illegal alien thoughts......

I’ve noticed a few thread hijack attempts on illegal aliens. I’d be interested in hearing from people who rent to and have first hand knowledge of these people (me). It’s a plus if you speak Spanish and communicate with them on a monthly basis (me). So another words, if you just read the paper and watch the news, with no real experience first hand, don’t respond to this thread.

It should go without saying that the citizens of any country make it a good or bad place to live.Ever wonder just what happened to make this country so great?? It was the natural process of selection that took place many years ago when MOST of our ancestors choose to take a big risk and come to this country seeking a better life(obviously there was one minority group that didn’t choose to come here, and before you badger the illegals, look at those statistics). The less ambitious of the group were left behind. Through basic genetics this country has developed the way it has by the same attitude passed down generation after generation.

Most of the immigrants today whether legal or illegal, have the same general attitude when they arrive to the land of the free In fact, i believe that the illegal ones are even more motivated to become something great. I had a tenant not long ago tell me, the biggest difference between here and Mexico, when he sees a nice car here, rather than wonder what political scam the owner is involved in, or which drug car teller he works for, he instead tells himself someday that is going to be me. It is this attitude that makes our country a great place to live.

I sure wish there was a way to deport the deadbeats of our society instead of illegals, imagine the effect of that on our economy.

This country has laws that we ALL need to obey. Like it or not. If you’re here illegally, you’re breaking the law. You also undermine the people who actually entered legally. If illegal aliens are truly motivated, they should not have a problem doing it the right way. If you’re committing fraud and milking the system, citizen or not, you’re breaking the law. Able bodied people should be working, paying taxes and contibuting to society. Regardless of where they come from or how they arrived here. I believe there’s no gray area on this issue. Just obey the laws or face the punishment. Whether it’s deportation or jail, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

I’ve sold used cars to a BIG Latino population in Southern New England for a long time. Some legal, some not I’m sure.

Whether we like it or not, these people are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. For the most part they have taken over the construction and landscaping labor in my area. They’re smart, they SAVE their money, learn a trade, then start their OWN businesses.

They are also VERY active in politics. Remember the HEART BEAT of politics is MONEY!!! You can STILL provide money even if you earned it as an illegal. THAT’S why you don’t see LAWS being changed. The Catholic Church here is now one of THE BIGGEST supporters of illegals because THEY are about the only ones left in those churches on Sundays and they give $$$$$$$$$. We had a big to do around here recently when a local HVAC supplier simply ASKED a spanish speaking man for a greencard or SS card before he would sell him a part. THAT DID IT!!! Protests, picket lines (for both sides) TV and Talk radio had a field day with this.
Local Church leaders out in force supporting illegals.

In my opinion until the Goverment of this country changes the ridiculus laws we have, we’re screwed. These people come here illegally, have a BABY, and THAT CHILD is a CITIZEN of the U.S.A. They have no health care coverage so WE pay for the birth and CARE of the child with higher rates for services at ALL hospitals, which just means INSURANCE RATES GO HIGHER FOR US!!. But the BEST part is NOW they have a SPONSER for THEM to LEGALLY STAY in this country. THEIR BABY!!! When that child (an American citizen) hits 18, it can sponser the parents which greatly speeds up the process.

Want to stop this BULLSH*T??? Stop TREATING THESE PEOPLE at our hospitals and put a few EMPLOYERS in PRISON for hiring them. Yea, I know that is cruel, but come on. Who in their right mind wouldn’t do EXACTLY what these people are doing if WE lived in Mexico, Guatamala, Dominica, ect. We’re waving the welcome mat at these people. Then PAYING for their care when they arrive!!!

The goverment just threw Wesley Snipes in prison for tax evasion. I have NO simpathy for him. But, the REASON HE went to JAIL was because the IRS wanted it to get ATTENTION. What better way to keep everyone inline than seeing a Hollywood Star (??) going to jail. Even veteran IRS agents said that anyone else would have probably gotten parole. Use the sanme tactic with people who employ illegals. Have a nice ROUNDUP on the news, throw them in the slammer, hit 'em with BIG fines and see how much of an ILLEGAL ALIEN problem we have when NO ONE will hire these people anymore. All it will take is a few well know business people in your town to be led away in handcuffs on the nightly news and those people will be swimming the other way on the Rio Grande. NO JOBS…NO MORE PROBLEM!! Best part of it is…it won’t cost US ANYTHING.

