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Hey, I’m an 18 year old Investor living in Chicago. I primarily do Wholesaling, and I am looking for Investors/Rehabbers to get rid of deals to…nice meeting anyone here(forum seems dead?) But look forward to making connections here nonetheless. :biggrin

Hey ashj1893,

I’m also a wholesaler in Chicago looking to network with other investors/buyers. I’m impressed that you are starting out investing so young. I wish I would’ve started at 18. But don’t let that work against you. Look at it as you having that many more years in your investing career. Shoot me an email if you or anyone else is interested in doing deals together.

What ways are you fellow Chicagoans networking and meeting buyers?

A great way to build your buyers list is to post ads on Craigslist Backpage and Ebay Classifieds looking for cash buyers. This gives me a solid 3-10 new buyers per week. You can also post “fake” ads on these sites for properties you have for sale. When the buyers contact you about them, just say that it is no longer available but that you come across these deals all the time so you will contact them when you come across another.

This method mostly gives you a quantity of buyers. If you are only looking for a few quality buyers, REI clubs/meetings are the best way to meet these buyers/investors.

Hello world, I’ve been soaking up all there is to know about wholesaling properties for awhile now and think its time to implement what knowledge I’ve gain to wholesale deals.I would prefer to find a partner/investor/mentor to assist me through the first few deals. I’d like to network with all investors out there anyone who likes to share ideas, strategies, or even deals. My short term goal is to wholesale 2-4 properties per month. That doesn’t sound that much but I can assure you that after each month that number WILL be higher, production WILL go up. Eventually when I gain enough capital from wholesaling I will like to get into buying and holding Apartment/Multi-units.I hope to hear from ALL of you guys, happy investing!

I’m still working towards that first deal…in the final stages…just need to build that buyer’s list a little more…and make some of those phone calls…


You mention REI Clubs, which do you attend/suggest here in Chicago?

Greetings! I’m looking to network with fellow investors in Chicago. If anyone is located on the North Side of the city and interested in meeting up, please send me a direct message.

WCRT, I came across your website. I’m thinking about checking out your sub-group at Four Shadows on the 21st. What is the attendance usually like?

Jay: I would be happy to share my personal resources with you and help you along the way.

WCRT: I used to attend a club in Peoria last year when I was located there but haven’t been to any yet here in Chicago. I’ve just been so busy studying for my CPA, working, and running my business. Do you know of any around the Mount Prospect area?

So I’m THIIIIS close to getting my first deal done…I just need to connect this other wholesaler with a buyer…and then do it again with the other property he’s got under contract…Then it’ll be my first two deals! :smiley: Waiting to come across another $5 for the $10 deposit to make it legal, if necessary…IDK if it is…I mean I’m basically gonna have a purchase contract assigned to me, and then I assign the contract to the end buyer…

Awesome ashj1893. Keep moving forward! I’m no lawyer but from what I’ve heard, at least in Illinois, you need to put down at least $10 to make it a legal contract. And you don’t have to actually pay the $10 until you close on the house. So if you end up cancelling the contract, you don’t have to pay the $10 anyways.

looking to network with other chicago sub investors. I am looking for rehab properties.

Shoot me an email and we can connect. I’m a wholesaler on the NW side.

Thanks, I look forward to possibly getting this property under contract (assigning the original assignment over to the end buyer) tomorrow…LOTS of loose ends I have to tie up on this one, though :stuck_out_tongue: I still need to keep going HARD!

P.S. Anyone have any idea as to how to locate the good wholesale deals in GOOD Neighborhoods? Cause almost all of my buyer’s list won’t even be bothered with War Zones(where most of the deals are, from my experience thus far)

One way is to just target “good” neighborhoods only when sending out yellow letters.

So it turns out these ARV’s, are usually VERY incorrect when mentioned by the sellers…so since I don’t have a car to do it myself, I would need to have an Agent do CMA’s for me, so how would I go about finding an Agent willing to do this for free? Aren’t I wasting their time? Keep in mind I’m only a Wholesaler atm…

Ah the joys of being a wholesaler in a down market… there are other ways! Just thought I would mention that.

As to the WCRT Subgroup, Subgroups are very very small informal hang outs, discussion, etc. So the vary in size. If you want to make a difference, attend the MAIN MEETING in Elmhurst on the first Thursday of the month. We are all about networking and education. Our presenters are strictly forbidden from hard selling their product. No “hurry to the back of the room” stuff at the WCRT!

We welcome all to join in. First meeting is NO CHARGE even.

But if you also want to attend the Sub group, by all means. Sometimes we have 5 sometimes 25. But in the end, it only takes one person, and it only takes you asking questions and being involved!

ASH - keep up the hard work. But maybe use some SMART Work along the path.

Thanks for the encouragement…although I am also applying smart work as well…haha But I personally won’t be able to make it out the meeting tonight(someone informed me via PM) as I can’t make it out there to Elmhust(at least not that I know of) without a car, so it’s not looking good. Good news is it looks as if I’ll be coming through with my first deal…have to wait and see how things work out tomorrow…in the meantime…much more hard…and smart work ahead!

Another meeting tomorrow night in Elmhurst ASH! Some pre-planning might be able to get you a ride, carpool, or maybe try ZIPCAR?