He's Looking at the Drug Addict House across the Street

It’s a scene straight out of hell town, The parents passed away awhile back and their 50 year old son Rueben soon moved in his black prostitute looking drug addict girlfriend. Then after a few loud outdoor spats he gets arrested, he’s gone for weeks while the GF brings in a black dude. Soon Rueben returns and kicks everybody out.
Now there is a new batch of people, all sketchy looking, skinny with back packs and bicycles and cars pulling up and leaving.
I often see & hear Rueben yelling at his quests. Rueben’s guests are constantly on the move and bringing in bags & boxes and meeting people and this happens at all hours. I expect swat to raid this place at some point.
Of course I got my bad ass 16 channel DVR w Hi Def security cameras with night vision pointed in every direction.
I’m gonna offer Rueben 100 Grand for this house, I’m sure its got to go thru probate or taxes owed and mortgage hasn’t been paid and a dozen other issues. This was a good solid middle class neighborhood but meth has taken over this city.
Twice now the cops asked to see my security footage and we watched as a black dude walked past my house, got a drink from my hose and jumped the fence on the corner house, then steps out on the front porch w cell phone and soon a vehicle backs up and they load up his gun safe…
OH yea, I have a goal to make a ton of money and move to a better area.

Rueben comes over yesterday while I’m out in the yard and tells me he just got out of a program, his Mom is in a home and he’s going to be there till they drag him off. Meanwhile, the non stop activity is continuing. Boxes and bags going in and out, lots of dif vehicles and people walking in and out. I’m thinking something is going to happen soon.

You’re going to offer him $100K for a single family worth what? What did you buy your house next door for? Is it over retail because you want him out of your neighborhood or are you getting a good deal for that price? Why are you offering anything without finding out what those dozen issues are? Let’s hear more about the art of the deal than why these owners are a bunch of scumbags.

Haha, my house was 80K 15 years ago, Now these houses are worth about 180 to 220K Built in the early 60’s
Rueben’s house is the typical house in this neighborhood. 3/2 1200 SF w the big 2 car garage and 7,500 SF lot.
The exterior looks nice, has brick work, I can see they got issues with the exterior sewer pipe running to the street, I had to replace my 6" lines 5 years ago. The builder used these clay looking pipes and the tree roots get in them and then you try to flush ur toilet and bad things happen. I can see Rueben and his druggie clan out there trying to snake the lines.
Meanwhile, I’m amazed at the day and night drug activity. 1 of the druggies was observed taking out a 30 gal drum with a dolly and walked down the street with it and came back empty handed. Boxes and bags going in and out, sometimes a half doz sketchy druggies hanging around the front waiting for the goods.
I got 4 motion detectors aimed at my yards and tool shed, I like knowing when the mail man or UPS is coming or a cat is crapping in the yard or bad guys with bad intent.
If you have the stomach for it, go on you tube and check out tweakers, it’s not pretty. I seen a special on TV about the meth capitol of the county and I thought this will be interesting, I figured it wud be San Fran or Sacramento, but hell, it was my city, Fresno. I have nephews and nieces strung out on this crap, they got no teeth, the girls are young and pretty and out on the street selling their bodies for crank. So, I cud go on and on, but, I just bury my head in the sand and try to think good healthy and profitable thoughts.

A few days ago a pick up backed up into the meth house and after a few loads somebody moved out. Then yesterday morning 5 cop cars pull up and with guns drawn order all the occupants out of the house, Rueben and one of his esteemed guests takes the long embarrassing ride to the dog house in handcuffs.
I heard one of the cops yelling, probation search, I think Rueben is on probation bcuz of the domestic spat with his former wild ghetto queen Jasmin.
Since when do cops have the right to ransack ur house for probation? I’m more afraid of this police state we live in than the druggies.
Now that the coast is clear the remaining inhabitants have increased their activity, cars, loud music, foot traffic.
I fear some violence will erupt when Rueben returns, some drug induced paranoia. The neighbor next door is a single hard working guy named Kevin, he was saying they were stealing his water and wants a video from my security cameras.
I think he’s lucky that’s all he’s missing.
This is more entertaining that reruns of Mr. Ed.

