Interesting Coversation- Who for Pres.?

Who you guys voting for? Im to young to vote, but im interested in who you guys think will be the best person to get the economy back on track?

I know a few people on her are Anti Hillary.

Somewhat off topic but not really. A new president matters on the economy, which affects investing.

Ya think???

At least I came by it (the anti-Hillyuri sentiment) honestly!


I am an independent. I would never vote for someone like Bush or the neo-con group. McCain is appealing to me and I do like him.

Here is my view on the issues… We currently have a huge deficit, we are at a losing war, and much more americans losing their homes and jobs (many will argue this point, but that is my view).

I am extremely anti conservative and the religious movement that is going on and was visible in Bush’s followers, but I am not a fan of the Ted Kennedy’s other extreme.

Who would I vote for? I would go with McCain because I like his views. If it was any other republican, I would have went with Hilary or Obama.

These two statements are diametrically opposed…

Now, if you had said, “I am a far left-wing Socialist and I like Hillary” than the sentence would make sense…she is a political cameleon that is currently masquerading as a “Centrist” but, believe me, nothing could be further from the truth. In the Senate she has bent the way the wind blows for her own gain.


Let’s face it - we have a TERRIBLE slate of candidates running for President. I am VERY conservative, but for the first time in my life, I changed my party affiliation and voted for Billary. Why? Because I’m SICK AND TIRED of having liberals posing as Republicans (McCain, Voinivich, DeWine, Governor Taft, etc). I’m not voting for another Republican that isn’t a conservative.

In addition, if the country is going to crash and burn (it is), I’d just as soon have a socialist at the controls!!!


So you’d vote for a Socialist posing as a moderate Republican? Oh my, Mike…I would have never thunk it!

You guys are trying to hijack my party again. It is the Republican party NOT the conservative party. All Republicans are not conservative. That is the problem with the party. If we can’t find a conservative to put up we just throw our hands up and put whoever in and give the election away. We did it with Bob Dole. We said well since we can’t find a conservative we will give the guy who is “his turn” the nomination. That leaves me with nobody to vote for. Instead of getting the best man for the job we just give it to this McCain guy.

I guess I have to vote for Hillary.

So you'd vote for a Socialist posing as a moderate Republican? Oh my, Mike...I would have never thunk it!

Neither would I. There are apparently a BUNCH of other Ohioans who feel the same way. According to today’s newspaper, it looks like there was a huge crossover vote in Ohio, with republicans voting for Hillary. I think a LOT of conservatives are sick of the fake conservatives!


Republican party is not what it used to be. Now it is more of a religious party than a republican one and is still in the game due to the religious support since they lost their base. Coupled with the failed administration that we had for the past 11 years, wrong war, etc. I just can’t see myself voting for a republican. McCain I like. The fact that the current republicans do not like him proves that he is on the right track as far as I am concerned.

Ummm…the Bush administration has only been in 7 years and 2 months…the Clinton administration was in office until January 2001 – where does the 11 years come in, in your mind?

I would agree that the Clinton administration was a failure on soooo many levels, so why would you vote for s’more of it only worse?


I will vote for McCain only because voting for Hillary or Barack would be 10x worse in my opinion.

I am a conservative, and a Christian one at that. So I really hate to vote for a liberal republican, but either Barack or Hillary get in and we got some serious problems. It’s a no brainer to me - vote for democrat socialism, or vote for a moderate republican.

I vote my morals first, and then economy and all others second. I just hope McCain makes a great pick for his VP running mate.

We have an unpopular war.
We have an administration that misled us as to why we were going to war.
We have an economy nearing or already in recession.
We have an administration that mishandled Katrina.
We have an administration that has used “Executive Privilege” to cover up their trails.
We have an administration that leaked the name of a CIA operative for political reasons.
We have an administration that taps our phone lines.
We have an administration that has created the most definitive party lines in the history of our country.
We have an administration that sits on the sidelines and watches their oil tycoon friends get rich while the majority of Americans pay for it.
We have an administration full of positions filled by incapable people, yet they are close the the Pres. so they got the job.
We have an administration that uses fear as a means to gather votes.
This administration caused the sub prime mess.
This administration gave tax cuts to the richest 1% of people in the country.
…And this is just a small sample of the incompetency that has led our country over the last 8 yrs.

I’m voting for the candidate who is as far away from this group of morons as possible…Obama '08!

I'm voting for the candidate who is as far away from this group of morons as possible...Obama '08!

You sound like a victim. I’ve never known a successful investor who was a socialist.


Yeah, a candidate who has been linked to Tony Rezko with fundraising. For those who don’t know Rezko’s court case starts soon over a $7MM dollar government scheme where he extorted money from companies who got government contracts. Rezko has helped alot of Illinois politicians with their campaign fundraising, and alot of that is in question.

They showed that alot of Obama’s campaign money for his election as senator came from Rezko, and they traced that to many companies who REFUSE to show where they got their money - and many of those companies are Arab companies. I’m not saying that Obama is an Al Quaeda operative, but don’t you think the terrorists like Iranian president (can’t spell his name) and Al Quaeda have something at stake here?

Hillary’s got her own fundraising skeltons in the closet. How soon they divert your attention: - and that’s from the “People’s Republic Radio”.

There are no clean politicians…

Bill was here in Laramie yesterday but I didn’t thin that I’d get a speaking part so I didn’t go…Obama is in-state now and will be in Laramie this afternoon. Apparently Hill-yuri saw no real need to bother herself her and sent the Junior Varsity on by…

stevie-o What are you smoking? Your imagination is way beyond recognition.

Dude, did you sleep through the Clinton regime?


All politicians lie their teeth off to get votes.
All politicians are corrupted by taking money from all type of people.

Bottom Line: Our system is corrupted. I DON’T believe in any of them and therefore, I WON’T VOTE for any of them.

It ain’t just me man. He is getting funds from Arab companies who refuse to show where they are getting their money from - you do the math.

On top of that, he is a member of a racist church of all african american membership.

Mike- I am an conservative Ohioan that also voted for Hillary in the primary but I did it because I wanted the Dems to keeping up the petty bickering. There is no way I could ever bring myself to voting for a party that continues to enable laziness and give endless handouts.

IMO republicans are the new democrats and democrats are now socialists.

PAUL 08!!!