House passes Health Care Plan...

I admit… im a nerd and I spent my whole Saturday watching cspan following it. They passed this unconstitutional bill 220-215.



Well I am more of a nerd I guess, I spent 3 hours watching it from the galley of the house tonight. It was all I could do to keep quiet. The majority of Americans did not want this. Plans are already being made for the senate.

The revolution is brewing.

Just one more step toward the complete takeover of our country by the socialists. I’m still expecting a complete collapse of the economy and quite likely a war.

Is anyone really surprised???

Owens Breaks 4 Campaign Promises in first hour in Congress, Gouvernor Times, Sunday, November 8, 2009

What he SAID to get the votes…

But then the one Democrat that was able to pull off a win in NY 23, Owens does an about face DAYS after winning and supports this BS…

From the article… “The mixed-up mess that was the 23rd Congressional District Special Election was a close race between Democrat Bill Owens and Conservative Doug Hoffman. Many feel that it was unlikely Mr. Owens would have won those crucial few thousand votes if the voting public was aware of his intent with regard to the Health Care bill. The majority of residents in this district do not support the Health Reform bill as it is now written and many feel like they’ve become victims of a FRAUD perpetrated by their chosen candidate.”

“Breaking campaign promises is not unusual for politicians… it’s a cliche. This is almost certainly a record though. Mr. Owens broke no less than 4 promises in his first 24 hours in office.”

I still cant believe they passed this @(&(@ last night… *******

I was at the capital last night. It was crazy! We had a tea party and only about 200 hundred people showed up!! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!!

Well the good news was, since so few protesters showed up for the most important tea party to date, we all got passes for the house gallery. I almost got thrown out twice simply for clapping. I was impressed with the neo-con republicans, they put up a pretty good fight. But you could feel the corruption aerating out of the dems.

The same lazy americans that had to be bussed in by acorn that voted party lines (democrat) will not be voting in 2010, because…well…they are lazy and acorn is almost powerless now. Bye Bye shelia jackson.


What a neat experience to have watched that historic vote from the gallery! Even though you were disappointed in the vote.

I’m weighing in from the other side, the majority side.
It has taken 60 years to get health care legislation this far. The Senate will now go to work hacking on it, but hopefully we’ll finally end up with more Americans covered for health care.

FDR was the last President who met such enormous hate and resistance for pushing his New Deal through. A President can posture, play war games and otherwise sit on his hands, like GW Bush. And be ignored as a figurehead. Or a President can fight for his platform and have almost half the country bitterly hate him. History will judge Mr. Obama by what he gets accomplished.

You have become the most radicalized voice on this site. Kinda scary. No, we’re NOT going to have a civil WAR over health care reform. We’re just gonna get health care reform. You must be listening to some really extreme stuff…maybe just take a deep breath, and turn down that dial. Go for a walk. (Don’t forget your gun.)


Furnished… You have got to be the most arrogent person on this board. Its almost like you are trying to make us laugh. Out of all the people that read this board, there might be like 1 or 2 people that find your posts even close to intelligent.

You callng Mike (propertymanager) a radical is so ridiculous it shows you have no clue. Your the radical, not US. Mikes views are the same as the FOUNDING FATHERS. Are the Founding Fathers “radical?”

When your Messiahs plans destroy this country, and REAL small- government -loving- Americans do something about it, youll really think were “radical.”

No matter what BS you say, we have the Constitution/History of what made Amerca great on our side.

This **** you see right now is NOT American, its TYRANNY!

You have no clue.

Several people on this board dont even respond to your posts because they are so stupid and radical. For you to call somebody who actually believes in something called the Constitution isnt a complete joke. You are a joke.

Some REAL Americans are going to take action eventually, and Ill be with them.

Its coming…

I respond to Furnished’s posts all the time…

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Maybe we should start calling Hoosier LEE HARVEY???

Hoosier …Here’s some advice…


FdJake… im so happy you’ve checked out my myspace. AWESOME!! YES. Im sure Furnished will enjoy!

Whoa Whoa Whoa Jake… A girlfriend?? What makes you say that? :cool
Kinda freakin me out that a middle aged man like you Jake is checkin out my myspace… Come on man…

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Sorry little man…I actually like GIRLS…Been MARRIED to the same one for 17 years now.

You better be careful here sonny…Your CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN FRIENDS don’t take kindly to YOUR newly ANNOUNCED LIBERAL WAYS!

Jake, you could only wish… :rolleyes

Its possible to love a man in a non-sexual way. I love Ron Paul, but not in a sexual way.

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Isn’t this ALWAYS the way…the LOUD MOUTH CONSERVATIVE screaming about LIBERALS turns out to be a closet queen???


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Hoosier…I’m breakin’ your beans a little here…THAT’S IT…

Lighten up a little kid…That nursing degree is gonna be your TICKET…Hang in there, lighten it up a little HERE…and MOST OF ALL…

DUDE…E N J O Y these years…Don’t get TOO wrapped up in this political BULLSH*T…If Obama screws this up…HE’S GONE…He’ll be replaced by another, equally worthless POLITICIAN…and it WON’T be RON PAUL!!!

It won’t be Ron Paul because AMERICANS are MORONS…He’s the only one that tells it like it is…BUT REMEMBER This…

Americans don’t want HARD REALITY…They want EASY FICTION!!!

Dude Jake im just playing with you… SIMMA DOWN dont get all serious. Jee willy.

Im still making a video though, im support of Pelosi and Obama (and yes Jake, there will be dancing)


“Americans don’t want HARD REALITY…They want EASY FICTION!!!”

Kinda hard to argue with that… :beer

Well for the patriots in here, there is a HUGE plan in the works for a tea party/protest during the senate debate. I highly suggest you make time and save money to attend. This house vote was very tight, I can easily imagine the vote last night being very different if a million hard working Americans surrounded the capital, making so much noise, the Washington establishment themselves would have HAD to confront.

So, we got one more shot at this. BE IN WASHINGTON! Or stop complaining.


I’ll be there! Is there a website that is detailing the plans for the tea party?


I would LOVE to go if I werent in college…

But to those who can make it, GO!!! We need to stop them!