I have no problem with anyone who wants to work coming to this country, and these people (the majority) certainly have PROVEN they want to work. But we need to stop PAYING them to come here because that is EXACTLY what we’re doing now.

Oh incidentally…Snipes used the EXACT same arguement some nut here spews every now and then…You know the “There’s no LAW stating you have to pay income taxes” Yea, maybe this guy can get an autograph of Snipes in his NEW pinstripes!!!

Not treat people in need of medical care? That is inhumane to even think that. Everyone in this country had ancestors or themselves who were migrants to this country at one time.

What if the native americans were united and had laws to prevent European migration, would that have made a difference? Would anything have changed? The fledgling United States conquered Mexican/Spanish troops to lay claim to Texas and with illegal immigration, it seems Mexico is taking it back.

To say illegal immigration should be stopped with extreme measures is being hypocritical, as any of us or our ancestors could have easily been on the other side of that coin.

I TOTALLY non-concur with this line of “reasoning”. While it is way off REI-topic, to bring in what happened in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries in areas if lawlessness is just a distractor to the realism of what is going on. These people absolutely, 100% know that they are here illegally and the taxpayers of the United States OWE them NOTHING!!! They should even be forced to pay the deportation costs!

…and, yes, I’m against pre-Civil War slavery reparations costs – unless someone alive can prove that they were a slave before the Civil War!


Keith, I think you missed the whole point of my post. I’m not condoning illegal behavior, immigration related or otherwise. What I’m saying is that EVERYONE in the U.S. IS or DESCENDED FROM migrants and it’s really horrible when people who live here already intend to treat you like dirt just for being illegal. I know you don’t honestly believe all European migrants did things the legal way like being processed through Ellis Island.

Look at what the Irish and Italians went through early in the 20th century, WAPS(sp), Without Papers, some were called, yet that time passed by and pretty much forgotten. Now Irish and Italians are accepted and no one talks about them anymore because they are now fully a part of our country. Another 50 years and we might have left of Latinos and jump on another set of migrants.

We, the taxpayers, might be paying for their health care, but look how much the country has benefitted from cheap labor and what we(as investors) charge for housing them. How would all of us investors be doing if this large pool of tenants picked up and went back home? Every person deserves life’s necessities if they are hard workers. Food, a roof, and health care.

If they’re hardworkers, They can stand on their own and SHOULDN’T NEED any help from “WE THE TAXPAYERS” because they would also be a taxpayer. If we’re paying for their healthcare, you can bet we’re paying their housing and everything else. If they had to pay everything themselves, their labor wouldn’t be so CHEAP.

[[[…What I’m saying is that EVERYONE in the U.S. IS or DESCENDED FROM migrants…]]]]

Not everybody.

My wife is part American Indian. Since they were here first, I have the ULTIMATE SPONSOR!! YEAH FOR ME!!! :banana :banana :dance :dance2 :dance :dance2 :elephant :biglaugh

My mother’s grandmother on her father’s side was a Cherokee so I’m 1/8th…just enough to claim Tribal association – now if we could just definitively prove it! Looking at my grandfather you would know without a doubt that there was Native American blood…he looked like a Cherokee.


If you really want to get technical, “native” americans like the ancestors of the Cherokee, Souix, Aztec, and Inca are migrants themselves. They came across the frozen sea through Alaska, not being nitpicky…just saying… :biggrin

This has morphed from the comic to the ridiculous…


I just had to comment here…as I live in a Los Angeles community that converted to a 100% hispanic area in the last 30 years. I think we can all see the benefits of the opportunity for these people and the cheap labor for our economy. They do work hard if they come from those depressed countries. Plus, what Nintendo-playing American kid is going to pick strawberries in the dead of heat for 6 bucks and hour??? PLEASE! BUT:

They turn the America into Mexico!!! Not kidding, the city has to come and pick up trash from the streets, they over-burden our social systems then fight for rights that they should go back to their country and fight for.

I agree, come here the right way, get medical treatment if you’re here (do not punish the mothers and children)-- just send them right back – allow people to work in this country but don’t reward the illegal stuff.

The immigrants know where they came from and the problem is (some/not most) their children take it for granted and cause problems because the parents where ignorant and didn’t teach them better. Just a quick note, I’m not intending to generalize – most of these people are great and teach their kids well. In fact, I married a legally immigrated Latino (and had his baby :biggrin – they’ve taken over my family, too). But ignorance works likes a plague and can destroy communities.

