Getting Real on Abortion... Sex Selection...

Well the science is making the reality more gruesome…

The have developed a self-test that help define the gender of the baby after 8 weeks during the first trimester…

Their “concern” from the pro-abortion crowd (shared by the pro-life crowd) is that it will lead to abortions based on sex only (guess they haven’t heard about China)… It is an American company that developed it, and they started marketing it in Australia… and soon in New Zealand…

I would imagine China would be a HUGE market for this… only a matter of time before it hits the US…

Why is this or is this not a good thing?..

Where will it end? After this is introduced, science will advance and there will become tests for eye color, hair color, etc. Seems like a slippery slope where down the line you could have people trying to abort if they weren’t going to have a child with the exact features they wanted.

The only reason China has that problem is the cap on how many children they are allowed to have. It seems like it would be unethical to sell it in China even though this would be a tremendously popular product there. I wouldn’t worry too much about selling it here.

Im truley amazed abortion is even legal in America. Were taking the most basic right there is away from millions. :banghead

If they can find the sex at 8 weeks, this will deffinetly cause abortions due just to the sex of the baby. Some people want a boy, some want a girl, and if its not what they want ,in America, its not worth having it.

This will deffinetly by a huge thing in China.

I wasn’t considering the fact that 8 weeks is within a time frame where they could still get an abortion. My Bad. The comment I previously said is now rejected.

You’re really 18?Really impressive on how up to speed(I mean radical threat) you are.Good job,very,veeeeery few in your age or really alotta age brackets have a clue.Just wanted to give you props,its uplifting to see younger people informed(not by the obama bought news).Spread the truth as often as possible.

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What is laughable and almost lamentable is that Christopher as a moderator has chosen to follow the FDjake model and engage in personal insults now not only when he cannot address the subject, but now as just a matter of discourse… Just look at all his recent posts… they pretty much all contains insults… From what I understand, this is what the owner of the site does not like…

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You, as a moderator, have a different standard to uphold… or at least you should…

We haven’t heard anything from the pro-abortion crowd on this development… curious… why?

Most likely with this development, it is starting to crsytalize what “choice” actually means…


Abortion is a single woman’s issue. If you think about it, if a married couple gets pregnant by mistake what do they do?..they have the baby. When single women gets pregnant before she can afford it, she has an abortion. Everytime you hear a woman talking about her abortion she talks about how much a child costs.

People are doing things out of order. The correct order is 1) go to school, 2) graduate, 3) get a job 4) get married and then 5) have a child. When you start acting like you are married before you get married you end up with this situation. In America we can’t get things in order. Just like real estate (since this is what we are doing here) we want to be real estate investors with no cash and no credit. We are doing things out of order. Save up some cash, get good credit and then buy a bunch of houses.

Well said,I don’t think they are listening or trying most of america thinks they are entitled to things.It was the pursuit of happiness,not a promise of it.

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OOPS!.. looks like they are already purposely aborting GIRL babies, just BECAUSE they are girls right here in America…|hp-desktop|dl1|link6|

As repugnant as this is, it shouldn’t matter though, right? It’s a “choice” or are we headed toward protected classes of abortion based on political correctness???


We haven’t heard anything from the pro-abortion crowd on this development… curious… why?

Because we have all realized that debating this topic with you just goes round and round. You are not satisfied until someone one of two things.

  1. Positive you are correct. Abortion is wrong.
  2. I approve of baby killing.

Those are the only answers you accept. There is no debating this topic with you.

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