So how are you going to get him to sell you his house?

If it were me, I’d approach him and say something like you live across the street and your father is looking for a house around you so he can be closer to and help babysit your kids and you’re a landlord with a few empty houses similar in price, but in different neighborhoods with more “land”, “privacy” and any other enticing features and you might be willing to make a straight trade or even make a cash offer depending on the condition of the inside.

My neighbor Rueben has brought in his younger cousin and his wife and kids, and I was hoping for something better than b4 w all the hard core druggies… But his cuziin is a big mean looking Mexican guy, he walks w long strides, swinging his arms like an ape w shoulders forward, now imagine Jose, muscular, shaved head & screwed up on some high octane something or other.
Imagine him coming to ur door, first time not answering, second time, wont leave, and rambling on about someone he knows that has a house but the city wants it and shes getting sued and holy mother of get me out of here.
I tell him, dude I’m right in the middle of something, I dont have time to listen to ur story, see that phone number on the back of my truck? Txt me the address and I’m on it. gotta go, bye bye.
Just this morning I heard screeching tires and I thought I was gona hear a collision, then Jose’s wife Carmela, comes around the corner driving like a mad woman and slides into her driveway.
Then they get out yelling and cursing at high volume, Jose has a booming voice and the wife’s is high pitched banshee like.
So meanwhile Rueben sits outside under the driveway overhang amongst the old furniture and stuff and naps.
Maybe I shud just go with the flow and find the humor in it.

Wow, just wow man. That’s a sticky situation. Tweakers are the absolute worst.

But man, that is an interesting storyline there… you should just make a hidden camera TV show with it and get paid!

Haha, it gets better, Jose, (I don’t remember his real name), I suspect is a small time dealer, we still have a flow of cars and druggie’s on small bicycles comin and going at all hours. Jose seems to have no job, but has managed to have the lights on and I noticed they got water now.
There is going to be some stuff going down w law enforcement at some point, just when? but the hardened look on Jose tells me he’s no stranger to a prison cell.
Oh yea, Jose has a huge pit-bull, luckily it likes humans, but the sight of another canine brings forth some kind of prehistoric animal viciousness that over comes this dog, twice it has ran out the door and attacked another dog a girl was walking. Seems she wud have learned the first time, but imagine this horrific scene, dogs yelping and growling and this girl screaming for help and this pit-bull has this smaller dog in a vice grip that’s equivalent to a 6 ton hydraulic press. Neighbors running out, people in cars stopping but nobody wants to get in the middle of this carnage.
I can switch to my PTZ security dome camera, this bad boy can swival 360 decrees, I can zoom in with the push of a button, it dont have sound but these tweaker talk loud, they stand next to each other and talk loud, wats up with that? and I can hear a lot of wat they saying.
It can be entertaining. Kinda scary,

On the way back from the Bank and Post Office and Walmart I can’t drive down my street cuz it’s blocked by cop cars.
It was swat, these guys were decked out in military looking gear with helmets and AR-15’s, some were driving undercover looking vehicles. It was A big raid going down across the street at the meth house. I had to drive around the block and park on the street, I have a corner house, soon even more cop cars were arriving and they got Rueben and Jose and a few females some kids and a few others out in the street handcuffed and sitting on the curb. A few of the druggies coming for their daily fix wud stop short after seeing all the activity and then ride on.
The perps got a new Pit Bull Puppy and this little guy was out in the front yard wagging his tail jumping around and the swat guys were petting him, the little dog thought it was party time.
It was quite the spectacle, Neighbors coming out to watch, people driving by stopping to watch, after an hour and a half, they release everybody.
I was hoping swat found the goods & all wud be transported to the big house. I feel like I’m living in a tweaker ghetto hell.
This morning druggies on small bicycles coming and going and it’s business as usual.
The loud yelling and constant activity night and day, I expect to hear gun shots or some other violence.