My humanity supports them here but I have seen a neighborhood go downhill because they do not adopt American ways, they are making us change (we all see it everywhere) and our government is not only allowing it, but supporting it — that is different!

Finally!!! Nice to see a post from someone without a pitchfork and a torch. I totally agree with what you say

I don’t think there’s a “pich fork & torch” mentality. I just think the rules should apply to everyone. I know a few people who entered this country legally. They went through a lot time & effort. Why should we reward people who break the law?? Why? It really is that simple. You can put any spin on you like. Deadbeats are deadbeats regardless of ethnic backgrounds. I don’t care how hard you work. If you work and don’t pay taxes… YOU’RE A DEADBEAT AND A THIEF. I’d have a lot more too if I didn’t have to pay taxes. If you want to live in this country, you live by the laws. O.K I’m off my soapbox. Time for some RE discussions.

Here in So Cal we call them anchor babies. They come here, drop their anchor and stay.


I try to be tolerant, but we have an outbreak of measles in Pima County (Phoenix) Arizona. Yes I said measles. Measles is like leprosy or polio. We have not had measles in the USA since the dinosaurs. We have an outbreak now because it is being brought in by people from the third world. Measles is highly contagious and can stay airborne in a room for 2 hours when one of the germ infested third world aliens sneezes of coughs. More reason to keep these illegal aliens out of here or bring them in and give them medial care.

I’ll try to keep this RE related.

I speak spanish as well as three other languages besides english. So, I do deal with spanish speaking immigrants quite often when the call about my ads. But, I am very up front with ALL of my potential clients that I will need them to fill out paperwork. I also run a basic background search to make sure I am not dealing with violent criminals.

If anybody, spanish speaking or not, comes back as not being in the country legally, I simply tell them that I wont do business with them. The laws almost always seem to be on our side in this industry and I simply won’t risk my business by putting illegals in my houses or having them work on them.

I am greatly in favor of legal immigration. I am greatly opposed to illegal immigration.

If people want to come to the USA, let them get a visa, get a police record check, and let them pass a minimal health clearance.

All sorts of scum crosses the border illegally, besides the hard working honest workers. Lots of drugs and drug dealers, thieves murderers and other criminals, lepers and contagious sick people.

In my ideal world, all immigrants would stay on the other side of the border until their paperwork was in order. I’d like to see a temporary worker program, where the foreign nationals could get a permit to come in and work for 6 months and leave their families home in Laos, or Mexico, or Canada, or Lithuania-- wherever they are coming from.

Keep the criminals out. Keep the school age kids out. Keep the sick out of our emergency rooms, where they arrive to get medical care they have no intention of paying for. Stop the sneaking in to have babies who are then US citizens and are put onto welfare.

The big plus you hear for the illegals is that they work. Well, give them a permit to work. They’ll go home at the end of the work period if they know they can get another permit and come back in legally.

Businesses who need workers could put out a standing order. Something like: 40 apple pickers needed in September, or 10 roofers needed in June.

Then 40 apple pickers or 10 roofers could be given permits. They’d know they had work and where it was. They wouldn’t be in fear for their lives. They could get paid legal wages and not have to submit to being cheated for fear of being deported.

In turn, the USA would save billions every in the cost of educating undocumented children, paying for their medical care, paying for their welfare, paying for their uninsured traffic accidents.

No more people would die of heat stroke while locked in the back of U-haul vans or in cargo containers. There is no need to pay a smuggler if you can get a work permit and walk across the border legally and take a bus to your job.

Then close the bordefs down tight and assume anyone trying to sneak across is a drug smuggler and just shoot them dead.

Though it’d never happen, that is a VERY GOOD IDEA. VERY GOOD IDEA. Think about this. Let’s round up everyone who is currently in jail OR was previously sent to jail for a felony, everyone who lives off welfare or other government benefits because they’re lazy (minus the handicapped and elderly) AND all the homeless and ship their rear ends to Cuba. Castro did that to us in 1981, was it? LOL. The democrats would no longer have their core socialist-wannabe supporters and our society would be more econmically productive than ever. All the concerns over social security running out of money, people not being able to afford healthcare, the govt having to raise taxes, etc would disappear. Oh man, that idea sounds better and better the more I think about it.