Greetings everyone, I’m a new investor looking to network with investors down in the southeast area of GA. Areas like savannah, woodbine, glynn, and hinesville. I’m currently overseas now, but I do look forward to working with someone via online.

My name is Anthony and I am a bird dog/ property locator in the East Atlanta area who is looking for investors!! There are a lot of great deals out here. If you would like info please reply to me or send me a personal message. Looking forward to working with you

It seems that there are sections of Atlanta, particularly the West end area near Downtown that lenders are shying away from. I was told to avoid 30310,30314,30315,30318 zip codes. Are there other zip codes in the Greater Atlanta area which are attactive, had good schools and have a decent amount of inventory on the market or atleast are there areas on the borderline?

Atlanta suburb investor here. Back during the boom, most of the zip codes starting with 3031x became rampant for mortgage fraud. I think Atlanta had 3 of the top 5 zip codes for fraud at one point.

There is not a lot of supply right now and there is a TON of institutional money driving up prices. You can pretty much forget anything at the court houses or on the MLS right now.

So what strategy would work as it relates to finding properties? I am looking for neighborhoods which have a decent value ($125k and up) yet may have a few homes in disrepair. I am a professional rehab contractor so I am looking for the house in the worst condition in the best area. The house could have a defective foundation, no roof, mold up the wazoo, termite infestation, and be the scene of the most extreme hoarding ever…thats the house I want

Hello everyone! I am a real estate investor, deal broker and internet marketing consultant.

I specialize in:
Self Directed IRA’s
Private Money Deal Financing
Private Money Lending
Website Design
Capture Page/email optin design
Mobile/text marketing
Social Media Training

I am looking to network with anyone in the real estate field or who needs assistance putting together an online/offline marketing plan. I also am looking to network with cash buyers, wholesalers who have deals, people doing rent to own.

If you are doing deals…let’s talk and network!

Feel free to contact me!


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How’s it going guys? I’ve been active in birddogging/property locating for a few months now. Still looking for new investors to work with in the Atlanta area. PM me.




Sandy Springs, Ga.

4± Acres with easements

6448 Powers Ferry Road * Easy Access to I-285
Rustic & Wooded for Privacy * Your Plans * Your Builder * all utilities

Owner Financing Available or JV

Perfect Location for Professional Athlete, Entertainer, Doctor
Use the2nd house you build on the ESTATE LOT as an Office or Guest House

• Two (2) Engineered Site Plans & recorded FINAL PLAT Available
• All Utilities & Sanitary Sewer Available
• No Developer Restrictions ▼ Build your plans and use your Builder or
• (1). ESTATE LOT approved for obtaining a Building Permit on 4-28-08.
• (2 ESTATE LOT including 2 permanent access easement is approximately 4± acres
• (3 Actual Lot size: 3.516 Acres which is 153,157 square feet
• (4 Street Address: 6448 Powers Ferry Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30327
120-feet frontage with dual access
• (5 Frontage on Pond with no responsibilities for maintaining the Pond.
• (6 Seller will entertain Long-Term Owner Financing with LOW DOWNPAYMENT
• (7 Next to ONE RIVER PLACE on the Chattahoochee River which is next to RAY’S on the River Restaurant
• (8 Use Your plans, Your builder, & any style house(s) You desire.
• (9 Owner will entertain trade for a portion of the purchase price.
• (10 Can build 2 Separate houses or house and carriage house on this ESTATE
LOT provided connected with a breezeway
If desired for seclusion and privacy, ESTATE LOT can be gated, fenced and/or walled
with either one or two separate entrances on Powers Ferry Road
This ESTATE LOT was originally valued and offered by a national Real Estate Company for $2,000,000
and has been SEVERELY REDUCED !!!
On the recorded FINAL PLAT the approved building envelope area for locating the house(s), is estimated to be
1.2 acres or approximately 52,272 square feet.
You are welcomed to show this information to anyone who may be interested.
Please PM me.

Still looking for buyers in the Metro Atlanta area!

I currently have two properties that I need a buyer for. One in Douglasville, one in Snellville.

We can work together on Wholesale deals, or I can birddog for you.

Let me know if you’re interested! PM me your info.

Hi All! I’m new to RE Investing. I’m currently looking for bird dogs in the Middle GA area or even the ATL area. Please PM me. Thanks :biggrin

I am real estate agent and have investor. does anyone has damaged property or non-performing note for sale in Decatur, North Atlanta, Duluth, Suwanee area in Georgia?

Hello All,

 I'm fairly new to investing.  This site is wonderful and I look forward to networking.

Hi folks, Savannah GA here.
We are newbies to the REI world and need mentors as well as buyers/investors.
Let’s network and win/win together!

Hello to all! I’m in the southwest Georgia region. I’m looking to start my real estate investor’s career. By the looks of things I might be in the wrong area of the state. (location, location) I’m looking for any and all mentors, wholesalers, or just other investors to talk to and network with. I’ve never done a real estate transaction before but I really need to. If I’m ever going to achieve my goals. If nothing comes up from this (I’m sure something will) then I will have forge my own path. If this is a bad area… then that’s a clear sign I need to move. I look forward to whoever I meet and the experience they’re willing to share. I wish you all good luck and good hunting.

Hello Everyone, I’m in the Augusta, GA area. I’m new to Wholesaling… ie. Been reading studying, haven’t closed my first deal yet. Was hoping to get in touch with other wholesalers or buyers in the area to network with to begin deals. Thanks again.

Im looking for cash buyers. If you are intersted working with me, feel free to go to my website and be added to my list. Or you can PM me.

Capital Hill Properies LLC

Greetings all, I would like to introduce myself to everyone. I manage Peter Vekselman’s REI company. We are currently doing upwards of 10 deals per week. Would like to speak with anyone in the Atlanta market.

Send me a message


Looking for serious cash buyers to work with as well as other investors to network with. I am wholesaling in the North Fulton, North Dekalb, East Cobb areas of Georgia.

Send me a message.