A few days after the Swat raid it was a nice sunny spring day and I was out in the front planting some flowers and chopping some weeds. Jose sees me out there and comes strolling over. Before he can say anything I say, Where’s all the cops? He tells me the suspect they were looking for was not there and he hadn’t done anything wrong.
Then he tells me while he was handcuffed and sitting on the curb across the street and next door to me amongst the 6 cop cars and a dozen military looking crime fighters, one of them asked Jose, what’s the deal with this guy and all those cameras?
Jose tells him, he’s just protecting his property, then the cop says, “That makes me curious”

Some time ago the police pulled over a motorist in front of my house. After awhile a few more cops pulled up, after a half hour they allow the motorist to drive off. Then these 3 cops stand around for another 1/2 hour or more chatting and such. I was watching the whole thing on one of my security cameras.
Soon one of these uniformed thugs notices my cameras and points them out to the others, then they all look very concerned and start walking the sidewalk looking at my house even looking over the back fence.
I was actually scared as hell of being dragged out of my home, beaten and charged with illegal use of a security camera
that caught them screwing off and wasting taxpayers money.
I’m more afraid of the cops than the drugged out tweakers.

Yesterday the female and Jose got into a loud verbal hoopa, But Jose just took off walking leaving the crazed female screaming even louder till he walked around the corner.
Shortly after, swat team comes again and leaves empty handed.
Then this morning they again surround the house with a half doz cars and cops. And again leave empty handed.
The neighbor to this tweaker house is a single guy named Keven, he leaves for work at 5 :30 AM and these frikin tweakers are up all night yelling and playing music and people coming and going.
The US Military has this thing called a Sonic Weapon, shoots beams of concentrated sound, it can stop pirates and tweakers. They can adjust the sound and intensity to blow out ur ear drums or just make life unbearable, or if they turn down the frequency to real low it can cause you to crap ur pants uncontrollably. I want one.

Yesterday the doorbell rang, wen I looked out the door there was this skinny Mexican kid about 16 or 17, shoulder length hair, no shirt with tattoos , baggy pants halfway down to his ass, and this drugged out look. Is my sister Yolanda here? I am looking at this low life up close as he walks towards me to the porch. I ask him, are you scoping out the neighborhood? Is that what your doing? Looking for my sister. I ask, don’t you see all these cameras I got around here?, your being recorded. No I’m really just looking for my sister.
I say how bout you just hang around out here and see what happens. I closed the door and watched him walk down the street.

Meanwhile the meth house across the street has new faces, 3 women and kids, parking their cars up near the front door w loud music and I can see them sitting in the car smoking something that makes a clear vapor while the choke and cough.
These young Mexican guys look like gang members.

And trying to keep it together here.

Yesterday the police stopped 2 bicyclists and detained then for 1/2 hour each. One was across the street leaving the meth house and the other was further down the street. This morning another one rides up to the house and knocks and no one answers the door at 8 AM. It’s a constant stream of these derelict looking humans.
Imagine a drug that strips away ur life and reduces you to living on the streets and stealing and scrounging for your daily dose.
I don’t want to think about it, what can I do for these lost souls? Nothing.
I’m motivated to move to a better area, but the nicer neighborhoods are getting burgled, even the rural areas.

Meth is terrible but around here the pill heads are much worse. To top it off the local government gives them rehab because the big pharm companies and they are back stealing your stuff after 3 weeks.

