Help Tenant from HELL

I need help badly. I have a tenant who will not move out. Owes 4 months back rent. Went to court and was awarded judgement in my favor. But my tenant pays the judgement to court and apeals eviction. the constable says he cannot be evicted until case is heard. In Baltimore, I am told it will be 4 more months until the apeal is heard. What can I do for this tenant to leave my house. This is my First attempt to be a landlord and my first investment property.

I had a situation where I bought a house from a lady, paid cash, gave her two weeks after closing date to move out. She didn’t. It took me close to six months to evict her. What does your lawyer say? The courts are screwed up, we all know this. This sounds like one that may take a bit of time to work itself out. I suggest to talk with your attorney and make sure to follow the rules as to not open yourself up to a lawsuit. My two cents. Good luck with this.


you may want to offer them a dollar amount to leave the property. of course you dont want to place it in their hands until you go to the property and the last item that belongs to them is out.
it may cost you say one month’s rent but it may be whats needed to get the tenant out. right now you are in the game and losing.

if that doesnt work send Tony Soprano.

dun deel.

<<…if that doesnt work send Tony Soprano.>>

…or, if you’re in New England, “Uncle Nunzio”…


If Baltimore is that unfriendly to landlords, I’d get the heck out of there and move to somewhere more friendly. Eight months to get a tenant out - absolutely ridiculous!!!



Maryland is a “touchy-feely Blue State”…and not in a good way.

'Ball-mer" may be one of the few places that you might cashflow but you need to “pack”…good luck getting THAT permit!



'Ball-mer" may be one of the few places that you might cashflow but you need to "pack"...good luck getting THAT permit!


I’ll interpret:

Baltimore may be one of the few places in Maryland that you could cashflow…most of the state has too high purchase/too low rental rate to be positive…

Some of the areas in Baltimore are a bit “sketchy” and you should have ‘protection’ when you visit these areas. To legally carry a concealed weapon in Maryland you need a permit – they are hard to get because there are too many gun-grabbing liberals running the place (Gledenning, Duncan, etc., etc.).

Sorry – that’s as plain as I can make it.


See, Calif is not the worst place to be landlord. In Calif, I’d have their butt on the curb in 30 days or less.

Good luck

i live in Baltimore… thats why I asked.

Yes there are many areas in Baltimore that are super sketchy and rents are way more than they should be in these areas IMO

a heater, a roscoe, Mr. Nine, a rod

…Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.


Maybe its time to torch you house and collect the insurance check plus the deadbeat will get out faster than you think once that fire lights up.

Isn’t the front door of your property scratched? I think that it needs to be removed. Course it might take a few days to get a new door put back on again.

i heard that people in California can game the system to drag it out for 6-8 months.

I like utah. 15 days and they’re on the street! :smiley:
so that were i do my investing!

You have a tenant who is a professional freeloader. He probably did his last landlord the same way and will do his next. He knows all the tricks.

Not helping with this, but better tenant screening techniques will help in the future. Did you do any credit/criminal/rental history ?


See this was great advice. one thing I would do different is after they move and locks are changed tell them you will take that money out of the amount they owe you. Do not be treated like a punk ever. I have done that and would do it again call them and say Hey I got $500-$1000 bucks if you can get out by saturday and have the place clean and ready to rent. They call they are out go over change locks and when they call back tell them let’s see you owe me $3,000.00 that I will never see now you say I owe you $1,000.00 so I guess I will take the $2,000.00 to call it even when is a good time to pick that up?

I just saw that SAME scenario where the landlord told the tenant that they’d pay and then took it out of the rent owed on one of those TV court shows. I think the landlord lost.

this is an easy one; when the punk drags you in to court for the $1000; counter sue for the $3000 that he owes.

That is correct! What are the chances they will sue you anyway?