I knew this guy was a fraud!!!

Remember Sam from the Atlanta version of Flip This House?

I saw one of his first flips and posted how shoddy the work was and that nobody really bought the house. Well here it is


WOW. I had no idea. Thanks for posting. Incredible!


Guess that’s why Richard Davis from Trademark is now with another network and calling the show “The Real Deal”.

That’s truly disturbing.

That’s incredible! You mean that everything you see on tv isn’t real???

There’s a BIG difference between the hype and the reality! (just like the hype from the gurus) I wonder how many people have lost their butt in the “flipping” business because they saw how easy it was on TV?


I have a good friend of mine that decided to get into this after seeing the hype. He bought a ghetto house, did minimal rehab, and luckily made $2,000 a few months later. Then he bought a nicer house for $130,000, it was worth $135,000, did minimal rehab on that and went FSBO for $165,000. Almost a year later he is now living in the last one with his house for sale now. Hows that for hype?

His guy, Lamont, makes me laugh…


All of them make me laugh, they are fools.

Yeah, but Lamont reminds me of “Rerun”…

I don’t know what planet Sam’s wife is from but all of her taste must be in her mouth because she has NO taste in decorating!!!


I also thought lament and the wife were a bit of a joke, but I liked sam. I can’t say I’m too surprised though, at least I still have my wrestling to look forward to! :anon

I liked Sam too! Those guys may be fools but A & E is at fault too…
And for the record…Lamont looks nothing like RERUN!!

Oh my Gosh, I liked Sam too because he was with in budget.

A&E what is going on??? :anon

I didn’t say that he “looked like Rerun”, I said, he “Reminded me of Rerun”…


I love watching these shows. You and I know that there is nothing exciting about rehabbing a house. I tell my wife that this stuff must be staged. Last week I watched Richard (with Landmark) have his brother run a rehab in Rock Hill. He started a crew of contractors (about 20 workers) with no agreed upon price and was surprised when basically paint and carpet was billed to him at $40,000. Nobody not even Richard’s brother is that stupid. But it made for great drama for the TV.

That’s REALLY interesting. It makes you wonder about the Montelongos? =)

The Montelongos now have The Real Estate Investors Boot Camp Education (T.R.I.B.E.). They will actually teach you how to put lipstick on a pig.

…at the very least how to chase peacocks around the block and fill in huge gaping holes in the backyard with twigs and mulch :banghead

Sam brings discredit upon the reputation of the real estate investor and makes private money more skeptical of investing with credible real estate professionals.

This also brings great embarrassment upon A&E and brings into question the credibility of other programs. A&E has the ultimate responsibility of presenting true information, because they broadcast it, regardlesss whether they or Departure Films records the show.

On a side note: Richard Davis is suing A&E because A&E stole the concept of Flip this House which Davis originally created.



I wonder if millions of failed newbies who decided to make their fortune “flipping” will be suing as a result of this revelation? I think that’s almost a certainty.

I’d love to see A & E or someone do a flipping show reflecting the truth, that a few people are successful and the majority lose money. Woudn’t that be interesting?

A better show would be following landlords around. You couldn’t write drama like that of low income tenants.