I just ordered this amazing device, I didn’t know these products were available till I was watching You Tube videos on how to keep ur house from being a target of theft and mayhem.
This one imprisoned former burglar said the one thing that kept him away from targeted properties is video cameras that are 5’ high, he says the ones up higher he easily can keep his face covered with a cap or hoodie.
So while watching other “keep ur home safe videos” I came across this gadget called a doorbell camera, there are some higher priced ones that u have to pay a monthly fee for cloud service. But I found some nice Chinese made devices that record onto a micro SD card.
Now this is amazing, it has motion detection, when someone comes into ur porch or yard and or presses the ring button, it instantly sends a notice to your phone, you bring up a High Def video of the visitor, you can have a 2 way conversation from anywhere on the planet. You can then decide to record the video, take a snapshot or do nothing just view. Then you can instantly share the photo or video with ur family or friends or police dept.
I’ve been spending too much time in my cave, this device was only 80 buks and comes with a remote indoor chime u can program with different sounds, batteries not included for the doorbell camera and a couple of special rechargeable batteries w charger was 14 buks.
I luv these gadgets, supposed to arrive tomorrow.

I got my new video door bell hooked up and working, it is so cool, cept there is a 1 second lag with talk and it takes 4-5 seconds to bring up the screen, it automatically records movement. Nice HD wide angle, wen someone walks up the door bell button starts flashing to let u know where to press and that ur being observed.

Now I’m looking at getting an electric fence charger and the wires to run along the top of my fence. They have some low powered ones for the family pet and to keep the racoons and squirrels out of the garden, and they are cheap including the wires and insulators. But the one I want is for livestock and horses, it’s suppose to be non lethal but one of the Amazon reviewers sent in a photo of his dead cow that got tangled up in the wires. This rancher gave it a thumbs up and a high rating. The thing is powerful enuf to power 75 miles of fencing.
I’ve had some burglary attempts in my back yard b4, once I heard some noise like something being dragged on the patio and got up and heard someone give a short warning whistle.

Another time I came home to find someone had put a chair under my bedroom window and had tried to open it and had even cut the camera wires. Luckily I had a wood stick in the window track so it wudnt open more than 6 inches. And years ago my sisters drugged out husband had stolen our lawn mower and edger by jumping the fence.
I’m trying to keep a good attitude and am having some fun with it.

Make sure you put up warning electric dog fence or something like that. It’s can be considered a booby trap if not.

I’m still seeing lots of activity across the street at the drug house. There are numerous raids still going on. Recently Rueben moved out all the garbage and furniture out into the driveway and a tweaker started breaking everything apart with a hammer, soon several cop cars pull up and haul him off but this huge pile of crap still sits in the driveway. Yesterday it was 105 degrees and a Mexican girl gets dropped off with all her belongings and she did not look happy. Different people every week. Last week a young attractive white girl about 20 yrs old was arrested and the stolen car she was driving got towed away. How long can this go on I wonder?

A few days ago Rueben and the neighbor girl wer yelling at each other. Last week the cops were all in her front yard, I dont know what had happened.
The pile on the driveway was getting huge, with mattresses and old couches and chairs. One cop ordered a waste bin and looked like he was telling Rueben what to do with it. The bin got filled up a few times and a garbage truck was coming by several times a day, now the pile is almost cleaned up. The city will levy a lien on the property for this service.
We had another raid this morning, I was out ther mowing and these cops are tricky, they all parked around the corner, and they use unmarked vehicles, I wud often stop mowing to empty the grass catcher and get an eyefull, ther was a bull horn, I cud hear them breaking down a door inside, one cop had bolt cutters. I dont think the cops found the perp they were looking for or the stash, cuz all the druggies wer let go again to continue their drug fueled lifestyle. Rueben had leaned up an old wood ladder on the roof in the front yard, one of these druggies climbed up & sat on the roof in 104 degrees mid day waiting for the goods. And now the cops will occasionally drive by slowly along with city inspector trucks. These tweakers are like cockroaches, you cant get rid of them.

Last week the corner house behind me somebody had pulled over and parked their old work truck and jumped out, I heard explosions, I looked around and from the back yard I seen tons of flames and smoke 30’ in the air, It looked like the neighbors house was on fire. I ran out there to see the fire dept spraying foamy stuff and cops blocking the road, I asked the lady cop wat was going down and said a work truck caught fire w no injuries. She also tells me he had cans of gas in the back of the truck.
The neighbors trees are half burnt to a crisp, 40’ trees.