There will be some advertising, some affiliations, and I’ll also do consulting by phone, all related back to the free content on my blog. It’s a nice little circle of growth.

So far, I have been able to keep up the traffic volume to my sites, however it has been a lot of work. I’ve reached the point where adsense pays for all of my website hosting expenses for all sites, plus selling several products each month without doing much marketing. How long have you been doing this and how have the results been?